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I tryed it with virtualbox 5. Hey Guys, Just solved the reboot problem!!!!! If you made the mistake, to do the cmd thing while vb was opened, you need to reinstall the whole thing! That includes reunarchiving the image and reinstalling virtual box with reboot! That worked for me! I hope, I could help some of you! Also, obviously remove the.

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Screen resolution fix also worked, although I would love to know how to set custom resolutions namely p. I think it would require also modifying some configs in the guest OS. I tried to work it out from some other info I found online, but nothing has worked so far. Greatly looking forward to the tutorial on getting iMessage to work, as I see mentioned above in a comment from Jan 7 !

Also just learned that USB pass-through works! Trying this setup on both VirtualBox 5. I have tried to remove all VirtualBox installations and start from scratch at least a dozen times and not getting this going anywhere. To fix this error just check out this post. Magic — this extra CPUM command got me through the critical error on startup. No idea what it does or the conversation that led you to post it, but thanks!

Did you ever get this figured out? Very nice article, thanks for the helpful instructions! Yes, you can Install if your system is compatible with macOS. Hi, Here functioning but what i do for adjuste resolution for xx32 or xx32 on Sierra OS. Here only show xx I have executed one clean install after load the VM downloaded here reinstall one clean copy and functioning all minus update resolution for display. During Step 3, there are no 64 bit versions in the drop down list. Step 4, part 3, I cannot go over 1 processor.

Virtualbox 5. I also can not go past 1 processor. Having issues with the unlocker. Try again from Step 5. UPD: Fixed this error by rebooting host machine and re-entering commands to cmd donnow which action actually fixed the problem Now everything works fine. Tnx, wikigain! I followed the steps but i get the Considerrebuildofkernel notification wich it stays on. Could anyone assist me? Everything worked OK.

Step 1: Requirements

Help me! How can I fix it? Watch this video carefully then go according to the video. You might have missed any step. Otherwise, it will not work. I had to enable some settings not specified in this tutorial but were visible in the authors VirtualBox screenshot luckily! Is it possible? I tried once installing it and all I got was a black screen.

If it is not possible on VM are there any workarounds. If it IS possilbe to run this without an i7 then I did something wrong. Please is someone can reply. I would be highly grateful. The main and most important thing to fix this issue. Read the article, and try once again. Particularly No. Worked for me! After two years of previous attempts at getting a Hackintosh to work on VirtualBox.

As others have said, Step 5 should include the instruction to quit VirtualBox before running the commands. The first issue you will run into is that the mouse will not be captured by the guest MacOS up on booting into first configuration menu. You can get around this by capturing your mouse directly in the VBox menu. The next problem you will run into is that the first time configuration menu will not allow you to login with your Apple account.

It will give you a message stating that this machine is no longer authorized to do so. Works flawlessly. Just ignore and continue. Can still log in with an existing Apple ID.. Just go to the Apple website and create an ID. Make use that this option is enabled then try again. One more thing I have to mention for you. If you did not fix the problem let us know. The same error. I unistalled virtual box, I downloaded and installed Virtual Box 5. Well I was gonna say that the VM is permanently rebooting without ever getting to the welcome screen and ask for an explication, but obviously this is the case for everyone… So my question: Did this work for anyone here?

Cuz it really looks like this is simply another non-working tutrial you can find on the internet. I suggest you repeat step 5. Also use the updated code for VirtualBox. If you don not exit the VBox, it may not work correctly. Thank you everything worked ok, is there any way to change screen resolution? It may be noted that I am trying to do this on another drive not the C: drive it is the M: drive the vbox is stored on this drive and so are all of the recommended download files. You must enable it. It was crashing at first, but then I skipped two first lines from code. Thanks for a tutorial and files!

I have done all the steps correctly but when I start Virtual Machine it does not show anything. It shows only black screen without any running code. Can you help me please? The same happens to me. I have done all the steps correctly! Hi dear Petter. We have updated the code just download the new version from the link in the post then try step 5 one more time. It will work completely. Hello I made a Vm and it works thanks to you. But I have a problem of his it is cut and the sound serious voice deformed and slowed down. He does not have a fix for it. You do not have a line of code that resolves the problem.

Everything works fin until step 6. I get no errors during step 5. When I then start the vm in step 6 I just get a black screen.. Nothing happens.. My system is Lenovo W with Intel Core i Just repeat Step 5 once again. Because most of the people have this error when they add the code to the cmd correctly. The problem will be solved. Keep in mind that before adding code, you must exit VirtualBox and it should not be opened while adding the code to CMD.

Sorry Mukhtar, but I have now repeated step 5 multiple times.. I shut down VirtualBox, open cmd normally and enter er 6 lines. No errors. I then open VirtualBox again, check that video mem is set to MB, and start the vm.. Same result..

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Just a black screen.. Also, it works on most of AMD but not at all. Just found the answer for my edit problem. I was missing a file. Install macOS The code is the same there is not much difference. Thank you for this guide. Hello, you can create a copy of the file into your G-drive account and download it from there if the download limits for the file has been reached. Well , I did read thoroughly… Still have no clue how to edit the code before going into the cmd prompt.. Would love to get some more help. First of all thank you very much for this guide!

