How to enlarge comment box in excel for mac

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Add a reply: Click Reply at the bottom of the comment, type your reply, then click Done. You can reply as many times as you like. Edit your reply: Move the pointer over the timestamp to the right of your name for the reply you want to edit. When the down arrow appears, click it, then choose Edit Reply.

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Make your changes then click Done. When the down arrow appears, click it, then choose Delete Reply. Click the comment marker or move the pointer over the highlighted text , then click Delete at the bottom of the conversation. Click in the toolbar , then choose either Show Comments or Hide Comments. Add, edit, or delete a comment You can edit and delete your own comments and replies.

Click General. Click the Text Size pop-up menu, then choose a size. The first icon on the far left is the New Comment button. Click on it and a new comment box will appear in the currently selected cell. To do that, click and drag one of the handles on the corners or sides of the comment box. By default, there is no formatting on a comment, but what if you want to change the font or increase the size of the text?

To format a comment, you first click on the cell and then click Edit Comment. Then you right-click anywhere inside the comment and choose Format Comment. You are now free to make your comments look as ugly or beautiful as you like.

By default, the comment box is a rectangle, but you can actually change the shape of the comment. Instead you have to add the shape button to the quick access toolbar.

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Now you need to click on Quick Access Toolbar on the left hand side first. To change the shape of the comment, click on the cell and click Edit Comment first. Next, go to the other cell, right-click and choose Paste Special. Select Comments from the list and only the comments will be inserted into the new cell.

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Anything else currently residing in the cell will remain the same. You can change this by going to File , clicking on Options and then clicking on General. You can leave it blank if you want nothing to appear in the comment or change it to whatever text you like. This will appear at the top of all comments by default. Lastly, what if you want to hide those little red triangles from the top of the cells blocks even if a comment does exist? Go to File , Options and then Advanced.

Click Print to see the output preview, confirm to print worksheet with comments in this format.

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Then save the comments setting and click OK to print. This article was helpful.

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Your email address will not be published. Post Comment. Home office How to Print an Excel Worksheet with Comments If your worksheet contains any import comments and you want to print them, just follow the article to learn how to print worksheet with comments in two ways. Step 1: Show comments in worksheet you need to print Step 2: Change the overlapping comment position and size Step 3: Choose a way to print comments in worksheet Step 1: Show the comments you need to print comment After selecting worksheet you need to print in workbook, if you cannot find the comment in the sheet, please show the comments out you want to print at first.

Step 3: Print Worksheet with comments in Excel Now when the comments you want to print have shown on the worksheet, it is time to choose a way to print them you like.