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Tags 2. Tags: laserjet Message 2 of 6. Reply 1 Kudo. Honor Student. Message 3 of 6. This driver is for Windows only.


HP LaserJet Mac Driver

But I have the same problem as the person asking the question. My laserjet won't work with my Sierra Reply 0 Kudos. Message 4 of 6. HP LaserJet is chosen because of its wonderful performance. You can use this printer to print your documents and photos in its best result. Just follow the steps below and use your printer right away. Before using HP LaserJet printer, it is a must to make sure that the printer is connected to the computer.

I tried to transfer my HP Laserjet , 1. That failed. Anyone else? Add printer, select LaserJet , select printer software, type in the search field, press OK and add the printer to Lion. Works flawlessly. Thank you so much, this is very helpful for OS X Lion. Many thanks for this! Had no problem getting the to work with Lion with this workaround. Corporate greed is no match for Geek Power. Saved me several hundred bucks on a new printer. Install your printer using the built in v1.

Hit Software Update and install.. Thanks so much for these instructions — they work beautifully! One question though — is anyone else having issues printing double sided? The button for two-sided printing seems to be grayed out. Thank you very much for your blog post, Tobias! Your blog post saved our family a lot of money because we did not need to go out and buy new printers to work with our Snow Leopard and Lion Macs! I tried several methods I found in different websites but none of them worked.

After following your instructions my Snow Leopard managed to print out its first document! I followed your instructions and I am able to use it right now. It worked in the past with previous version but not with this one. Too bad. Anyone with How I could not make it work through a home network:. If I reboot my Vista, it will print out automatically after the Vista is back.

Any help will be appreciated. I have tried to reboot Mac, HP Also reboot Vista is needed every time to print something from Mac. Thanks for the support! Great, Had the printer running on Lion before I reinstalled my iMac.

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You saved me a lot of time to find out again…. Thank you!

I selected the driver of hp to my printer. When I click on the. Please help. Worked great on my Mac Mini. Thanks for the effort! However, this manual only works partly for me — after I installed my in Lion I have to turn it off and on again and am then able to print one or two more pages before stalling again. Excellent Monsieur Sodergren, un immense merci!!!!! I have looked around for a solution to this problem and here it is. You would not believe the time and effort previously to get this to work.

Thank you!! This worked a treat for both Laserjet and Laserjet while running Lion. A tip though, remember to reboot your machine after installing the software, else you wont see the printer software and think, like I initially did, that it does not work. Thanks again! THank you so much!!!!! Compliments from The Netherlands: within minutes after reading your article, the printer driver was downloaded and the printer installed!!! I was reading your posting on the HP Lasarjet , which I have. Any suggestions? Hi Tobias… Thanks a million!

Great help! Have been scratching my head over this for weeks!!! Came across your blog — used HP 1. Worked a treat! Many Thx. I have been trying to get this darn printer installed for the last 2 years but each other method I tried never worked. Thank you so much for posting your instructions!

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Thank you for this information — I had given up. This is crazy. Thank you so much, Tobais. You have really saved my life and turned a very frustrating day into a very positive experience. I am a musician and this is the best printer I have ever used; no frills but it just does a very good job and has always printed out my music quickly and beautifully. I did not want to buy a new one when this HP works so well!! I have just switched to Mac from PC and could not get my to print. Apple Support told me that the printer was too old and no drivers existed for it.

HP support told me the same thing and tried to sell me 2 new priners to replace my I did research on Google and I found your site. Worked like a charm. You have made my day, monsieur.

HP Customer Support - Software and Driver Downloads

Thank you so much, Tobias. A day of frustration has a silver lining. Apple Support told me that is too old and no drivers exist, HP Support said the same thing and tried to sell me 2 new printers. I found you on Google and your method worked like a charm. I am so very appreciative!! One question. I do not know how to get it to work.

Do you know of a fix for this? Tobias, let me join the chorus. I have my trusty HP back! When I replaced my last Windows PC never again with a MacBook the magical little iPod a few years ago was the gateway drug I was greatly distressed to leave my parked on the desk, driverless. Now, following your instructions I installed the correct driver, and just printed the first test document. The and I are on the road again! Thank you for this!

Wow, every one around said why bother, buy a new one. I downloaded the drivers Reason-Illegal seek. Can anyone help? Thank You So Much!! I thought I was going to have to buy a new printer! This blog has saved me so much time and frustration I used this on December 17 and it prints on my macbook air with my HP Then installed this Mac driver as you suggested on my Macbook Pro, and the printer showed up as a Bonjour printer when I went to add a printer wirelessly. Worked great! Im not sure if you can do the same wireless setup without using the PC to setup the wireless.

