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Dates are pretty straightforward, they store a year, month, and day as a number. However, when we retrieve this number it is put in the human readable format listed above. Time is exactly like DATE , but it also includes hours, minutes, and seconds sometimes milliseconds. An INT stores a number no bigger than 2,,, However, one thing an INT cannot do is store a partial numbers.

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For example, if we try to store 0. For example, if we tried to store a 0. However, if we tried to store 0. CHAR is meant to store human readable text. It leaves it literally as it is. In SQL there are a lot of datatypes, however, some you may never need to use. One way SQL is a bit different than a spreadsheet is it wants to know ahead of time the size it needs to make the field. This will mainly impact us when dealing with CHAR.

In short, a CHAR field will always be full. There is another type of character field which allows you to put more or less data than was decided at the beginning.

Installing MySQL on Mac OS X

It will allow you to store up to 65, characters on MySQL. This is around 3 pages of text. Why have CHAR at all? Well, usually, but not always. The maximum size of the data a human will try to stuff in the field is important to the SQL program, as it tries to store data in such a way it minimizes space used and maximizes efficiency in retrieving the data. In short, CHAR has a few advantages for your database.

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And take Social Security Numbers, if your database has to store these data then it should probably be a CHAR as these data have historically been 9 characters 11 if you include dashes. Mac OS X has a great design and a lot of tasks are really easy to do.

Unfortunately if you want to have MySQL server installed on your Mac this is not always as simple as everything else. In many cases you do not. This happens from the built-in wizard when IncoPOS is started for the first time. You can download IncoPOS from here. These steps were tested with MySQL server version 5.

Please download and install version 5.

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If for some reason the installer is no longer available on the MySQL web site you can download it from here. Click on it to open the MySQL server preferences.

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  • How to Install MySQL on macOS!
  • Now comes the tricky part. By default MySQL server installs without password and does not restrict access to the information on it. For the next part you need to open the Terminal app. In the Terminal screen, type these commands and press Enter after each one of them:.

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    This command will ask for your computer password. Press Enter when finished. This will start a script which will ask you several questions and then reconfigure MySQL. Select Y and press Enter. Re-enter the password and press Enter again. Here you have to decide.