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En algunos casos, es posible que deba realizar cambios en sus archivos PDF. Con las fusiones online avanzadas de hoy, esto ya no es un problema.

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Para obtener el resultado deseado, usted solo debe completar unos simples pasos:. Disfrute de una experiencia de usuario inigualable desde cualquier dispositivo que utilice. Seleccionar Archivos. AltoMergePDF le permite procesar sus documentos de forma gratuita. Usamos el almacenamiento de nube cifrado para procesar los documentos que carga y fusiona. Cada archivo se elimina del servidor tan pronto como se finaliza el trabajo.

AltoMergePDF es una plataforma web. Customer Questions and Answers Question :. Tuve problemas al fusionar varios archivos PDF en uno solo. AltoMerge le brinda la capacidad de combinar sus archivos PDF desde cualquier dispositivo conectado a internet. If you are working on a Mac, you will notice that this menu is quite slow to appear. The mac obviously doesn't like huge menus like that. Use the sign palette instead I kept the menu because on other platforms, like Windows and Linux, they can be manipulated from the keyboard, which can make them quite fast to use.

The Sign Palette. The sign palette was created to propose a better solution than the menu. It can display all available signs without any problem, and it features advance search options. The basic usage of the palette is quite simple: you select the family of signs you are interested in using the dropdown list b , and then you double click on the sign you want to insert in the panel e.

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Not all signs are displayed normally, the palette doesn't display variant signs. If you click only once on a sign, the sign will be selected.

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Information about the sign its code, its values, etc. Please note that most information in JSesh in here for searching purporses. In particular, details about what the values means are not fully displayed. In reality, the internal format of JSesh allows to store more information about what the values are.

Sign Palette Sign Palette Advanced controls. See below for more information on user palette.

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It's supposed to be usefull if the same signs appears often. The translitteration used may be the phonetic value of a sign for phonograms and ideograms , or may be a value typical of a word the sign appear in. If you check this box, the currently selected sign will be added to the user palette.

Each further click will extend the set of displayed signs the next one will list parts, and parts of parts, etc. For instance, A17A is a variant of A17 in this meaning, even if its linguistic uses are quite different. Each further click will extend the set.

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A second click would add variant of variants, etc… User palette. The user palette allows a user to compose his own list of prefered signs. The content of the user palette is automatically saved, so you will get your palette back next time you start JSesh. You can help. You will find a description of the files used by the palette as an appendix to this documentation. If you have a good knowledge of hieroglyphs, you can help improving JSesh by extending the informations it uses.

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  8. Selecting a zone The selection stands between the cursor, and what is called the mark. The whole selection is drawn in light blue. Some operations are possible only if a zone of text is selected.

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    To select a zone of text, you can use a number of ways : Mac style : shift-click on a point in the text ; the whole text between this point and the cursor will be selected ; Unix style : same, but using right-mouse button. This might change one day if I decide to use contextual menus. Simply select a sign, and it will be added at the cursor position.

    Complex ligatures. Some ligatures can be considered as the ligature of a sign and a group.