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OS X Lion Add to Bag. Need some help? Contact us. Opens in a new window. Product Information. Write a review. Most Useful Most Recent 4. Some annoyances but good upgrade overall Yes No. Buggie It started out ok, but bugs started to show up now and then especially with bluetooth. Buggie Yes No. Yes No. Read all 3 customer reviews. Answers from the community. Asked by jerry osagie S from barcelona on Jan 2, Best Answer: You must be running Answer now if i buy os x lion is it automatically linked to my apple id so i could reinstall it on a macbook No answers yet.

Answer The shipping address is only for ID verification purposes. Answered by Christina T from Vancouver on Mar 8, What I need is Os Asked by Hector F from Yauco on Oct 21, Best Answer: If you are referring to when your iPhone rings your mac will allow you to receive the call aka Cont If you are referring to when your iPhone rings your mac will allow you to receive the call aka Continuity? You also want to find out whether your processor is made by "Intel" or "AMD".

Computers with AMD processors will not work with Lion. General Requirements. Step 1: Prep. Step 2: Create a new virtual machine. Virtualbox lets you run Mac OSX within Windows by creating a virtual machine, which is a program that simulates a normal computer. To create a virtual machine, open up Virtualbox and click "New" on the upper left. If your version of Virtualbox asks you to choose between bit and bit, be sure to choose bit. Choosing bit will result in a critical "Guru Meditation" error later on. The RAM will be given back to your normal computer after you turn Virtualbox off.

You'll need to create a new hard disk for the virtual machine. Otherwise, just choose VDI. I recommend creating a dynamically expanding disk; the only other option, fixed-size storage, will eat up your hard drive. Step 3: Give your new virtual machine an operating system. Your virtual machine will now be created. But don't stop now--you still need to change a few settings before your machine will actually work. Your new virtual machine will show up on the left column of the Virtualbox start page. I have a question, what is the su password i can't find it.

Thanx a lot. Mine doesn't load just the apple icon just shows and it showed "CPU disabled and that i need to reset the virtual machine". Hey just had the same issue. I resolved it by reinstalling the unlocker. I think I tried using the command like in the guide but what you have to do is run the 'win-install' file using administrator mode. First off, thank you very much. I have an issue though, even with beamoff and vmtools.. Is it just the cpu or could there be something else going on? When it's running, nothing else is.

I am getting this error: The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system. Power off or reset the virtual machine. Once I try to run the Virtual Machine. Please Help. I'm having the same problem, but this error only appears once. After this error, the next attempt results in "the firmware encountered an unhandled exception, VM cannot boot". If I power off and on the host machine, the same error sequence occurs.

I have unlocked using the latest 2. I don't know how to allow a 'boot flag' to be entered. To my knowledge, the standard Apple boot loader does not allow flags beyond -x, -s, and -v to be entered. Instead of a VM, maybe try a hackintosh, which installs to a drive, not to a VM. At least the boot loader can enter many more flags. Please help. Hi all, i am trying to install os x on vmware but evertime i cant see the MAC OS option, I already tried many unlockers to go through but all efforts in vain.

Please help me out so that i can install mac os on vmware. Thanks for making it seem so easy.. I was stuck for days with the Hackintosh installation. Worked for me We refreshed the guide for the latest version macOS Sierra. But you can also upgrade from the VM you already have, through the Apple store, a couple of readers did just that and were able to upgrade up to macOS Sierra.

Hey thanks for the awesome guide, i have an issue with unlocker though. Nevermind i sorted it, for all those stuck on the loading screen, install unlocker It says "Mac OS X is not supported with binary translation. I had the Darwin. Maybe this is a fluke, but this may work!

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What I've to do? Successfully did it with VMWare In mac internet connection is not working. So I got everything working, installed fine. Does your webcam connect to a Windows VM? I only have the OS X. Do I have to create a second VM to verify. If it helps I'm doing all this on my Asus laptop and the camera is embedded. I get to this screen and can go no further.

