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So should Rosetta have been included in Lion? In my opinion, yes. Should Rosetta be included in the next OS release after Lion?

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In my opinion, no. I have Windows program from that no longer work on Windows 7 just as I have programs from that no longer work on Mac OS X I do believe change is a good thing in most cases but as I preluded to earlier, taking out Rosetta this early before the 7 year mark is just too early. Apple should keep Rosetta, then remove it in their next major release.

Pardon my ignorance but would it be so much of a hassle, programmingly speaking to just freaking leave Rosetta where it was?

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I also have software that will only run using Rosetta and CANNOT be replaced — only substituted for by other software with a steep learning curve. Or under it? Of course, that might cut some short-term profits for the big software companies…. In answer to your question, there is a very simple solution.


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Running Snow Leopard in a VM under Lion would allow Rosetta applications to continue, and they would be well integrated with your native applications running under Lion. It is that attitude that is so bad, and is the main reason that I shall be spending the next year or so NOT upgrading all my applications, but disentangling myself from Apple.

I am not prepared to risk the next set of useless additions, lost features, and increased restrictions onw hat I can do. Lion has made me completely lose faith in Apple.

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I doubt that they will do anything to win it back. I am in a cleft stick.

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I need PPC support for a range of apps and devices.. I either rush out and buy a Mac NOW before all new Macs become unable to boot in Snow Leopard or hang on to my not very old Mac pros for longer than is ideal and leave them stuck on Snow Leopard. If the 64bit goodness of Lion might be despoiled by the 32bitPPC environment how come 32bit Intel will run fine? And judging by much what I believe is in Lion I really see no need to move to it anyway.

It feeds my increasing feeling that in the near future I will be forced to migrate my work from Mac simply to be sure of ongoing support in the professional space. What is this putz central? That is one reason to continue using Rosetta and a good one. But staying with Snow Leopard is not a long term solution for a variety of reasons:.

Before long new software will start to require Lion. Eventually my hardware will fail, and please correct me if I am wrong Snow Leopard will not run on the latest intel Macs. What really stinks is the way that Apple have colluded with VM vendors to prevent you from running Snow Leopard under a VM on Lion, which would be the simple way out of this dilemma.

This shows that they want to force us to stop using it. Quicken is another issue for me. Not a financial problem but the Quicken Essentials software for Intel Macs is crap. That is also very expensive. Does this mean that my old but extremely capable Epson scanner and equally old and serviceable HP deskjet printer will no longer work??

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Does not seem such a good deal to me! Aperture 2 still will not support several RAW formats. Bad luck. So old Macs have to be kept running. My PowerBook G4 is about to turn 6 years old, and is still going strong. Just some things it cannot handle. Flash video. I agree that it only makes sense to upgrade any Rosetta software. That is a VERY expensive application…. I love their engineering, but hate their offensive incursions into my wallet. This one is senseless. You may not mind being forced to spend many thousands of pounds every couple of years to replace perfectly good software that runs fine and does exactly what I want.

And it is not just Rosetta. Ther is a lot of useful stuff that htey have taken away. If you already have ioquake3 installed on your intel Mac running It should run fine under Mountain Lion, if you have Gatekeeper enabled with the default setting you will have to right click and then select Open on the. White has been kind enough to go the distance in making ioquake3 a Universal Binary, so now you can play safely on your Intel Macs too.

All of your favorite games based off of ioquake3 will also be able to bring you a Universal Binary easily now as well. Optionally, you can also add a menu shortcut to your applications menu by right-clicking on radiant.

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First Start Starting GtkRadiant for the first time, the program needs to initialize and copy game-pack files to where you installed your game. You will see a dialog box. In the drop down menu, you will need to specify the game you are editing for. If more than one is required, just pick the first one to set up. Then, tell GtkRadiant where you have the game installed. For most games, you will want to point the location to either the root of your game installation directory eg. Click the OK button to proceed. The game selection dialog now appears.

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