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13 Tools For Time-Tracking on Mac

If you have an office with a few iMacs for work, you should consider getting Clockify — it comes with no limits. There are times when you want to not just track time but schedule how you spend it. Timely is the best way to do both. It packs enough features for planning your tasks ahead and tracking where you spend your daily time.

It should be noted that Timely works automatically — from suggesting you the project names to adding the entries, everything is as per schedule. The UI of Timely does not have anything fancy to offer. Everything has been kept as minimal as possible.

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The UI even resembles that of Timing, another automatic time-tracking app we listed above. You can go through the different tabs to explore different sections of tracking. In Timely, everything is synced with the server and your team. It can really help when it comes to team-based project management. Thanks to the power of AI, Timely can track even the slightest activities that you are doing inside each app.

Who is it for : If you want to improve the accuracy of time-tracking, enable scheduling and make things better altogether, Timely is a great option for you. However, you are getting a fully-fledged macOS client.

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Depending on what exactly you are looking for, you can pick one from the above options. If you happen to be a busy freelancer, the choice is pretty easy, since you can go for Toggl. All these apps can offer standard time tracking features on macOS.

Mac Time Tracker

Nevertheless, we recommend picking one that suits your requirements. But when he's not writing about technology, he is interested in Food and pop culture. You may also like.

Best Time Tracking Apps for Mac

July 20, July 19, July 18, Best 8bit Music Maker Apps to Recreate the July 17, July 16, July 15, I work in a company that's pretty anal about tracking time on projects down to minutes and this makes it a little more bearable. Creates really easy invoices for your clients and the web UX is excellent. I have been happily using Paymo for a couple of years or so. I like the look of hr like other people have suggested. I'll have to try that out. Personally I use Harvest because the time tracking is good enough but the invoicing makes my life easy for freelancing.

Tictoc is pretty nice. I use Toggl , but TimelyApp does look good too. It hardly ever gets updated and doesn't look sexy, but it gets the job done and it does work on Yosemite. Hours is excellent. The app also makes great use of iOS 8 widgets by letting you start and stop timers right from the widget. EDIT: Apologies! This doesn't fulfill your request for an OSX app, but Hours is still recommended.

If it helps at all, I have a dock for my iPhone that I use while at my desk. Hours is a helpful companion.


How will you manage an invoice that lists multiple workers? A few of the best time tracking apps have plenty of options to help guide you through these questions and others. Time tracking apps can have more functionality, too. Some are adept at handling multiple currencies, for example. Others have billing and invoicing tools built right into the app. Some offer expense tracking in addition to time tracking, letting you easily note supplies you buy, miles you drive, and other reimbursable expenses.

Not every freelancer or small business needs all these features, however. You don't want to end up paying for features you don't use. That's why it's important to consider what each app has to offer and find the right fit for your business. Here, we focus specifically on time tracking apps for freelancers and small businesses. We don't consider employee monitoring software, which often includes some kind of time tracking. Employee monitoring tools are better suited for organizations that need to keep a close eye on when employees clock in and out and whether they are working the whole time they say they are.

That's generally beyond the scope of a freelancer or small business. Additionally, we don't include project management apps that come with an add-on or built-in time tracker. While time tracking clocks can be extremely advantageous inside a project management app, we assume that if that's what you need, you're likely shopping for a project management app , not a standalone time tracking app.

But for those freelancers and small business owners who need help tracking time, here are the best time tracking apps, listed alphabetically. Everhour is an online-only time tracker and lightweight scheduling app that syncs with productivity apps you may already use. When you connect Everhour to a supported app, such as Asana, all the projects you've created in Asana show up as projects in Everhour.

In that way, the work of setting up Everhour to reflect all your projects gets done for you automatically. You can get to recording your time on task much faster. The syncing aspect goes one step further to add a timer button inside the web-based app of your choice, allowing you to start and stop recording time from within the app. While having a timer button sync from the app of your choice an excellent feature, it's not unique to Everhour.

