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Step 1: go to font book and select 'All Fonts' in the Collection column and all your fonts should show up in the Font column.

Photoshop CS5 and CS5 Extended

Step 2: highlight all your fonts in the font column and then hold down the command key as you deselect the few fonts your going to keep I kept Arial, Arial Black, Arial narrow, Ballantines bold, light, regular, demibold , Courier, Geneva, Helvetica, Helvetica neue, Lucida Grande, Monaco. This way your computer has some fonts to use since your about to remove the rest. Step 3: go to the file menu and choose 'Remove Fonts' have patience as it may take a few for the computer to delete them Finally: restart your computer or just leave it on like I did and open photoshop cs5 and your text tool shouldn't crash your system.

Just add the fonts u want to use now or as time goes by. I had over Pros: Haven't experienced the update.

With clever new features and 64-bit operation, the impossible is quicker than ever

Cons: Adobe photoshop inability to handle hella fonts More. Sorry I dit the Beware the I just did it and the Marquee tool and Type tool have stopped working - this is only affecting files in one folder.

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I have a lot of client files I was working on earlier and I got a prompt for the Updater while opening a file with text in it images too. After I performed the Update, the files in this one folder started acting this way. Other files from other folders with text in them seem OK. I'm frustrated and angry.

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  4. Time is money and I'm losing both quickly. What do you think about Adobe Photoshop CS5 update? Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave.

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    Learn more. Softonic review Photoshop has been the industry leading image editing suite for years. Security vulnerabilities have also been addressed. When removing an image element, Content-Aware replaces the missing pixels as if having a subject walk off camera for the second shot. After a few seconds of processing, Photoshop seamlessly fills the foreground subject with the entire background.

    This new feature matches tone, lighting, and noise and makes the image appear like an original photograph as if the deleted content never existed. Seamlessly blending the background where a section of the image was removed, Content-Aware Fill completes the process within a few seconds Mixer Brush and Bristle Easily take your imagery and designs in new artistic directions with natural and realistic painting effects.

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    The new Mixer Brush lets you define multiple colors on a single tip to paint with subtle color blends, or you can use a dry brush to blend a photo's colors to create a beautiful painting. New Bristle Tips enable you to easily paint with lifelike, naturally textured brush strokes using defined bristle properties like shape, length, and stiffness, and you can experiment away by adding Bristle Tips to a variety of Photoshop brushes. Puppet Warp This tool will speed up the process of all those GIF-based animations that have been populating the web.


    Puppet Warp will reposition a section of the image simply by setting anchor points and manipulating the section of the image from point-a to point-b. Now you can animate a single image of someone waving or a car driving from one side of the screen to the other, simply by setting the points and using the Move tool to move around the image. Puppet Warp seamlessly moves elements within a pic by placing anchor points Camera Raw 6 One of the powerful tools is Photoshop's ability to nondestructively process raw images from a camera. Camera Raw 6 now supports over camera models and has a host of improved tools and finer control for detail, sharpening, noise reduction and vignetting.

    You can now add grain to a raw digital photo to give it a more vintage film look, or preserve color and detail while reducing noise from consumer-grade, high ISO images or even iPhones. Improved raw conversion is now possible with new demosaicing and Post-crop vignetting gets an upgrade with the new Highlight Priority tool for reproducing vignetting effects. High Dynamic Range imaging HDR is the process of taking multiple exposures, usually of a single subject and combing it together in a single image.

    When out in the field or in a studio, the camera is mounted on a tripod and you would take a series of photos, each one with a different exposure. At each exposure, different elements of the subject will be highlighted to give an effect.

    What Makes Photoshop So Expensive?

    A car in the foreground may have more detail than the sky in the background, therefore a separate exposure will be needed for the background. By taking more than one photo using different exposures, a variety of images will appear. The effect is in how much you under-expose and over-expose the images before merging them together for a photorealistic or surrealistic image.

    After merging together a series of photos, more detail will appear in the highlights and a wider range of tones will be visible than from taking only one photo of the subject. The new HDR Pro window With the new HDR Pro tool, Adobe has added features including the ability to erase ghost artifacts that appear when there is a slight shifting of image elements between captures. Just use the new "Remove Ghosting" checkbox, and the problem is solved. You also have more control with tone mapping and adjustments and the ability to immerse viewers for spherical HDR panoramas.

    With Adobe Photoshop CS5 now shipping, Alex Singleton sees if photographers should upgrade.

    Objects can be extruded, twisted, beveled or inflated, and you can apply a wide variety of surface textures like glass, chrome, moss, and different types of stone and wood. And as in most common 3D applications, you can pivot the object on the axis. Now you have a 3D object within Photoshop that you can edit using all the 3D and 2D tools available, including animating. Adobe has expanded its 3D capabilities and included a wide range of powerful new tools. As a longtime user of Newtek's LightWave 3D, I came away impressed that Photoshop is not only the dominant photo-editor, but a remarkable 3D program.

    One improvement that is not a visible tool is the increased speed and support for OpenGL and the new Adobe Ray Tracer. Revealed a couple of years ago as an in-development technological improvement, Adobe Ray Tracer enhances 3D object manipulation and speeds up rendering, which is especially useful when adding lights and textures to a 3D scene. The 3D Axis tool is now context sensitive for smoother control over objects, lights and individual meshes. When working within a scene, there is now the ability to modify the range for depth of field by adjusting the focal length, animating objects coming into frame with the camera focusing on the primary object.

    There is even support for HDR images to light the 3D scene. In the Scene, different levels of quality can be selected for each stage of the project you are in. For example, to save system resources you can select "Interactive" or different levels of wireframe for quicker redraw time, then when ready for the final render you select between two Ray Traced settings.

    Mac App Adobe Photoshop CS5

    There is even a customizable render setting for specific needs. Photoshop Extended has also improved the Diffuse, Shadow and targeting for individual lights. CS Review The new CS Review feature allows you to share comments and reviews with clients online for a more streamlined workflow. By writing reviews for works-in-progress, you can share these documents with clients and collaborators without leaving Photoshop CS5 Extended, thereby speeding up the workflow.

    Get feedback from a different time zone within Photoshop CS5 Extended, as the text of the review appears with the image. Clicking a specific comment, it takes you to the section of the project it references.