I installed everything according to the instructions, even un-installed and re-installed twice. I have VM Player 7. I'm stuck on the apple icon no loading bar, just the icon. I've read that there may be an issue with the unlocker I followed the instructions and installed through CMD as admin. Anyone have any suggestions? Other than this issue, the install has been very easy and straight-forward but I cannot seem to get around this.

Just want to say the steps worked perfectly as someone that's on a Windows 7-x64 OS and using the newer unlock installer v Thanks Angelos! As far as we can tell, it hasn't been tampered with. It's the same with Hackintosh. And what are the possible consequences? Well following the directions, step by step, including the magnet torrent link, It's now working on my Windows 10 Computer. Pretty cool. OS X So I'll see if it will still boot up after the upgrade. I have had a few times where I wanted to use XCode. Instead of being forced to buy a MAC, I hope this will work.

I'd like to play with it some anyway. I want to try running some Linux also. So I'll do that next. I'm waiting now for the OS update to finish in about 7 minutes now so I can just report that here in this message.

What Is a Virtual Machine?

But it's working. So that's cool. Now I can play around with it and see what does and doesn't work. I'll have to check. If you follow the directions, Step, by Step exacly, it works!!! Hi JBDragon, I am also trying to run a virtual machine for the purpose of installing xcode I wish to use it to sideload Kodi on my iPad.

I have followed the steps on this page and got a working Yosemete VM. Can you please assist by explaining what the next steps are to follow in order to upgrade to a later version of OS? The Apple Store will not allow me to download xcode using this version I havn't had a chance to do much since I posted my results. Once it was running, I was able to get my Laser Printer working, and other things, and do a software Update at which time the new OS was offered to download and I did. It downloaded and installed without issue. I'm trying to run it now and I'm getting a error which is strange as it has been working.

I need to spend some time and figure out what's going on. I keep getting the error : The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system. Power off or reset the virtual machine but I followed all the steps. What's wrong? What are you referring to? Can you specifically call out the section you mean?

Hello, the whole thing works for me expect for the last part. It says i can't install VMware tools in this location, it does not allow to be installed here. However i have no other locations as options. What can i do? This worked perfectly, saved my ass on some quick testing needed on Mac in a Windows dev environment. Thanks for the write-up! I'm running into some trouble trying to get Sierra started up with Virtualbox 5. Booting the machine gets to the point in the screenshot then it just reboots.

Also, in the virtualbox directions, you have the line "On the "Network" section, we make sure the options are as follows" but then there are no network settings listed. These are the network settings. They are the default settings, as far as I can tell, so there wasn't much to do on that tab. Thanks, looking forward to your findings. I wonder if there may be an issue with my download of the virtual disk, are you able to provide a md5sum or similar of the original file?

Since the virtual disk downloads as a. It is highly unlikely that a corrupt. In any case, here are the checksums for the. I tried the procedure from scratch with a clean installation of the latest VirtualBox, and it worked perfectly, I can't replicate your problem. My only guess is that something might have gone wrong when you entered the commands. Did you make sure you opened the command line with administrative priviledges? And that you had closed virtualbox before applying the commands?

I am facing the exact same issue that after above screen it is keep repeating the same process and does not proceed ahead of it. I am reading that airdrop only works on certain Bluetooth chipsets, so it's doubtful it will work in a virtual machine. Following the instructions for installing on AMD, after [ACPI Patcher], getting to what appears to be the boot process, I'm getting the message "Still waiting for root device" repeatedly and it does not continue.

If you are using a USB 3. Also, which CPU and motherboard do you have? This computer only has USB 3.

Download Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac Version Update from Official Microsoft Download Center

I see on amd-osx. Maybe ask them over there? Here's the image of the unlocker. Angelito, I am getting exactly the same output, including the file not found "vmware-vmx-stats. The creators of the unlocker forgot that Python can't run files from folders with blank spaces in their names OK, figured it out. For some reason, the unlocker didn't like the path it was being run from which was in my Downloads folder on my D drive.

