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Thank you for your help and prompt attention.

I knew from the pictures that they were beautiful but they are much more than this: they're real masterpieces! I must say that they are gorgeous! I felt I was treated as if one of the family in the way the order was taken and delivered. I'm a very happy customer! The pictures looked great, but they don't do this set justice.

I can't believe there is a finer classic Staunton chess set out there. It is truly beautiful. Thanks" G.

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It is a magnificent set. It is rare to find items crafted so well and I will certainly recommend The House of Staunton to others.

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  8. The quality and workmanship for a set in this price range is amazing. I am looking forward to my next purchase. Was struck by overall superior quality and weight. The Rosewood is quite beautiful. More than I expected. Thanks for accommodating extra queens.

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    They are beautiful. Thank you for a fine product. Worth every penny. You've done something that I've always wanted to do: take an object I care about, and raise the world standard for functionality and aesthetics. Well done.

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    It's so exquisite, I can't stop looking at it. Though the pictures on your website are beautiful, they don't do justice to actually seeing them in person. I've been looking for a red-lacquered chess set for quite sometime, and this is the most beautiful I've ever seen. Thank you, also, for meticulously wrapping each piece.

    My brother is going to love his first real chess set. You are the best.

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    But you know that already. Keep me in the loop on how you plan to overtake all the crap plastic sets out there. You were very patient and accommodating during my selection process. Now if I could only learn how to win a game It is massive, heavy, elegant and high-class. A true work of art. Not only is it the finest plastic chess set I've ever seen, but the biggest bargain, as well.

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    That's a rare combination. It is awesome. I can't wait to save up enough for my House of Staunton chess board. In , Fritz 5 was released including a Friend mode which would cause the engine to adjust its strength of play over the course of a game based on the level the opponent appeared to be playing. Fritz 5. Fritz 7 which was released that year included the ability to play on the Playchess server.

    Fritz 8 which appeared around this time provided a 3D Spanish room setting for games to take place. Fritz 9 added a 3D virtual opponent, the Turk. In , Fritz 8 added a Handicap and Fun mode, allowing players to choose the Elo rating and style that the engine will use. Fritz was able to win 4—2.

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    Deep Fritz 11 is eighth on the same list, with a rating of Deep Fritz 11 is also sixth on the same list, with a rating of Fritz has not kept up with modern advances, attaining only 14th on the CCRL rating list and not participating in any world championships since A long time participant in world computer championships since , Pandix was substantially rewritten in , and has been a strong contender since then. Fritz 15 was released on November 25, with new features, including switching to Vasik Rajlich's famous Rybka engine.

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    Fritz 16 was released on November 12, with a new Easy game mode which provides for assisted calculation marking good moves with a green circle, and bad moves with a red. British Excalibur Publishing has published Fritz 9 through Chess game. Fritz and Chesster is a series of introductory chess programs based on the Fritz engine.

    Each program provides basic tutorials and games based on one aspect of chess, allowing children to learn the basic rules easily without overwhelming them with too many options at once. Games follow Prince Fritz, the son of King White, and his cousin Bianca, as Chesster the rat among others teaches them the fundamentals of chess so that they can defeat King Black. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the chess program originally developed by Chessbase.