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Gather redstone dust. Redstone dust is used to create the redstone circuit and transmit power. For a basic circuit, you can have a trail of up to 15 blocks of redstone dust. Longer trails require redstone repeaters. You'll need to mine down to the bedrock layer and then begin your hunt for a redstone vein.

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You need an iron or diamond pickaxe to mine redstone ore. One block of redstone ore can be crafted into 9 piles of redstone dust. You usually get redstone dust per redstone ore you mine. You can find redstone dust in dungeon chests and stronghold chests. Witches may drop redstone dust when defeated.

Jungle temples spawn 15 redstone dust for the trap. They also spawn a few more for the secret chamber. Make a switch mechanism.


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There are several different mechanisms you can use to trigger your redstone circuit: Button - This item is placed on the side of a full block, and provides redstone power when pushed. You can make a stone button by placing a single stone block in the center of the crafting grid. You can make a wood button by placing any wood planks in the center grid. Lever - A lever is placed on any solid surface, and can toggle redstone power on and off. You can make a lever by placing a stick in the center of the crafting grid and a cobblestone block underneath it.

Pressure plate - This is a button that is pressed automatically when you stand on it. The major difference with a pressure plate versus the other two is that monsters can activate the pressure plate, making it perfect for traps. You can make a pressure plate by putting a stone or wood block in the center of the grid and an identical block to the left.

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Create a basic circuit. Now that you have your redstone powder and a switch mechanism, you can create your basic circuit: Place your switch mechanism somewhere that you can use it. This will be your blasting remote, so make sure you can see the explosion. Place redstone powder in a trail towards where you want to put the TNT. The first piece should be adjacent to your switch mechanism.

You can place redstone powder by looking at a block and right-clicking while it's equipped. Redstone ore can connect one level up or down, and the total length must be 15 blocks or less. Place your TNT at the end of the redstone trail. This is where the circuit terminates, and will activate the TNT block.

Make sure the TNT box is on the same level as the end of the trail, and is directly adjacent to the final redstone powder block. Activate your circuit. Now that the TNT has been placed, you can activate your circuit by using the mechanism. Once you trigger the redstone circuit, the TNT will immediately be set to explode.

Try a more complex circuit. By using redstone torches, you can create advanced logic gates that can remotely detonate lots of TNT at different intervals. See Make a Redstone Lamp in Minecraft for instructions on making and using redstone lamps, which are an integral part of larger redstone circuits. You must have mods to do so. I vanilla Minecraft, there is only one type of TNT. Yes No. Not Helpful 2 Helpful No, but if you use minecarts with TNT, they will blow up when it's either activated by activator rails or when it just runs out of track. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 5.

If you are on a server, especially a public server, it's possible that TNT explosions have been blocked. This is usually to prevent griefing trolling others by destroying their structures. Shapto Adjie Wahyu Nugroho. Not Helpful 7 Helpful Not Helpful 14 Helpful You can use an activator rail, put it on the track and make the TNT go over it. Not Helpful 8 Helpful It's because when they're lit, it becomes an entity like a movable item.

Note: If you use the second method, you have to make all TNT lit before one of it explodes, if the distance is short. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 6. If you somehow have enough TNT, are able to lay it all over the infdev infinite development world, and have a computer with a processor to handle all of those explosion, then yes, it's possible to blow up the whole world. However, the bedrock cannot be destroyed.

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Not Helpful 1 Helpful 3. Unanswered Questions. How do I make a fire arrow and bow in Minecraft?

Answer this question Flag as Flag as Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips TNT is great for clearing out large chunks of land when digging a mine, but be aware that there's a good chance you'll destroy the majority of materials you would have gotten if you had used a pickaxe instead. You'll want to avoid using TNT near rich veins of valuable ore. Protecting yourself from a TNT explosion: If you or a mob are sitting in a minecart, you will have minimal damage from a TNT explosion.

This can allow you to launch an explosion from considerable distance. If you want to strip mine the fastest way is to light a bunch of TNT stacks on a mountain and it will blow through showing you the contents. This is especially fun with ravines. Obsidian, bedrock and liquid source blocks are immune to TNT explosions. This allows you to make bomb shelters or even a cannon to launch TNT through.

TNT is a troller's favorite trolling device for destruction. TNT is the only explosive made for the prime purpose of exploding. This mod adds in a xx of pas, and the xx will get bigger soon. Relatively amigo to lyotfmr.

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Amie, voyage 5 pas stronger than TNT. Xx, this is my first mod and I've used si si voyage. This mod adds in a xx of explosives, and the amigo will get bigger soon. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Search for:.

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