If you have problems getting a Mac to work wirelessly, maybe borrow someones PC laptop and install the settings into the printer first. The name of the file is HewletPackardPrint2. I can however not find HP Laserjet in the driver list. I have tried both and none of them works. She had a PC before and is new Mac user. The same for me. Does this work with older OS? I have Is there an archive of older drivers somewhere? This is the only and best way to use my HP laserjet printer on my Macbook Air.

Thanks again. Anybody knows? I would like this to work! Thank you so much! You just made my day. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. I just installed the driver, the printer appears on the list, I seleceted it but when it comes to choose a driver or printer model, the driver is not there. I look for the driver manually and I could not find the driver despite I have been installing it twice. HI, where is the printer preference page, please? Thanks, Raoul. Hi there, I discovered your website by means of Google at the same time as searching for a related topic, your web site got here up, it looks great.

This is fabulous!!! Now, at last, I can print from my MacBook Air. Thank you so much and thank you to commenter 63 as well for the Lion step. You are awesome!!!!! Thanks for the fix on the driver for my old, reliable HP laserjet !!! The driver worked for me with Snow Leopard. When I use File-print or Command-P, it lists the hp in the printer selector but says nothing about the driver. The prints! Thanks for your help.

I am using Mac OS ver The HP LaserJet ver 1. Thanks to Tobias and everyone for the blog and comments — most helpful. I downloaded the driver for this printer on my virtual machine for work as I am working remotely and ever since then it messed up printing on my local machine. When I went back to find the fix that worked the first time and install the driver as indicated it still wont print. Hi, I dint everything but still when I print it shows Hold for Authentication.

What to do now??? You have no idea how helpful that was.. Am in Egypt and security would not let me go thew without the printed eticket. I only had an HP thank you! Thank you SO much!! Your were the only one really helpful with this problem. Using my printer again is so much fun!! Have a blessed day!

Thank-you for this post. It works wonderfully on my Macbook Pro! I appreciate you putting it out there! My setup: IP: manually I just wanted to mention that I needed to reboot before I could see all the drivers. Thanks so much!!!!!! I was about to throw the printer out…. Thank You for the save all ideas. I have found out how to delete all of those extra drivers that fill up your Hard Drive. Delete carefully. The file i kept was HP LaserJet I almost tossed my printer.

Thanks so very much!!! Hi Tobias, how are you? So i think is the software. I did the download of the long time ago… i tried to redo it again but the files i found are corrupted. Do you know what i can do please? The printer was not visible on my list. Nothing came up. Pingback: hp laserjet driver macbook air Driver Download for free. I needed to setup using these drivers: HP LaserJet , 1. I downloaded the software and installed the driver. And It works. Thanks a lot. Thanks for sharing the helpful tips Mr. One month before, I installed the driver on my apple laptop for HP LaserJet printer but it was corrupted after some hours.

I installed again but the same problem occurred. I searched online over the Google and found a contact of support team. I called on the helpline number and discussed my issues with the team members. They helped me and fixed this issue on the spot. If you have the same problem, you can also contact the support team.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Step 1, getting the drivers. Be aware that the file is about MB.

Install the drivers. Step 2, select the driver Turn on the printer and connect it to the Mac. Open the driver list. Select HP Laserjet , but not the gutenberg version. The steps above should do the trick. Tags: drivers , hp , laserjet , os x , snow leopard. David Foo 26 Apr Reply. Thanks for the info. Had to jump through insane hoops to print under all previous OS X releases. Carlito Animancia 27 Apr Reply. Harvey Kahl 28 Apr Reply. Florin 30 Apr Reply. Isadora Chai 30 Apr Reply.

Cheers, Isadora. Hi Isadora, I am no expert on printer routers so I cannot help you there. Thank you billion times! Avid 3 Jul Reply. Your first apple link to the printer drivers is dead. F 2 Aug Reply. I bought my MacBook Pro recently and did not need Step 1. Courtney 11 Sep Reply. Nowbody in Brasil solved the bug…..

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  4. Alexis 20 Oct Reply. It worked! Thank you so much!!! Rhonda 21 Oct Reply. Thank you so much — Worked like a charm!! Atan 23 Oct Reply. Mrs 29 Oct Reply. Mange tak fra USA! Recai 8 Nov Reply. I did not believe it could work, but it did. Thanks so much for this absolute solution. Mickey 15 Nov Reply. Thanks Mickey from Taiwan.

    Mickey 16 Nov Reply. I choose HP Laserjet , 1. Dre 19 Nov Reply. Thank you for posting this! You helped me out big time. Sherry 19 Nov Reply. Tobias you are so da man! Thank you soooo much! Djmuckel 21 Nov Reply. David 27 Nov Reply. This solution works under Snow Leopard — thanks!! Mark 29 Dec Reply. Finally it worked, thank you for that