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A utility called Dynamic Map Authoring enables authors and users of maps within associated applications to tinker with maps in Realtime. Authoring enables users to organise the map data, changing the look and feel, and setting levels of interactivity of maps and design data. Symbols are attached to map features, map layers are organised and display settings are preset. Each map layer is described with its' display attributes. The interface to the MapGuide Server is also attached, so that it can be accessed by the MapGuide Author or Viewer whenever it needs to view the spatial data.

The aim of MapGuide is to enable users to publish and manage interactive maps without having to use technical specialists. This list alone emphasises the vast amount of data that can, theoretically, accompany an intelligent map. MapGuide's Spatial Data Provider is a direct access tool for extracting spatially defined data directly from the above sources, saving users the time and expense of data conversion.

MapGuide 6 So what is new in MapGuide 6? Dynamic Map Authoring has extended its' features to enable authors to dynamically generate new maps, as well as working on existing maps.

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Enhanced Symbol Support enables users to create their own symbols using their own rsater images, or modify existing symbol files SMB with a new Symbol Manager. This enables users to control the symbol's insertion point, load TrueType font libraries as symbols, control foreground and background colouring and so on. This enables users to produce better looking and more effective maps.

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MWX is a logical structure of a MapGuide map, arrnaged so that the developer can understand the heirarchy of the map componants and how they relate to each other. Using XML parsing tools, developers can dynamically generate maps that were initially set using MapGuide Author during application runtime.

An example of this is where developers could reset map layer definition properties in the field including the 'SQL Where Clause' to produce another view on the maps. It also allows information to be used form one map to another, using pop-up menus, map extents, layer properties and so on. Maps are stored as XML in databases.

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