I moved the unlocker folder to the root of C, and re-ran the patcher and it ran fine. Yes, I had the same problem and Darryl's suggestion fixed it. You might want to add it to your instructions. ICloud services work. The one last problem I cannot get around is that the Messages login fails to authenticate even though I am logged in to iCloud services. What kind of AMD computer is everyone using for vmware mac? I have to ask my writer on the Greek site which motherboard she used, although much of the motherboard hardware should be virtualized by VMware.

VirtualBox version was slow for some reason I have a i7 and 16gb of ram so I had enough power. Also for some reason my dvd drive started to open and close uncontrollably lol. I suppose not, though. The reason it didn't work in the original folder is because the unlocker was made in the language Python, which can't have blank spaces in folder names.

I just renamed my folder name to "unlocker" and it worked like a charm. Hello, I can't find the yosemite guide to install on amd processors windows I have amd phenom ii x4 be It seems not compatible with SSE 4. Can you help me? I would be grateful for the kindness. I don't have an internal storage while i am make erase in driver utilities any help please? I guess the same problem transfers to the virtual machine. I had the same problem.

I removed the default drive created, which was using IDE. I have followed all of the steps up to loading from USB. It just goes back to the boot screen rather than giving me the white writing you describe. I am trying to do this so I can run some mac software I almost wish I hadn't purchased. But I am hoping a virtual machine will ensure I didn't waste my money. Any thoughts as to why this isn't working would be appreciated. Awesome article! Having an issue when running the unlocker ? Darwin is not found? Change the name of the folder that has the unlocker files in it.

Since it was made via Python, python hates blank spaces in folder names. So simplify the file structure and it will work like a charm! Everything appeared to be working well until I started macOS Sierra. I repeated the process a second time and got identical results. Any ideas? I am running VirtualBox version 5. I selected VirtualBox because it appeared easier to use. Also, since I am already using it to run Windows 7. You will need to power off or reset the virtual machine at this point. Hi, I have followed above steps on my hp p in Virtual Box but it is keep repeating the first black screen with white text code process and does not go to gray region select screen at all.

I have screenshots of the code process if you'd like to see what is wrong here. Please help!!! This guide was perfect to getting everything up and running initially, but it seems that now macOS won't boot. Are there any workarounds? So everything was going perfectly up to the point of "Installing macOS Sierra through the USB" "We are now ready to start the virtual machine from the "Play virtual machine" button.

This will load the Plop Boot Manager environment getting ready to start the virtual machine and launch the plop boot". When I tried to start the VMware program I got an error code telling me that VMware could not start and a boot file would be created. I uploaded the code to the post yesterday but I can not find that post anywhere looks like it never made it.

Hi, this is a great and very detailed tutorial, I have installed MacOSX in 5 separate setups and now I tried it again in a new machine but it doesn't work. Is it safe to do that with a VM or will it even work? My install is stuck on "HID: Legacy shim 2" which later changes to "sill waiting for root device" which keep repeating, Any Help?

I have the same issue. What should I do to get this to work? Even when I go full screen it stays at smaller resolution. Absolutely awesome!! Install process worked spot on. Now need to figure out how get files on to the Mac VM to use a Mac as never used one before! Amazing work Specially, it started worked when I created a new one and then added a virtual disk as a. I had a problem that desktop doesn't react and mouse pointer is in the left-upper corner forever after vm is loaded.

Is the reason because of the 3D acceleration switched ON? Hi Guys, my installation have worked fine. But I can't change the screen resolution. Even in full scren is in x My notebook has a native resolution of x Any suggestion? Initial install was flawless from start to finish. OS installed and ran without issue. Thanks for any help! It is comprehensive tutorial guided me until the MacOS now is running under my Windows.

