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Bonus points for any answer that works consistently between Windows and Mac versions of excel - but for this question, Mac-only is enough. This appears to be a problem with UTF-8 encoding in Excel See this article on GitHub Not much of a solution but may offer some insight.

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However, when you want to keep text together, use special characters. You probably let Word wrap text at the right margin and break pages, on its own. A lot of works goes into that decision, under the hood, and Word does a good job most of the time. There are times, however, when you'll want to keep words and text together.

Insert Non-Breaking Space & more word tricks

Fortunately, Word has some easy methods for keeping text together. Just because there's a space between two words doesn't mean it's Okay to break the pair up. There are just some things you'll want words to appear on the same line. When this happens, insert a nonbreaking space instead of a regular space between the words.

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For instance, you probably wouldn't want the Ph. D following a name to wrap to the next line.

Non-breaking space

To keep Ph. D with the name, enter a nonbreaking space between the last name and Ph. You might even want to enter nonbreaking spaces between each name and even a middle initial, to keep the entire name together. A nonbreaking hyphen is, in purpose, the same as a nonbreaking space, but it works with hyphenated words.

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If you don't want Word to wrap at a hyphen character, enter a nonbreaking hyphen instead. When the hyphenated word reaches the right margin, Word will wrap the entire word to the next line if necessary, rather than breaking at the hyphen. When you don't want a paragraph or even several lines of text to break between two pages, do the following:.

To find nonbreaking spaces and nonbreaking hyphens in your text, use the Find feature as follows:.