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It's versatile due to a certain variety of ammo, and it can be upgraded with a scope. Arrows can be sometimes retrieved from corpses and some surfaces if the bolt isn't broken.

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Upgrades: Scope Shuriken This is a weapon used by ninjas and good to use in stealthy situations. Similar to crossbow bolts, the shurikens can be retrieved. Bear Trap The best mean to catch a pursuer and make it unable to run is the bear trap This weapon is unable to kill anything, so if somebody is caught in the trap, you have to neutralize him or run away. Banana This weapon is a joke weapon. Every enemy that walks on it will slip and fall to the ground.

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Be careful to not walk on them, this can happen to you too. It has many uses, depending on what kind of ammo is used. It can be used to tranq people, glue people, place a remote sensor to locate them in the map, blind cameras, and kill robots. This weapon have everything needed for every stealth mission and any stealth agent.

This weapon is powerful and it can use piercing bullets or phosphorous bullets to set enemies on fire FMJ. Its large drum allows it to spend a lot of ammo without reloading.

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It has a small clip size and you need to be close to be effective, but it fires and reloads quickly. This weapon is similar to the Gordon SMG, but with a silencer. It does a bit less damage, but it's silenced. It can defeat most enemies in the game and is more powerful than its silenced counterpart. Pic Description Micro missile launcher Unlike the name suggest, this is a transforming case that becomes a mini rocket launcher.

It does some great damage, but its low amount of ammo doesn't make it very useful. Fragmentation Grenades Classic timed fragmentation grenades. Be careful, this can affect you too. Laughing grenades Want a laugh party with your foe? Use this grenade, and pass through the security.

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  • Angry kitty This is a land mine that looks like a cat, it attracts nearby people by meowing and violently blow itself up. Dynamite Not really a proper weapon. It's used mostly to destroy some objectives. It has to be placed in the indicated spots to use. Pic Description Coin This is a coin, but the goal isn't to use it in a soda machine, that's only to lure enemies with the noise it makes.

    Some missions requires some stealth, so learning how to use them correctly is always a good thing. Camera Lipstick A lipstick with a camera hidden inside. Good for taking some photos. Code breaker A portable mirror with a decoder inside to decrypt encrypted messages. Hair spray Welder This can be used to break padlocks or it can set people on fire. Barrette lockpick A barrette for picking locked doors.

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