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Seems easy enough to me, using the Windows version. I just hit "t" to call up a text dialog box, enter "1mA" into the box, click on the "vertical text" check box if I want the text to be vertical, and then lay it down somewhere on the schematic. You can mess around with things a little more than that.

For example, you can grab the text and use ctrl-E or ctrl-R to rotate or flip it around. But that only changes the anchor point around. You still can only get horizontal or vertical text in one form, each. In the example you show where the current is added, the text is blue and uses even numbers not precise ones with lots of digits. Which means it is consistent with a text addition, like I described.

Unfortunately, I don't have a mac, so I can't check it there. EDIT: You now have two very different methods to try out, given the other post here at this time on this! If you hover over the node with the red probe visible as the mouse cursor and then right click your mouse, you get an option list showing.

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Among the options, I see something that says "Place. Now, you can hover the mouse over that newly added label, see the mouse cursor change to a 'text bar' cursor type, and if you right click now you will get the display of nodes he also mentioned.

LTSpice on Mac OS X Tutorial: Op-Amp Amplifier Circuit Tutorial & DC Op-Amp Limitations

Under Windows, anyway. On a PC I right click also to change the value of a component. I guess you have a way of doing this on the Mac as well. Try to do the same thing with the label in step 2 of pipe's answer. I now its kind of late but hope this helps.

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I undid it. I'm still looking Right-click on the label.

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  4. This may be difficult if Apple still doesn't understand that more buttons is more flexible - in any case, there must be an OSX-specific solution to that, because it's used a lot in LTspice. Now you can put whatever expression you want for the label, and the popup shows a list of valid nodes voltages and currents. I can't open the menu "Display Data". Do you know a shortcut for that menu? When I hover with the cursor over a node it literally tells me "Right click to edit the displayed expression. A quick google tells me that you need to use a "real" right-click, not the control-left or command-left or something.

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    Maybe that's the problem? Open the. Change the text inside the double quotes to another expression. More examples here. Re-open the file in LTspice. The data label will display as??? Electronics Forums. Reply to Thread. Search Forums Recent Posts.

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    Jun 22, 1. You need to use mouse right click to get at most commands and does not support much in the way of top of the screen drop down menu items File Edit and a couple of other items but simulate is not up there now. To get at the simulator and editing commands you need to use mouse right click and access commands from there. It you try to build your own circuits you can do this and they build fine.

    Reading some tutorials you can on a windows PC open the Simulate menu item at top of the screen and go to edit simulation CMD then simulate the circuit. So it appears to work on a PC. So I wonder if you have tried this version on your own MAC computer and have any idea what the problem is? Or perhaps someone else has? Still it would be nice to see if the MAC version can be got to work. Would be interested in anyone who has seen this problem and has a workaround. Including FSM based design, and wrote a couple of books to.

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