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Saturday September 17th and Sunday September 18th at 5pm Tickets include a cruise, self-guided tour and show. Steve Hassmer is back with three evenings of songs in three different locations! David Maglione Music Supervisor is a composer, lyricist, music director, orchestrator and theater nerd. David is thrilled to be back at MHT for his third season. Follow along at david-maglione. Proud member of the Dramatists Guild of America. Our very own Jimm Halliday has quite the unique collection.

If you were around back then, you will remember my one armed Charity run as I broke my arm on opening night-but the show must go on. What fabulous audiences and family here! I love Mac-Haydn and hope that all the kids training here really know and understand what a special place this is! James is absolutely thrilled to be making his Mac-Haydn debut this summer! He comes from just having played the role of Franz in Rock of Ages at the Millbrook Playhouse as well as taking part in a workshop of the new David Byrne musical St.

Joan directed by Alex Timbers. Many thanks to John and Monica for this wonderful opportunity. MMDB-All my love! Worth, TX. Thanks to John Saunders! A Review by Alan Ilagan more …. Ray sings with the professional ensemble at St. I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with the award-winning costume designer Jimm Halliday. She would like to thank her family and friends for supporting all her endeavors.

Sebastiani is full of gratitude to the Mac-Hadyn for having him back for their 50th season. He has been a part of many shows at the Mac-Hadyn both on and off the stage.

Last season his choreography for Hello, Dolly! Thank you for supporting live theater! Below is the video of the interview. You can follow him at Facebook. Based on a play by Maurine Dallas Watkins. Directed by John Saunders. Choreographed by James Kinney. Reviewed by J. Peter Bergman. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Zachary Greer Emerson wig and makeup designer and Michelina Abrahamzon wardrobe supervisor to discuss life, theatre, and their busy schedule.

Anthony Christian Daniel is thrilled to be joining the Mac-Haydn family this summer. His regional credits include performing at theatres such as the St. Joseph is ecstatic for his debut performance with the Mac-Haydn Theatre. From a young age he received formal dance training. Personal motto: You say no to wine, you say no to life. Kelsey Woods is elated to be performing at Mac-Haydn!

Love to mom, dad, and Courtney. Isabella is a Junior B. Isabella would like to thank her family for their endless support and her co-workers for their brilliant work. Vermont based violinist, Owen Lenz, has been performing actively throughout New England and New York for the past 15 years. Since graduating, Owen has enjoyed frequent performances in musical theater and opera productions throughout the region.

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He has also designed and worked on multiple short films and commercials in North Carolina. He is ecstatic to be back at The Mac-Haydn Theatre for his second time, and their 49th season. He would like to thank his family and friends for their constant support. Michelina Abrahamzon is delighted to join the Mac-Haydn team this summer! She is currently a student at Muhlenberg College. She is working to earn her B. To see more of her work you can check out her portfolio at: rachelabermanartportfolio. She would like to thank her family for their love, the costume shop staff for their support, and Jimm Halliday for this incredible opportunity.

Anne Vick is delighted to be working with everyone at the Mac-Haydn Theatre for the first time on this wonderful show. Thanks to this amazing cast, crew and team for all your hard work! A special thanks to John for bringing me into the fold, Maddy for being my partner in this, and many, crimes. And Josh, for everything.

Heather Farney is so excited to be back at the Mac. Thanks to the Mac-Haydn family for this opportunity and to her family and friends for their love and support. Philippians David Figliuzzi has grown up with music and a lifelong love of theater, singing and playing piano since childhood. Today, he splits his time living in Connecticut and New York, where he is a soloist and choir member both in his native Hartford, and locally at the Broad Street Chorale in Kinderhook.

He is over-the-moon to be making his debut this summer! She graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a B. She wishes to thank Jimm Halliday for this amazing opportunity! Robby Moser studied trumpet performance and music education at University of Cincinnati College- Conservatory of Music for his undergraduate and Yale University for his masters. She is very excited to work with so many amazing artists this summer! A critically acclaimed violinist, violist and composer, Edward W.

