Mac os x yosemite finder crash

During the Spotlight indexing process, your Mac is likely to run slowly, heat up, and the Finder app will lag as well. How to know if Spotlight is indexing files on a Mac? Just click the search icon on top right corner, type any file name and see if there is a "indexing If you don't want to wait, you can either turn off Spotlight, or exclude some items from indexing.

To fix that, the best way is to delete Finder Preferences. Step 2: In the new window, locate this file "com. Step 3: Now close the folder and restart your Mac. Note: It's harmless to delete a. This scenario is best for when the Finder app on your Mac is not responding, or becomes totally inaccessible.

You'll have to operate via Terminal command to delete the preference file in order to fix it. Open the Terminal app. Delete the primary Finder preferences file. At the Terminal prompt, type the following command exactly as written and press Return key on your Mac. One of the best things you can do is contact the developer, open a support ticket, and send in this crash report.

Developers need this type of information to troubleshoot and refine their apps or code. Use the Save As command under the File menu to save a copy of the crash report, which you can then send to the developer. You can also right-click on the crash report name and select Reveal in Finder from the popup menu. You can then use the Finder to make a copy to send along to the developer. An app crash will display a message indicating a crash occurred.

You can select the Report button to display the crash report without having to wade through the Console app to find it. You may find, for example, that WebKit, a core component of Safari, was using a great deal of RAM when the crash occurred, something you may be able to correct by adding more RAM.

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Another thing to look at is the app version that was crashing. Many times an app crash can be caused by an out-of-date version. Check with the app developer to see what the current version is, and which version, if any, is recommended to run on your version of the Mac OS. Name required.

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Email required. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Check whether there are any extensions listed for Finder. If so try disabling them by unticking the box beside them and seeing if the Finder behaves any better then. Another thing to check is Console. It can be a bit daunting at first but filter it to Finder related log entries and it might point you in the right direction funnily enough I just discovered I have a problem when taking a screenshot for this answer. In my case it seemed that a network drive WDMyCloud via WdQuickView app caused the Spinning wheel in Finder Console showed a lock held exclusively for too long ; disconnecting it solved this.

I also had this issue.

Fix OS X crashing when a particular folder is opened | MacIssues

For me, the solve was to first turn off Wi-Fi somehow Finder actually allowed that single action , connect an ethernet cable, then reboot the machine. My iMac had 24gig ram, which is way more than the standard 8 it ships with.

Finder Freezing - Quick fix El Capitan OS X - Mac

Well, all my issues went away when I maxed it out with 32gig. Hope it helps you all.

How to Fix Finder Problems by Trashing Finder Preferences in Mac OS X

If that doesn't work I recommend you do what Buscar said to do and reset the Finder's default state. After trying aaaall proposals I found in different forums and websites, the one that seems to work is the one suggested here :. Just for extra info: after fixing this, Finder was not freezing anymore, but it started relaunching every minute or so. Also very annoying. Solution for this was to de-couple Google-Drive , as suggested in this thread , post 7. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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Viewed 26k times. Has anyone experienced any issues with using finder since updating to Yosemite?

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