How I Use Timing to Monitor My Mac Productivity

Toggl, FreshBooks, and a few other apps offer it, too. When used collaboratively, Everhour can track employee availability. For each team member, including yourself, you can enter a maximum number of hours per day or week to work on a particular project. Everhour also has an option to log scheduled time off.

You can then look at the team's schedule, and you'll see available hours by day in green, time off as gray, and sessions that went overtime in red. Everhour does not have any mobile apps, and the web timer doesn't work offline, making it difficult to track time in certain circumstances. And while Everhour has an included invoicing system, it's fairly lightweight. If you choose Everhour and have invoicing needs, you'll want to explore its integration with more robust accounting apps, namely FreshBooks, QuickBooks, and Xero. FreshBooks is better known as accounting software, but every tier of service it sells comes with a time tracking app.

This time-tracking app is full-featured software—not some afterthought—with the ability to add details to sessions tracked and generate reports that show how you spend your working hours. FreshBooks also includes thorough support for collaborative team use. When you start a task, you have a few options for how to track time spent on it. Having a range of options gives you flexibility. For example, if you have a meeting where it might be rude to open your laptop, say a luncheon, you can still track time with the client politely using the mobile app.

If you use the web app, the running clock follows you from page to page, but it's collapsible so that it doesn't get in the way. While FreshBooks lets you connect to plenty of other apps, you can create even more FreshBooks integrations via Zapier. Expense tracking and integrated invoicing are two more reasons to choose FreshBooks.

When you tell the app to automatically add up the hours you've worked and create invoices, you can have FreshBooks tack on any expenses you've incurred, too. When your clients receive their bills, they can opt to pay you via FreshBooks easily and simply. If they do, FreshBooks will track that income as well, giving you more insight into the financial health of your business.

Pick FreshBooks as your time tracking app if you're also in need of software to help you run your business. Or, if you already use FreshBooks, give the time tracking tools a try. Among the best time tracking apps, Harvest is a top option for teams. Don't get me wrong. It's a stellar option for solo entrepreneurs, too.

But it's built to handle a collaborative workload in a way that's clear and easy to understand. If tracking and organizing a team's time isn't your strong suit, then Harvest is a great app to help you get the job done. Everyone on your team can install and use as many instances of Harvest as they like, including the desktop app, mobile app, and browser extension.

The apps work offline, allowing you and your teammates to record time on task no matter where you are. As team members run their personal timekeeping clocks, all the information flows into the administrator's Harvest account, where it's presented in both summary and detail. Harvest can automatically remind team members to submit their timesheets if you like, and the business owner always has the capability to edit, review, and approve team timesheets.

Additionally, Harvest integrates with a long list of apps. Some of the supported apps let you track your working hours directly from them Asana, Basecamp, Slack, Trello, to name a few and send the results to Harvest. Others are for invoicing and accounting, in case you choose not to use Harvest's own invoicing tools. Harvest also has its own employee scheduling app called Forecast sold separately that tightly integrates with the core app.

If you need to connect Harvest to a tool that isn't supported natively, you can make your own Harvest integrations using Zapier. If you need to manage a team's hours worked but you also need to run your business and focus on tasks where you excel, Harvest is an ideal time tracking app. It doesn't require any special knowledge to get started; the app makes tracking your team's time simple.

HourStack is a collaborative time tracking tool that looks different from many other time tracking apps. It shows time in blocks, as if the time it takes you to work on a task were an event on your calendar. It's not the only app that lays out your time in this fashion Timeneye does it, too , but it does emphasize planning your time before you start working more than other apps. For example, you can allocate blocks of time on your calendar for tasks you intend to work on later in the week.

You can indicate that you think the task will take one hour, or that you want to spend no more than an hour on it. Once you launch the timer, HourStack will keep an eye on the clock for you to help you stay within the expectations you set. As with other time tracking apps, HourStack lets you create projects and tasks, which you can visualize using color-coding.