Edward earned his Bachelor and Master of Music degrees with honors. Zackary Horan is currently a student at Montclair State University, studying technical theater. He is very excited to be a part of the Mac-Haydn Theater family and is looking forward to the season. Doug is thrilled to be joining the Mac-Haydn family this season! He is a native of Wichita, KS, and has enjoyed a career both on and off stage since Many thanks to the amazing production staff for their talents, and the guys at Fairview for the good vibes!

Monk can be found on stages from Saratoga to the Berkshires. Monk is a professional stage, film, commercial and voice actor. Austin graduated with a B. A native Indiana resident, he is excited to be working at Mac-Hayden Theatre for the first time. He want to thank his parents, Art and Monika, his brother, Dylan, and Matt for their loving support.

Ken Swinkin is a New York City-based theater drummer. He has played for U. Rolin Mains has lived in Nashville since As Music Director Mr. Mains was in residence with the highly acclaimed Street Theatre Company in Nashville, directing over 30 different shows from to Victoria Benkoski is an actress and singer from Hoosick Falls, NY who lives for summertime, live theatre and is glad to be back at the Mac! Rider Q. Last summer, Rider traveled to Switzerland to design for Cirque Starlight, and toured with the company as their Audio Engineer.

He has also been the Sound Designer at the Thomas A. Rider looks forward to joining the team at the Mac-Haydn this season, and would like to thank Lynne and John for the opportunity. Maddy is thrilled to return to Mac-Haydn this season and make her directorial debut!

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To find out more about Maddy, please visit www. Love and thanks to the Mac-Haydn family and all the Apples! Soon after graduating she moved to New York City to pursue a career as an actress. In the early years, Lynne directed and performed in numerous productions. When Linda Macnish passed away in , Lynne took over as Producer. She made a massive impact on the Columbia County region and the theatre community. Barbara Peduzzi had no intention of ever working in theatre but thought it might be fun to help out in That started her working on props and she has worked at Mac-Haydn ever since.

Barbara has been full time with the Mac since in various capacities. She is very proud of her daughter Sara, step-daughter Stephanie and their families; seven grandchildren and seven great-grands. For more information please visit bryanknowlton. Offstage Carol keeps busy as both a lab manager for the Neural Stem Cell Institute and the grandmother of 5 little people! Meg Dooley is thrilled to be back at the Mac, where she has been performing since Favorite roles at MHT include Mrs. Meg plays Melody, the overbearing weekender also not a mother—fortunately!

Originally from Virginia, Steve now makes the Berkshires his home along with wife Casey and their two young children Noah and Lilly. National Tour: My Fair Lady. Monica M. After Monica moved to NYC. After a rather intense audition, Monica found she was going to be one of 12 women performing with Liza Minnelli at Radio City Music Hall. Monica was approached to be the office assistant, and gal Friday at Mac-Haydn.

Kevin Gleason has been involved in many theaters since his first years in college. Kevin is a voracious reader, enjoys time spent at Disney World, and is always receptive to any new recipe involving bacon. Andrew loves his job designing for all levels of theatre, from high school programs through professional Broadway-caliber productions, and received the Cab Calloway Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Performing Arts in Westchester. Since he has designed the lighting and visual effects for all mainstage productions at Westchester Broadway Theatre, the longest running professional theatre in NYS.

Andrew would like to thank Lynne Haydn for her friendship, for the MacHaydn Theatre, and for the opportunity to work along side her and so many wonderful people for these 25 years. Josh D. Smith is delighted to be spending his 8th season at MHT!

His musical arrangements have been heard in venues across the country including 54 Below and Laurie Beechman Theatre in Manhattan. Excited to be back at the Mac! All the love to Mom, family and friends. Follow him Huggybruh and www. She has performed and choreographed throughout the east coast and is a proud EMC member. Monica is thrilled to be working with this wonderful new company and in this fun new show!


