Alternative to itunes for mac 10.4.11

BitPerfect Commercial, Apple. Great if you want a simple and cheap solution while still using iTunes. Now supports up-sampling and DSD playback. A multi-media player that also supports Youtube. The commercial version is required to be able to save Youtube videos and stream to Airplay devices. An up-sampling or re-sampling music player that allows the user to choose numerous algorithms and even DSD conversion and network transmission, potentially allowing for improved sound quality from DACs with good hardware but poor or no ie: non-oversampling digital filter implementations.

Based upon Pure Vinyl and using its own playback engine, like Amarra, integrates with iTunes, running in a window alongside and can re-sample music on the fly. Unlike Amarra, it requires iTunes to be running to select tracks, but offers a considerable slew of other options. With the software installed on computers, including Raspberry Pi and similar, it can play music from the server to any device on your network, including multiple devices separately at the same time, and be controlled by any of them too. Designed to entirely replace iTunes, including iDevice sync support.

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It has, among other features Last. A multimedia client which plays back most audio and video formats and also supports streaming and other features. While it has maintained its simple player interface, the features have grown this player into something interesting to audiophiles with automatic sample rate switching, device hog mode, neat playback features such as auto-crossfade between songs, LastFM and Soundcloud support, autoload from folder and a bunch of other features worth checking out.

The makers are now offering a service allowing to upload and stream your music, as well as sync it with Vox on your iPhone. Last edited: Feb 26, Feb 15, at AM. Post 2 of Joined: Mar 4, Location: San Francisco Bay Area. Posts: 2, Likes: Until I can afford that set-up, I will investigate these options further. Thanks, Currawong! Stay updated on Drop at their sponsor page on Head-Fi. Post 3 of Joined: Jul 8, Posts: 4, Currawong, this thread is insanely helpful! Post 4 of Joined: Nov 1, Posts: 11, Great idea for a thread, thanks and subscribed.

Post 5 of Joined: Jan 2, Posts: I don't mean to seem stupid, but I don't completely understand the differences between them. What's best to output lossless? I don't really know what 'filters' are either I'm embaressed to say. Also, do the equilizers make a big difference?

Any feedback would be great, and thanks for the post! Super helpful regardless! Post 6 of Joined: Jan 19, I am aware that when it comes to Windows, there is a kmixer driver, so we typically would use the program Foobar to bypass that driver. For Mac OS X, there is no kmixer, but there is "com. Does iTunes use this driver? Is there anything wrong with this driver like the kmixer? Post 7 of Joined: Jan 1, Posts: 7, Any suggestions from anyone out there oh and by the way I'm a Windows user.

Post 8 of I just realised before reading the replies that I'll have to write a second article just on setting up these programs, though they all come with instructions in some form or another. In iTunes, there is, for example, a band equalizer. However, that doesn't cover the entire audible spectrum very well. However there is a system EQ that can be accessed in any program that can call it. In Vox, the second button from the left on the controller window opens the effects window.

Clicking on "Add" pops up a menu under which is an "Apple" sub-menu with a list of AUwhatever filters. AUGraphicEQ is the one you want. You can draw curves with it by holding down the control key and literally drawing a curve, the sliders jumping to the mouse location as it passes over. In Fedelia, the main window has three menus below the playback controls where effects can be added.

I'm not sure that there is anything wrong with CoreAudio as such, especially as over the years Apple has improved it. However it may not be set up to get the highest fidelity out of the system. This is really a question we'd have to ask of someone who was writing one of these programs as to what CoreAudio could do better. Post 9 of Joined: Jun 2, Post 10 of Joined: Aug 12, I absolutely adore Decibel.

Today it wouldn't random correctly and many songs on albums are missing and albums split into many same albums with a part of the songs. I have no idea how that happened as I not update anymore. Itunes just sucks and I am afraid there is no alternative. VOX is just not right, no correct display and quite basic. Not know what to do. Great to find alternatives to iTunes, however a sad state of affairs that few tell you before downloading that old "problem" that it's not compatible with anything before V I cam to your article because I was using iTunes and it kept trying to connect to the iTunes store, but my computer is not online so it couldn't do it.