Thank you very much for that. Firstly tried to install in VirtualBox but failed to run. Later tried in VMware and is work like a champ. There is one issue only that 'unlocker' failed to executed. But solved it when you run under c drive. Other than that is no issue. Just follow the steps one by one.

Now I'm looking how to backup the OS into vmdk backup file. Anyone knows and could guide me please? Supposedly there is an option in File menu, but for this case, the selection is not there. Ok so i fixed that problem looking through comments i was plugged into a usb 3.

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I had a similar problem and I managed to fix it by plugging it into a USB 2. For some reason ticking that box made a difference. Hi, awesome post! I've successfully created the VM using the Sierra image, modified the settings using the Virtualbox UI and run the commandline modifications. No errors, nothing. About the unlocker. It works fine but you can have issues if the path contains special characters python doesn't find files.

So expand the unlocker then copy the directory to the root of your hard disk and be sure there are no standard chars. Better remove even spaces. Everything seems to work until I try to download xcode from the App store, it says my account has been blocked and I can't proceed to install. It keeps the same way after a reboot, any ideas or suggestions on how to proceed? As a reference my account is not really blocked, I do can access the apple developer portal, but I everytime I try to download xcode the same happens.

Yes, guest additions are not an option. You can try the vmware route, since a user below reports success using vmtools and xcode. I can tell VM Tools are correctly installed because now after a reboot the mouse is smoother and the full screen button correctly sets the OS X to full screen resolution which didn't happen before installing VM Tools, but once I enter the App Store and click install on Xcode I still get this:.

I'll try to manually download the 6GB Xcode installer form the Apple developer portal later on, but as of now it doesn't work yet, before or after upgrading to Well, I'm happy to report Xcode is now installed and so far is running good : VM Tools didn't solve my previous problem with the App Store, but a manual install with the Xip file from the apple developer portal did the trick.

I'm using 7z some old version. Seems the archive is a new RAR5 format. So if anyone have extract issues then they have to use the newest version of 7z or WinRAR. I think I follow all the steps using VMware, but when I try to run the virtual machine is shows a message: "Efi vmware virtual sata hard drive 0. Make sure to remove any hard drives from the machine and add the file you downloaded as described above.

When you say "add the file you downloaded" - what file are you talking about? I've been getting the same issue. Can you describe the error? The file is pretty big, so you can try to add it on your google drive and download it from there. Hello Novelista. On VMware or Virtualbox? If it is on VB, try to enter the command line codes once again. Make sure to use the correct name for your virtual machine.

I've given up on VB after trying twice. That was after trying someone else's Mountain Lion method. This one disappears every time I use it--the ML version didn't. What do we have to do with the mac os. Nothing mentioned about it! Of course it is mentioned: "After we move it to the desired location, we go back to VMware and choose the. Hello Kevin. First, you need to shut down the machine not suspend, shut down completely. Then move your machine's folder to your desired location.

Assuming you have vmware player, open the program and navigate to your machine. It will prompt you to browse to a new location. Is there way to know that they installed successfully? Did you use the tools on the description, or did you install vmtools from the vmware prompt?

After the installation, did you notice any change in the resolution? Perfect tutorial, very easy to follow step by step. I followed it and successfully install and working perfectly. Thanks a lot for great tutorial, really appreciate it. Messages and FaceTime won't let me log in as my Apple account, as requested by the apps. They just keep trying but never succeed. Any ideas how to fix that? Did you install VMtools from the link we describe on the article?

A member below was able to connect after installing Vmtools. However, it could have to do with some Apple ID verification system I'm not aware of. I have installed VMtools a couple times, using the files you specify. It seems to complete ok. How can I test to see if it is installed and working? Nothing seems different after it is installed. Should there be some tool icons or menu options someplace?

Yes, I used the vmtools from that link. I have installed it several times and it always says it was successful. I don't see any vmtools icons anyplace on the host or the guest. Unity isn't available. My video works fine. My BT Apple touch pad works but no gestures work. I am guessing that these limitations are normal. Other users refer to the message app not working as well. I don't think there's anything else you can do. I'm used to using Parallels, and their tools allow some slick integration of the two OSs and access from each OS to the other's filesystem.