One of her most memorable experiences was singing at a tribute to Steven Sondheim at Carnegie Hall. Thank you to the patrons of MacHaydn, your support is awesome. Edgar is the founder of CCYT. He holds a B. During his tenure as a New York State certified teacher, he collaborated for three years with the Bill T. Jones Arnie Zane Dance Company Education to develop a program that integrated dance into the classroom grades 3 — 5 , and taught numerous professional development classes for teachers in active learning.

Neal is stoked to be back at The Mac. Love to his family and Katrina. Bridget Elise Yingling is more than thrilled to be back at the Mac with her favorite people! Huge thanks to John and Monica! MDDJ—All my love! Thrilled to be back at the Mac for his fourth season!!! Paul studied at the University of Michigan.

Caitlin Wilayto is so happy to be returning to MHT to play her dream role! Follow me! She is eager to once again join the administrative team as Artistic Associate where she will help to cultivate the innovative artistic vision that audiences have come to expect in our productions. This season Erin will set foot on stage as well, playing Jessica Cranshaw in Curtains. Additional regional credits include: Mrs. Kate Suppes is thrilled to be making her Mac-Haydn debut this summer! After graduating last May, she quickly moved to NYC to pursue her dream!

Since then, she has participated in multiple concerts and cabarets, including readings for new works. He is thrilled to be back this summer! Huge thanks to John, David and the company of Sunset! Love to his family, friends, and Sean for their endless support! Stephen Millett is originally from Pittsburgh, and graduated from Penn State University with a BM in vocal performance with a focus in dance. Much gratitude to Jeri Pinnell, Jo Rowan, extraordinary teachers and my loving parents.

Nicholas Kuhn is beyond excited to be at MHT for the summer! Musicals Tonight! Nick would love to thank his wonderful parents and his beautiful Renee for all their continued love and support! Daniel Klingenstein is thrilled to be joining Mac-Hadyn for the summer! Sarah Kawalek is honored to make her Mac-Haydn debut! For Devin. Congratulations to all the team at the Mac-Haydn for a dazzling 50 years! Beginning with Annie in , Jimm has been a fixture here at The Mac for 33 seasons, having designed over MainStage musicals.

Special thanks to the amazing collection of cutters, stitchers, wardrobe and wig designers that have made these productions come to life, and to Lynne, John and Monica for always being there. Shannon Haddock is originally from Orlando, Florida and has been living and working in New York City for almost a decade. Shannon is thrilled to be joining the Mac-Haydn Theatre family. Emily Louise Franklin is very happy to be back at the Mac for another season! Love to the fam and Conor. Aneesa Folds is beyond excited to be returning to the MHT for a third summer in a row! Follow her aneesanael and aneesafolds.

Rasheem Ford is ecstatic to be back performing at The Big Mac this season! Rasheem is grateful for the constant love and support from his wonderful family and friends. Deepest thanks to Lynne, John, Monica, and Josh! Conor would like to thank his Mom, Dad, Sean and Cait for their constant love and support.

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Also big thanks to John and Monica for bringing me back to the Mac! Roll Tide. A big thank you to the cast and crew, and endless love to friends and family for their constant support! Viveca Chow is excited to make her MHT debut! Endless thanks to everyone at MHT! Love to Mom, Dad and Matthew. Libby Bruno is thrilled to be returning to the Mac-Haydn stage to play one of her dream roles! Libby would like to thank all of her loved ones for their love and support. Matthew Blum is ecstatic to be making his Mac-Haydn debut this season!

Gabe Belyeu is proud to be back for his 9th season at the Mac! This year he is ecstatic to be back for 5 more shows! Keep up with Gabe year round at www. As always, love and thanks to all my friends and family for their unwavering support. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. Various versions have evolved over the years, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose injected humour and the like. Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text.

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Lorem Ipsum comes from sections 1. This book is a treatise on the theory of ethics, very popular during the Renaissance. We are so delighted to be taking a walk down memory lane to discover what it is that built the theatre! Get Directions Toggle navigation At The Mac Theme. Nathan Schilz. Little Shop of Horrors Receives Praise. Eoghan Hartley. He graduated in May of with a B. Ragtime A Triumph. Great Grease Reviews.