So then it left me with a message that it couldn't connect to iTunes store and then stopped working. It simply sat there and wouldn't respond to any buttons at all. It was never a great program, now it is just unusable. My 2 playlists have simply lost a couple albums. I have NO idea where they went. But I see them If I dig deep enough into that cumbersome interface. Over the past couple of days As of a few minutes ago songs 14 thru 91 are gone. What's happening? I also keep podcasts and movies in iTunes. Are the any alternatives that will handle everything?

Apple's software is often criticized because of its difficulty of use, lack of some interesting functions, or the time it takes to perform the actions that are requested. It is by this that in this article UFUShare bring you the top 3 best alternatives to iTunes , so you can choose the best program according to the needs and how you use it.

I've just about given up on iTunes. I'm on a hour Zurich-to-Los Angeles flight, and I can't play any of my music on my iPad now, and very little on my iPhone. Or lose all my passwords in the chain. Then I didn't start iTunes while connected to the Internet so that Apple could "authenticate" my ownership of the music.

Mind you, this for about songs ripped from my own CDs, and or so purchased from Apple. Who knows what the problem is on the iPhone. I did think to play a few bars of one of my songs while connected. But now my playlists seem to ONLY have the purchased songs available. The songs ripped from my CDs are not there! Yikes, that sounds frustrating. Sorry to hear, Allen! So if you've given up on iTunes, which alternative have you switched to? Or have you switched at all? Hi Denis! First of all, thanks a lot, for the time, dedication and for sharing all this info with the world.

Dennis I'm a music lover and for me to keep my music perfectly organized is a question of need and passion. I have a big amount of files My problem is iTunes is giving me constant errors when importimg new albums to my library. An example of this is: albums separated in two, without any apparent reason. I am very careful when I edit the data of each album in the info window.

I like to have all the information for each one of them, and the error factor when I do this is basically zero.

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  8. I try to fix this by selecting all the tracks and editing the information of all of them together but it keep showing the albums separated; even when if you go to the HD and check out the location of the files in the iTunes media folder they are all in one folder organized by artist as you could expected.

    Another example is: tracks duplicated and separated from its original album. One more time, only in the iTunes window, not in the iTunes media folder where they are perfectly stored. This is driving crazy man And one more time thanks a lots. When you import tracks, drag them into a playlist and work from there instead of tracking stuff down in the main library.

    All the tracks will be in one place and easily editable. Daniel: yes, similar issues; and my collection is a bit large as well. I am going to continue to look, as iTunes, in my book is beyond juvenile and useless! Good Luck! Dennis Thank you for your help. Yet as a novice how do I get into the metadata editor? Thanks in anticipation. Have all of my music on Google Drive. Tomahawk does not support Google Drive. Neither does Vox, Nightingale or Quod Libet. There's no mention of the awfulness of the Vox app.

    Why is that? Requiring users to sign up for the Loop service in order to use Vox prevents even the least evaluation of that software. What's sketchy about all this is that there's no documentation of these things on the Vox site. You learn about it only after download and running the program.

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    Quicktime player downloaden for mac

    That Vox requires you to upload music is bad in so many ways. It's bandwidth hogging and by default would delete music on a Mac on upload. Vox could wipe out your local library if you do what it asks of you at installation. Perhaps they have changed the install since your comment, but I was able to install and use Vox without signing up for Loop.

    It's not super-obvious, but on the stage of the install process where it asks you to register for Loop, there is a "Skip" button. I clicked this and got Vox installed and running without any interaction with Loop.