I am absolutly new to this so forgive me if I have ignorand questions. I get stuck at step 5 I understand I have to edit the VM -name. This is not an answer. Eric is right.

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I cannot find this file and this step is absolutely unclear. On top of that, your answer is equally confusing. To get full-screen mode you need to have install VMware tools. Please try to step 5.

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If it did not work let us know Good luck! Can i get the same file using torrent. Hi all I was also stucked in the VM booting point, with the rebooting over rebooting error reported by some of us. Just to share my experience, to me it worked to close all VM and the program virtualbox and redo step 5, then open it again and run the VM.

Your solution worked for me. It just got stucked at booting but doing what you wrote worked like a charm! Hi, everything is working great. How could I create a shared folder between them? Great then and have fun. Apply Step 5 once again and be aware of increasing the Ram size as well. Before adding the code to the cmd, do remember that exit the VirtualBox then add those codes. Good luck! Sorry for late reply Just follow step 5 thoroughly once again because you might have done any mistake. And get infinite reboot then with this error. For some reason this process was running even after closing VirtualBox.

Mukhtar, thanks for the work! But why it shows only 3mb video? Restart VirtualBox as Admin. First I had the same problem, now it works. I hope, I could help you. I followed the instructions and installed Sierra virtual machine with no problem. For my purposes i had to change the Network settings but other than that everything else works fine. And he did the same loop again and again….

So I suggest you try once on VMware and it works or not. You can try from one of the following if this happens:. When I applied: VBoxManage. Got it all working, great manual, thank you. Easier than ever. Now what can I do to get a full screen resolution? Sounded really too easy. Step 5 goes right into guru meditation. Using VB Version 5. What could have I missed? Also send your system information in reply.

Ps: I following the steps correctly. Try once again and read the article carefully. Or visit the topic below to solve your problem. Can you help please? Can you help? I have HP Pavilion Notebook i7 windows Pls read the guide thoroughly. Hey, I dont know why but after following the same process I am having this thing where it says waiting for DSMOS… and then it repeats the process again and again. Here is the link where you can see my problem.

I was trying to download the Complete Zip file with IDM Internet Download Manager Since Its a fairly big file I can not download it in one session, IDM allows you to pause and resume downloads but when I try to resume this one… I get an error message saying that my session as expired…. Can someone please assist me.. Yes dear, try different times when you have the capability to resume the downloading files of macOS Sierra then keep downloading.

I have a Apple Key Store error. You might solve your problem here. Visit the article below and read it carefully. Thanks very much! The VBoxManage commands really helped me boot Sierra. I followed all of the steps carefully but this is what I see upon startup of the VM. Skip that and when you logged in then once try again to join with your Apple ID to manage your account.

VB updated and correct commands. It works on the latest version of Virtualbox also if you install it correctly or your system support. Faiz Orz Thanks for no help, wrong info and next time open your eyes. Find a way to fix the problems instead ofgiving wrong info. Fixed here.

Hey all. What is causing this? The machine name is correct. I am trying to do this process using Portable-VirtualBox. Could that have anything to do with it? You can solve your problem here. Is that possible? You can fix the screen resolution by visiting this article, my dear. VM ware is by fare batter then virtual box, but is harder to setup! You can use it for free. Hi, dear PW. You might have missed any step or your system is not compatible with Mac operating system. Try once again and read the article, carefully.

My Intel i7 system is Mac-compatible. The error above is generated by VirtualBox, which fails to boot my VM with that error message. Sorry dear, I did not get when you face this problem. I mean in which step this problem come to you? For this error on my Ubuntu 18 VirtualBox, I had to add my user to group vboxusers, as it looks like I am not a group member by default. Also, make sure before running the code to the cmd, quit VirtualBox Completely.

After following the steps and booting it up, it just shows a black screen. Please help me fix this issue. Apply Step 5 once again. It should not be opened. Good Luck! I had the continuos reboot problem, but solved after exiting and relaunching VB, in fact the VB code needs a restart to be activated. Proceeding to Sierra install! I am stuck at the first run the virtual machine pre install , it appears to keep rebooting at a certain point and starting all over again……. This method most of the time does not work on AMD systems.

Hello Mam,I have a problem regarding in opening a mac os in virtual machine. It always shows the Guru meditation that tells there was an critical error. Ive been following your steps in your website especially in putting a virtual code in cmd but it keeps showing it Guru meditation.

What do you think is the problem mam? Please kindly help me mam regarding to this problem. Thanks Edo. If you have Mac Operating system so just go to beta. Now, you can download it. For now download the developer preview then Install on VirtualBox. The link is mentioned inside the post. Just try to test it. IF you have got any kind of problem, please share with us.

Hello, I have tried this and others like it. I have a custom built machine with a k and it starts to load in the vm then does this:. I followed your steps to the T. I am at a loss. Make your sure that you exit VirtualBox before Step 5. Dowload VirtualBox Code 2. Or use this Code for Virtualbox 4. Code for Virtualbox 5. I have already tried those commands.