Tyrell Reggins. Roles this Season Coalhouse Walker Jr. Clementine Kline. Andrew Burton Kelley. Curtains Is A Hit! James Zannelli. Elizabeth Ward Land. Sunset Boulevard Casting. Sunset Boulevard. Madi Cupp-Enyard. William Taitel. Roles this Season Booker T. Justin Forward. Emma Flynn. Jonah Hale. Sam Seleznow. Angel Harrison. Alecsys Proctor-Turner. Zoey Bright. Kylan Ross. Spencer Petro. Jesse Lynn Harte.

Maya Cuevas. Anthony DaSilva. Todd Fenstermaker. Leigh Martha-Klinger. Rachel Pantazis. Chelsea Lynne Myers. Joe Hornberger. Deshaun Tost. Angie Colonna. Camelot Cast See The Full Cast List. Nick Miller. Creative Team Little Shop of Horrors Creative Team Ragtime Creative Team Grease Creative Team Sunset Boulevard Creative Team Curtains Creative Team Camelot Creative Team Katie Johannigman. Creative Roles this Season Choreographer - Oklahoma! Lauren Monteleone. Theresa Alexander.

Creative Roles this Season Choreographer - Curtains. Courtney Laine Self. Creative Roles this Season Director - Curtains.

Mac-Haydn slates auditions for 2016 season

Alison Zador. Matthew Oliver. Joshua Gallagher. Corbin White. Meredith Lustig. Roles this Season Laurie - Oklahoma! Elizabeth McGuire. Creative Roles this Season Choreographer - Camelot. Producing Artistic Director John Saunders. James Rodgers. Creative Roles this Season Director - Camelot. Alumni Spotlight: Jelani Alladin. Linda MacNish. Sadly, Linda passed away in at only 63 years old. We wanted you to be the first to know what your summer holds in store for you! George Dvorsky Wins Berkie. Thanks from John Saunders. Can it really be over a week already since the Mac-Haydn closed for the season?

Reviews Rave About Annie. Meet Our Annies! Fiona Phelps. Fiona is a freshman at Chatham High School. Roles this Season Young Laurey in Oklahoma! George Phelps. Annabel Feigen. Roles this Season Annie in Annie. Sarah Kawalek. Roles this Season Evelyn Nesbitt in Ragtime. Lauren Wrigley. Emily Allen. Adam Salerno. Tales from the Tours…. Meet Our Musicians. We have an informal chat with Music Directors Jillian Zack and David Maglione as they give us some insight into how they make the music happen at our unique venue.

The Lynne Haydn Memorial Fund. Remembering our founder Lynne Haydn. Make A Donation. Quinto Ott. Corinne Tork. Michael Brennan. Shannon Cunningham. Rieleigh Smith. Charlie Munday. Jayke Workman. Further casting of the title role and those adorable orphans will be announced soon. Annual Mac-Haydn Spring Clean. Lunch will be provided. Hope to see you there! Get Into Our Season Book.

John Saunders Talks Theatre. Alumni Spotlight: Ryan Alvarado. We are delighted to announce our 50th Celebration Season! Ending on a high note! Mac Takes Home Three Berkies! Joseph Christianson. Spellbinding and zany production: Spamalot Review. Spamalot Audience Participation Page. Hello and welcome! Sunday August 20 Performance. Saturday August 19 Performance. Friday August 18 Performance. Thursday August 17 Performance. Wednesday August 16 Performance.

Sunday August 13 Performance. Saturday August 12 Performance. Friday August 11 Performance. Thursday August 10 Performance. Wednesday August 9 Invited Dress. Rachel Rhodes-Devey. Roles this Season Mother in Ragtime. Bryce McAllister. Patrick Wemitt. The Show is a Delight: A Review. Tim Williams. Mitchell Martin. By CB Wismar more …. Cathy Lee-Visscher. Roles this Season Aunt Eller in Oklahoma! Hannah Sloane. Erin Kiernan. Kevin Bolt.

