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Please note the discount is only available on the above two links for both Windows and Mac users. And the program shown in the screenshot below is only an example. Please click the buy link above and enter the discount coupon and click the refresh icon as shown below to apply the discount.

You will receive the license code immediately via Email. If you have not received it or you lost it due to some unexpected reasons, you can try to retrieve one here:. Simply click the above buy link and choose PayPal in the Payment Options as shown below:. The current Wondershare discount is always available for you. There is no end time for it at the moment. Feel free to share it to Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc. However Avangate is a different third-party payment platform and the coupon code can only be applied to Avangate buy links. Generally, Mac and Windows versions are two different programs for two different operation systems.

If you purchased the license for the wrong operation system within 30 days, Wondershare is able to exchange the right one for you. It comes with a browser extension for quick saving, and it supports playlist downloading which makes it much simpler to download a number of videos at once.

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Free YouTube Downloader for Mac

You can also convert your downloaded videos to different formats based around a range of mobile device profiles, saving you from having to memorize which format is compatible with which device. The best free downloader I found is the unimaginatively named 4K Video Downloader. If you are on a Mac and prefer the sleek app experience, Folx is a great option worth considering.

The app allows you to download almost anything including YouTube videos, direct downloads, and torrents from the Internet to your Mac. You can then watch the videos when your Mac is offline, or transfer them to your iPhone or iPad via AirDrop. The best part about Folx is that you can define the video output quality and file format so you save time by not having to run your videos through a separate conversion program.

I have eagerly watched the rise of online video from the early days of broadband internet access, and I worked on designs for online TV websites back in the early s. In terms of software, I spend a great deal of time experimenting with new programs in the search for better solutions.

How to Download and Install Wondershare Filmora For macOS

I bring this constant pursuit of the best software to all my reviews, which saves you the time of having to test every program yourself! Note: None of the developers mentioned in this review have provided me with any compensation for writing this article, and they have had no editorial input or review of the final content. All views expressed here are my own. You might want to watch them on your smartphone during your morning commute without using your mobile data, or you might want to start creating your own mashups, remixes and other video content.

Top 10 Best YouTube Downloaders For Mac Computers

Video streaming services have long searched for ways to monetize their content, and Youtube is a great example of a successful model. There are people of all ages and walks of life making millions of dollars a year from their Youtube channels, but there are also people who make just enough money to keep going. When you download videos to watch later, you may unintentionally be taking away some of their revenue.

[OFFICIAL] Wondershare Free YouTube Downloader for Mac: Download Video

Be sure to check out our reviews of Adobe Premiere great for pro-level work and Adobe Premiere Elements the best choice for getting started with video editing. Important note: We are not lawyers, and this is not legal advice — we just review software from other developers.

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We are not responsible for your actions and strongly encourage you to read the Terms of Service for any video hosting service you may want to download from. In order to differentiate between the huge number of Youtube downloaders out there, we developed a few criteria that all the best download software would have. While it creates extremely large files, 4K video is the best quality currently available for the general consumer, and Youtube does provide a 4K quality option for certain content.

Fortunately, Youtube has long had the ability to create your own video playlists, and the best downloader apps will allow you to use this feature to your advantage and save yourself time by downloading entire playlists automatically. There is a wide range of different video file formats, and not all devices can play all formats.

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  • The best downloaders will allow you to convert to popular video formats designed for compatibility with a wide range of devices. Vimeo, DailyMotion, and even social sites like Facebook and Instagram have a great deal of video content. The best downloaders will be flexible enough to save videos from a wide variety of content sources, and the very best will be able to do it automatically.

    Last but definitely not least comes user-friendliness. Saving video files and converting them between formats is second nature to some of us, but not everyone who wants to download videos is a computer expert. The best Youtube video downloaders should be easy to use and provide some kind of tutorial or knowledgebase to help their users with any questions they may have. Wondershare makes a number of programs in the digital video sector, and AllMyTube is an excellent addition to their software library. It covers the very basic requirement of downloading videos from Youtube and then goes well above and beyond.

    You can even transfer them directly from the program to a mobile companion app, which makes AllMyTube your one-stop video download shop. The Download section of AllMyTube. The interface is cleanly designed, and breaks the program down into 5 basic sections: Download, Record, Convert, Transfer, and Online.

    It gives you simple instructions on how to download your videos, although the first method only works with Internet Explorer or Firefox, not Chrome or Edge. The second process is almost as simple and will work no matter what browser you use since it just requires a quick copy and paste of the video URL. The Record section. Just pick one with your desired resolutions and formats. You're able to download all found video files in one click, in case your bandwidth allows. DownloadHelper sometimes might stop working due to the frequent updates of Firefox.

    Go to its official page for the latest new when you encounter a problem. DownloadHelper requires ConvertHelper to convert the downloaded video to another format.

    By the way, DownloadHelper can also help you download image files from many sites. Forget about it. Google won't let that happen. You know YouTube is also belonged to Google. Downloading video from YouTube is violating its terms of use but legal, take it easy. It's one of the well-known media player programs like VLC for Mac. It comes with neat and tidy interface. Most important, it lets you play almost any video format without installing extra codecs.

    The Best Youtube Video Downloader Software

    But as a video downloader, it's buggy and only works on some sites. Just as CNet editor says, sometimes it doesn't function at all. Anyway, try your luck. It has been replaced with the new product RealPlayer Cloud for Mac on its official site. At one place, you get everything you need to enjoy YouTube anywhere without any hassle. It's fully compatible with Mac OS X Try it now to evaluate the best YouTube experience. See below for the differences.

    The Realities of Modern Online Video

    FetchVideo is also a good and free solution to grab video from YouTube on Mac, but limits are obvious. If you don't need to convert YouTube videos, DownloadHelper is your choice. But you have to use Firefox to run DownloadHelper. Download free YouTube downloader for Mac now. Also check the detailed differences between AllMyTube and its free version below.