I followed step 5 and closed VirtualBox before entering the commands and I keep on getting the same error. I double checked the name and it is correct. I keep getting the guru message, I have tried 5 versions of the os 10 different ways. Even a retail ISO install throws an error. Can you please help me asap. Thank you. Thank you so much, Mukhtar! I have been struggling for 2 days trying to installing Yosemite I was going to give it up, then to my pleasure, I came across your post this morning.

It took me only 3 hours to set it up. It worked for me. After starting the OS I also proceeded to do an update. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Mukhtar Jafari Comments 0. Name and choose the Version.

How to Install macOS High Sierra in VirtualBox on Windows 10

Choose Memory Size. Select Hard Disk type. Motherboard Settings. Select Processor amount. Choose Video Memory.

[How-To] Install macOS Sierra 10.12 Onto A Virtual Machine in Windows 💿💻

Enable Network Adapter. Replace the Code. Copy and Paste the VirtualBox Code. Launch the Virtual Machine. Choose Language. Choose Keyboard Layout. Transfer Information to this Mac. Enable Location Services. Sign in with your Apple ID. Terms and Conditions. Create a Computer Account. Select your Country and click Continue. If you did not see your preferred keyboard click on Show all text. You can log in to your Apple ID or iCloud later on. Note : If you have any issue with installing macOS High Sierra or lower version, visit our guide down below.

If you have any kinds of questions or have suggestions on how to install macOS High Sierra on VirtualBox, feel free to leave a comment down below this post and will answer your every question and get your suggestion for our future works. Thanks for being with us. I am the CEO of wikigain. Here is my online pictorial notebook.

I would like to write and share my experience through this website for computer enthusiasts, how to guides and technology geeks. I am having difficulty upgrading from macOS High Sierra The upgrade appears to finish installing, but nothing changes. This update is needed for XCode 10 installation. Should have plenty of resources… Any thoughts? First, make sure that your system is compatible with macOS High Sierra If the answer is Yes follow the steps below.

After the download has completed then a window will appear that telling you to install. Follow the window instruction. Follow this guide if you hesitate. Updating macOS Does anyone know how to solve it? I followed the hole tutorial and after starting the vm it gets looped with gI0ScreenLockState 3………..

Please help me on this. Then run the code properly. Change your VM name in the code. Quit VirtualBox before executing the code. Hi, Thank you for the tutorial, it is really great. Though, I have a problem: I can start my VM and use it normally, but it is painfully slow. What can I do for that? Thanks for the guide. But I have a problem. I just download macOS Could you give some download link or email me only the vmdk file, please? Or I have to download the whole gigabytes again? This worked great. I have tried before with other systems and had problems, but this was very easy to get MacOS up and running.

It would be great if you could do an update or another article about how to upgrade. Try this. Error allocating 0x pages at 0xc alloc type 2 Error loading kernel cache 0x9. I have install mac OS Sierra We require xcode on it but it tell require It restart after update and show me same version.

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  8. It very urgent. I need Xcode to be installed on the virtual Mac, but it needs at least High Sierra I tried to update it to Any help could be a big one. I have done every step tried different version of tb new old and then old and new again tried multiple time of reinstalling and im still stuck on a black screen that has nothing on it. Easy process that worked really well on Linux too, just having to tweak the VBoxManager commands a little.

    Thanks for the guide! Does the machine work, but you simply lack an internet connection? Hi there! Can you help me, please? Thanks in advance. I did all necessary steps needed to do after that the booted it worked perfectly but when it finished everything it rebooted again resulting in the codes coming back. Has someone already connected and used with iTunes his iPhone to the High Sierra virtual machine? I have a problem with the USB devices. The VM has been perfectly installed. Everything is working.

    However, I can not connect my iPhone to this VM. Indeed, I have activated all the options in USB 2. Itunes tells me that no device is connected to my VM. I do not know where the problem may come from. I tried everything, but to no available. I use as host Windows 7. The version of virtual box that I use is 5. I installed the oracle extension which has the same version of virtual box. If anyone could help me. Please give me any solutions for this problem to fix. From regards Chandra Das. Is this normal? Any idea? No, they are different. Make sure quit VirtualBox before running the code.

    Great work.

    How to Install macOS Sierra 10.12 on VirtualBox?

    The install works fine. However my windows host is able to perform this without any issue. I guess this is the reason why Maps remains black as well. Mail and Safari: whenever I hover over a hyperlink, the full frame becomes black. It worked! Thank you so much for providing this tutorial. I am experiencing 1 problem, cannot log in to itunes for use of imessage. But a lot of the basic stuff should work.

    Have fun! If you try to change the resolution from within macOS, however, you will see no option to do so. Instead, you need to enter a few commands. You need to run the following two commands:. In the second command, you need to replace the N with a number from one to five, depending on what resolution you want:.

    Start up VirtualBox, load up your virtual machine, and it should boot to your preferred resolution! From now on, you can open VirtualBox for any Mac-related testing you want to do. Samuels, without whom I could not have updated this guide for High Sierra. Thank you so much! The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.

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