Quinton Champitto. Come and witness the birth of a theatre goddess: A Joseph…Dreamcoat Review. Julia Pogue. Angela Travino. Daniel Velasquez. Albert Hsueh. Roles this Season Luke in Anything Goes. Madison Stratton. Roles this Season Guenevere in Camelot. Jose Plaza. Robin Levine. Andres Vahos. Noelle Rueschman. Glenn Balli. Ethan Carleton. Creative Roles this Season Sound Designer.

Kate Zulauf. Sarah Travis. Aryn Carr. Emma Cummings. Brian D. Roles this Season Cecil B. DeMille Sunset Boulevard J. Morgan in Ragtime. Ross Flores. Sarah Kozma. Connor Hubbard. Patrick Heffernan. Creative Roles this Season Choreographer - Annie. Colin Pritchard. Quinn Corcoran. Catherine Skojec. Kelly Gabrielle Murphy. John Anker Bow. Roles this Season King Arthur in Spamalot.

Joanne Hoch. Laura Helm. Ryan Michael Owens. Steffany Pratt. Sam Pickart. Judith Wyatt. Roles this Season Mrs. Whitstein in Ragtime. Laura Michele Erle. Alex Carr. Michelle Carter. Dan Macke. Sophia Tzougros. Megan Hasse. Jared Cowley. Katie Skawski. Dakota Dutcher. Jillian Zack. Our Local Audition dates have been announced! If asked to sing 16 bars, please choose the section which best shows off the strongest points of your voice. Please consider the types of shows in the schedule and pick appropriate material to the majority of those. People who are primarily singers are not expected to be polished dancers, but do need to show their movement ability.

Audition Sides. Below are links to our sides. Song Cuts Please follow the links for the roles we have asked you to prepare. We look forward to seeing you again. Wemitt Company Manager. Taking Applications for the Technical Team. Join the Mac-Haydn technical team and gain strong experience towards your career in theatre. More Information. Vote for us on BroadwayWorld. Nominate your favorite shows! Alums head south! Alums in ! Alum in Arizona. Costume Sale Preview: Originally from Broadway! Costume Sale Preview: Glinda.

Another day another preview! Costume Sale Preview: Belle. Costume Sale! Steve Hassmer performs in Sea Scapes. Mac-Haydn Favorites head to CT! David Maglione. Meet the Addams Family: Part 2. Meet the Addams Family: Part 1. Meet the Ad d am s : Pugsley. Rhnea Wright Ausmus. James Cella. Darrel Blackburn.

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Roles this Season Daddy Warbucks in Annie. Joan Faxon. Roles this Season Nun in Sister Act. Back to the Wood — a Review. Raymond Bailey. A Conversation with Jimm Halliday. Prepare to be Razzled, Dazzled — A Review. Megan McQueeney. Sebastiani Romagnolo. Hometown Spotlight. Jamie Grayson. Meet the team behind the scenes: A Saturday Conversation. Anthony Christian Daniel. Not that we like to brag…. Joe Bongiorni. Roles this Season Velma's Boy in Chicago. Meet the Children of South Pacific!

Kelsey Woods. Season Promo Video. Isabella Pellino. Owen Lenz. Zachary Greer Emerson. Michelina Abrahamzon. Rachel Aberman. Anne Vick. First Review of the Season! The first review is in! Thanks to the Berkshire Bright Focus for the wonderful review. Heather Farney. David Figliuzzi. On Broadway. In the middle of the season is the most requested show of the summer, Saturday Night Fever July featuring music and lyrics by The Bee Gees. James Kinney recipient of the Broadwayworld.

For the second year in a row, the fifth show of the season is a Stephen Sondheim classic. The sixth show of the season is Monty Python's Spamalot August Adapted from the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the musical parodies the story of King Arthur and his knights of the round table. Spamalot is directed by Neal Kowalsky and choreographed by Sebastiani Romagnolo. Closing out the season is the Jerry Herman classic, Hello, Dolly! August September 3. Wemitt as Dolly.