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This world truly is unique! Download Lunar Lakes here. Lucky Palms is a town ready for rest and relaxation. New content, stories, and sims are included as well. Great for casinos! Download Lucky Palms here.

Sunlit Tides is a great town for vacations. With waterfront homes, new objects, sims, and stories, this is a great town to have. This is the place to relax! Download Sunlit Tides here. Monte Vista is a quiet little town that's full of charm. Centered on cooking and art, it is a great place to call home. This town has great museums, too!

Download Monte Vista here.

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Aurora Skies is a town with a lot of scenery and nature. It also has a multi-colored night sky to enjoy. Great for families! Download Aurora Skies here. Dragon Valley is a town full of fantasy that adds dragonlings to the mix. Included in the Gold Edition are red dragons, green dragons, and purple dragons. There are some great new sims and stories to be played in this town, too, as its denizens must decide between tradition and progress. Download Dragon Valley here.

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Midnight Hollow is a dark town where creativity comes to life. It has a Victorian theme to it. Download Midnight Hollow here.

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Roaring Heights is a town for those living in the fast lane. It comes with a cool Fixer-Upper Car that you can repair, customize, and then drive. This town seems to have an oldies theme to it, with the hair styles, clothing, and houses. On the website, it recommends that you get the Boardwalk premium content with it, which includes a roller coaster. Download Roaring Heights here.

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All these new worlds offer new stories and new in-game characters that make them worth playing. Your data will be processed in territories which may not provide the same level of protection for data as your country of residence.

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