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That prevents data from being stored on your system, but both your ISP and Google and therefore the government as well can see everything you do online. Give Tails a try. It's a varient of Linux you download and burn to cd or usb. Plenty of info on the web site and updated frequently. Read Opera's latest Privacy Policy. They track you and then act as "Data Controllers", deciding which 3rd party or government agency they share YOUR data with.

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I have switched to SlimJet for now. They offer excellent service for a fair price. Forget about Tor, Tor is a thing of the past Sorry about Epic, but Stop using your internet now and find a new ISP. Just my 5 cents.

I agree. This info has been awesome. To find the most useful tool to make yourself anonymous then you need to check this out. I haven't used Ultrasurf, but hmm, there are users that say that their antivirus programs flagged UltraSurf. I am a network administrator and UltraSurf flags antiviruses and other flags that end up causing bans from the carrier.

We were having all sorts of temporary bans on our public IP because of UltraSurf. Once we disallowed the use of UltraSurf in our firewall, all stabilized. That's not guaranteed, though.

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Besides, the transfer rates might be too slow to watch streaming video. Check out this article. All it does is prevent storing your browsing history on the local machine. It's still possible for companies inc. I prefer the Tor bundle when it comes to anonymity online. It's been actively maintained over the years and has a very credible development base. I just started using the MagusNet Public Proxy.

That's an interesting find! Is it easy to use? I can't seem to find a lot of blog coverage on it on Google. I'm totally addicted to Chrome, but I've always been a little suspicious of it knowing what I want seemingly before I do. Rob Nightingale. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. This will sign you up to our newsletter Enter your Email.

Read our privacy policy. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. YOu left out a few key points here Only TOR from these recommendations is trustworthy Everyone please don't trust anyone that say oh we cut off google from the browser Tor has much more features that you don't see and arein background for pprotecting privacy!

Is it secure? Research " thanks. Tor is funded by the government.


Have you tried Epic Privacy Browser? Russian Yandex and Amigo. For not leaking to US servers my data. Won't the Ruskis spy on us too? You are successfully done!

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You have crack cicadian code. Have you ever tried using the Tor Browser yet? How does this compare with EPIC? This one is evolving further. I wouldn't use opera browser. They were bought by a Chinese company. Good morning, I would not use the Opera browser since they have servers in countries to which data retention regulations exist so data such as log will be stored. I use Google Chrome's incognito web browser. Als Proxy-Server muss localhost , als Port der Port eingetragen werden. Nur noch Probleme mit der neuen Version.

Die neue Version funktioniert nicht mehr. Tor kann ke ine Verbindung mehr zum Vidalia Netzwerk herstellen.

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Im Internet findet man auch nichts dazu. War mal ein super Programm. Pros: Anonym surfen. Cons: Funktioniert nicht. So bleibt die eigene IP-Adresse — quasi About anonymity and web browsing: if you really need to anonymize your connection then you should try Tor. Tor is a free project and is available for a lot of platforms including Mac OS X.

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Visit www. The use of publicly available anonymous proxy lists and connecting to anonymous proxy servers may be illegal in your country.

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Proxy servers are NOT tested by hanynet. The default URL included in the Anonym application bundle is there only for reference as an example. If you are not authorized to use it then you should not use it. Using anonymous proxy servers may cause moral, legal and technical issues. Before using a proxy server you should be authorized to use it by the proxy server administrator.

You should use only trusted elite anonymous proxy servers. If you suspect that a proxy server is a misconfigured and abused computer then you must report abuse to the system administrator. Use Anonym to obtain proxy server administrator phone and email contacts.