    10 Ways Mac OS is just BETTER

    So far Vox seems decent enough, though you should be aware that Vox does not have it's own music library, so if you don't use Loop, Vox will be working with your iTunes library. I have an extensive music collection over Gb, so far and I've been using iTunes for a long time. I do not download any music from the iTunes store. My music is copied from my CD collection.

    The problem is that iTunes only seems to store my music on my computer. I have everything copied to an external hard drive and would rather use that for storage and playback, rather than sacrifice space on my computer's hard drive. Any solutions out there? The easy thing you can do is go into the iTunes preferences and then to the advanced tab. From there you can select where you want the iTunes library to be. This is the location where it'll store any info about your library and the album artwork.

    If you uncheck "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library" it will just link to the files where they were original located before you added them, i. If you like the way that iTunes organizes your files you can always switch the location of your library to your external and then when you add files it will just add them there. I hope this helps. If you just want to start fresh with a new library hold down option while you click on the dock icon to open the app and a dialogue will open allowing you to start a new library wherever you like.

    As someone with a nearly 2TB music collection I understand the need to run it off of an external source. I'm attempting to arrange a similar setup. When I try to playback the files using iTunes as my music manager, iTunes automatically copies the tracks, converting to ACC, I assume? I don't want to duplicate my music library, either on my local HD or on my external HD, nor do I want iTunes to "possess" my music and make it unavailable to me outside of iTunes.

    No, it's just making exact copies. Go into your iTunes Preferences go to the Advanced tab and uncheck "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library". Thank you, Dennis! I made the change to preferences. Then attached my external drive, and selected an album to play via iTunes via Add to Library.

    It started playing right away. All seems great! Stopped playback, ejected the external drive, closed and reopened iTunes. The album and song titles are still listed that threw me but the song files are not on my local drive! That was easy! What I hate most about itunes is its lack of filing.

    iTunes 9.0.1 Available for Mac OS X, Windows

    I may be dumb or simplistic but no one including Apple has been able to explain how to file my music by Artist - period. Whenever you have an album of duets, tribute to, or again a cd of Grammy Award Nominees they are all over your library. If there is a reason for that or a work around I'm all ears. Yeah theres an easy fix. Select all the songs on an album and then right click and select get info.


    Then in the metadata editor where it says album artist Type in the main artist. This will group all the tracks together under a single artist while still keeping the original artist intact. Artist feat Other Person. Only problem with doing it that way is that it places the files in a separate "Compilations" folder, and in your library puts the album down at the bottom under the compilations section rather than just the main artist. I use all Apple devices, but am so aggravated with iTunes messing up my music with its many flaws. Either my Last Date Played or Play Count gets messed up, or songs go missing or Apple released yet another iTunes update that messes everything up.

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    I am looking at Tomahawk right now. How does one get the amazon plugin? I don't see any info whatsoever on their website or in the app. For me, personally, the best feature of Clementine is that it allows you to manage your library the way YOU want, based on its almos unique at least for mac apps folder-based option. I hate it when you have to follow the criteria programs impose on you I don't always want to see my music organized by album or artist or whatever, but prefer to organize it myself into folders.

    This also allows me to keep files that don't always come with all the meta info software would need to label it properly. It's a shame Clementine is so ugly, but hell does it give you back some degree of controll over your own files. This is a feature I always missed since I totally migrated to mac, and that was present in the normally so-maligned Windows Media Player in its newer iterations.

    Very good point regarding organization, Andres! I have a hard time getting over Clementine's aesthetics, but you're absolutely right that it packs a punch with what it offers. That, and having two computers, both Apple, an iMac and a MacBook Pro makes sense to keep iTunes and not to try something else. Absolutely, zeira! If iTunes works for you, keep using it. To be honest, I still use iTunes but only for my podcast management.

    Trouble is it isn't working any more! I have had a Mac desktop for over 25 years, an iPhone since they first came out iPod previously and an iPad for 5 years.

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    At the beginning they all worked really well together now with continual updates I seem to have less and less space on my devices even though I haven't added anything!