Is this what VM Tools should do? When my OSX image boots up I get a complaint that a disk isn't recognized and offers to [initialize][ignore][eject] it. I don't know what disk that is, so I just say "ignore". Is this a second virtual drive that VMware is trying to set up that I do need to initialize? I don't want to accidentally wipe out the wrong drive. The only issue I have is that I can't download xCode, it says the OS version is too low but when I check updates there aren't any.

Hello Damien and thanks for your comment. A user below was able to install Xcode manually with the Xip file from the apple developer portal. You can try it and see if it works for you. Hi, yep worked perfectly Thank you for such an incredibly well written process!

Thanks Michael. Although we didn't test it with the macOS machine, we assume it works the same way as the older version. If you succeed on installing the vm though, let us know to confirm it. So I look for a possible reason for that problem search in the InsanelyMac forum. Therein I found a hint to use the latest version of the Unlocker tool. These can be downloaded in the forum or direct from GitHub by using the files from the developers project. Hi Elena, thanks for the very well written tutorial! I followed it to the end using VirtualBox, however when I start the virtual machine I just get a black screen.

I tried with the minimum requirements 4GB RAM, 2 cores, and so on once and then I tried to increase the number of cores to 4. I also tried to enter the command lines to configure the VM twice, but the result is always the same. The only step that I couldn't follow is the one about verifying that virtualization is enabled, because I can't find the option in my BIOS I have an ASUS with intel core i processor, which should support virtualization as far as I know. Any idea what can be wrong? Could you try the VMware solution? It sounds like VBox's problem, not your computer's.

I assume you run Windows? Can you also find the exact model of your mobo? Virtualization should be enabled by default, and I assume you'd had a relevant error if that was the problem. Hello again! K31CD-K Is this the kind of information you asked for? By the way, I followed the tutorial for the VMWare configuration and that worked on the first try! Nonetheless, I'd be happy to try to solve the issue if you think the discussion may be useful for other users. Thanks for the support! I did all steps from the AMD section but my machine doesn't load the icons on the topbar.

I'm using the same processor FX and I couldn't find anything to fix that. Also, I'd like to know if it's possible to change the resolution without messing up the machine. Can I do that?

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Hello Gabriel. Which topbar are you referring? Can you post a screenshot?

In my tests I didn't change the resolution, but if you install vmtools, it will probably work without problems. I found out a way to change the resolution directly from the boot menu, so that ain't a problem anymore. The topbar I was refering was the main one, the one with the Apple logo and all other options. Here's how it is right now note that the icons aren't loaded correctly and instead are represented by green glitches :. Apparently there is a glitch that has to do with the graphics card. Did you use the Sierra image from amd-osx?

Download OS X

I have tried to install the VMwareTools but have not been successful. When I select the iso file, it looks slightly different than your screenshot. I am able to follow the steps through to selecting the. I see the disc icon in the top right corner of the vm window, but double-clicking on it doesn't do anything. There is no image that appears on the mac desktop. It could be that the VMtool version is not compatible with Could you try to install the v12 instead?

Hi - I'd love to try this out, but trying to download gives me the "download quota exceeded. Is there something else I can try? Hi Eric. Isn't there a specific error code? You can always try to download later.

How to get MAC OS X Lion on Windows PC Part 1

They are enabled in the settings but still not appearing. Can you please help. Did you install the VMware tools as described? WIth the Add button, you can locate the folder you want to share and add it. Although you mention it is enabled, so I assume you already did that step. From there you need a restart to your machine, and the folder you shared should be visible under Computer. Thank you for this step by step instructions.

I am having a difficult time try to start the virual machine either with VM Player 14 or virtualbox. VM Player 14 needs a different patch tool than the one we present above.