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Thanks to Nikon ViewNX, you will find it easier than ever before to browse and edit files smoothly. Whether you want to edit videos, or create slideshows from still images, or maybe just keep your files organised, Nikon ViewNX is the tool for you. It is compatible with all makes of Nikon camera existing at the time of its release.

Worked great until Windows 8. I downloaded this application 2 years ago before a trip overseas. A lot of my photos were indoors or at night. This application helped me create some amazing photos!! Unfortunately, since I upgraded to Windows 8. I have tried asking Nikon for assistance, but they don't seem willing to help.

It's a shame because if they told me this didn't work with Windows 8. uses cookies.

However, if Nikon doesn't update their software, I'm not going to purchase any of it. I really wish they would update this because it IS great when it works! Pros: Easy to use. Can alter the lighting to make dark photos fantastic. Cons: No longer works after updating to Windows 8.

View Nx2 doesn't work with OS X El Capitan

The icon representing your camera or memory card should be selected. If not, click the icon. Thumbnails of your files appear in the bottom half of the dialog box. Click a thumbnail to highlight it and then click the box in the lower-right corner of the thumbnail to select that image or movie for downloading. Here are a few tips to speed up this process:. Select protected files only.

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If you used the in-camera function to protect pictures, you can select just those images by clicking the Select Protected icon. Click the Primary Destination tab to display options for handling the file transfer. Create Subfolder for Each Transfer : By default, the program creates a new folder inside the storage folder you selected. Then it puts all the pictures from the current download session into that new subfolder.

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You can either use the numerical subfolder name that the program suggests or click the Edit button to set up your own naming system. Use Subfolder with Same Name If It Exists : If the folder shown in the Create Subfolder box already exists, select this check box to avoid overwriting existing photo files. The program automatically assigns new filenames to the downloaded photos if the folder contains images that have the same filenames as the downloading ones. Nikon told me the same in e-mail, so we have to wait or go back to OS X Yosemite or Oct 5, PM. Same here. Oct 4, AM. Oct 8, PM in response to terry98 In response to terry In order to get these to work in El Capitan I made sure they were working in Mavericks and then proceeded to copy the Nikon folder inside 'Applications' on Mavericks and then placed it into the 'Applications' folder on El Capitan.

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That is as easy as it gets. I then tried CaptureNX-D and it also worked fine. So they work fine once they are resident in the system properly.

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  • Modifications enabled with Ver. 2.10.3.
  • The problem with installing the Nikon software with Nikon's installer is the installer itself. Nikon needs to redesign the installer to work with El Capitan, but for now this is a work around. Oct 8, PM. On odd occassions of incompatibilities with OSX software installs, Pacifist comes to the rescue. Perform a custom install by exploding the package contents. Did get a strange warning through, but I see that the tool works. Haven't tried the other programs but I am assuming they should work. Page content loaded.

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    • I have been testing the beta version of el Capitan and have not found any problems with nikon software as of yet. Oct 4, PM.

      How to Download Your Nikon D Photos with ViewNX 2 - dummies

      Oct 4, PM in response to davefromwolrverton In response to davefromwolrverton. I had the nikon software installed and working fine for 6 months until the El Capitan upgrade, it opens up just no images available to be viewed, despite there being Jpegs on the SD card. I've asked to the Nikon service. They are working for the next future So basically we should coming back to Yosemite and make the installation of View NX2.

      Nikon View NX 2: basic workflow

      From then, apparently it can be change into El Capitan but not sure is still working Oct 5, AM. It is actually the operation of the software also. I've tried copying the software from my working Mavericks install to my El Capitan install and it crashed within 5 seconds or so.