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As it turns out, the user can control what shows up here, but it takes a few steps. But there are some catches.

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For example: if your wallpaper is a rotating folder of images, macOS uses the default Sierra wallpaper instead. If you want to use one of your own images, you can do that, without ditching your rotating collection of images. Sometimes this will take a minute, so be patient. Once you see your image, go ahead and turn your rotating wallpaper back on, if you wish—in our tests this did not affect this file.

Now log out of your account or restart your Mac to see your new login screen. Note that, if you have a rotating wallpaper, this change will not affect your lock screen, which will always show a version of your current wallpaper on Desktop 1. The login screen, however, is now set as a blurred version of your preferred image.

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Then, copy that image to your desktop by dragging it there. Go ahead and log out of your user account to see how it looks:.

If you no longer wish to see the Screen Saver appear on the Mac Desktop, then you can easily stop it by closing the open Terminal window where you typed the command. You'll be prompted to confirm the window close, noting that it will stop anything that is currently running.

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Click Close, and you'll notice your Desktop return to normal. Cory Bohon is a freelance technology writer, indie Mac and iOS developer, and amateur photographer.

The Easy Way: Change Your Desktop Wallpaper

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Setting the Desktop Image in macOS Mojave From the Command Line

I'm trying to add to my OS X configuration script a command which sets the background to the plain dark grey, however, when applied, it only sets it to the main monitor and any additional monitors currently connected keep their current background and any added thereafter still receive the default space background.

What I have so far is as follows:. Change Desktop default BackgroundColor to grey defaults write com. How do I set the default the the dark grey background via a terminal command?


How do I change all monitors already configured to grey via a terminal command? Sign up to join this community.

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