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You have to install smart pss as a windows program. To install a program you need to have admin access in Windows. I recently upgraded to Smart PSS 1. However, before the program loads I see a dialog box which reads:Challenge. Please insert a disk into drive I:. If I click on Cancel a couple of times the program starts normally and runs as expected. Furthermore, there is no drive I: on my computer Windows 10 bit. How can I eliminate the error message? However, on my current client, every time I try to login remotely, it either times out or the admin user of the ADT hybrid NVR is immediately locked out and requires a power cycle to work again.

Any theories? Admin rights for client PCs are the death sentence for IT security. So please fix this soon, tnx very much. Only at the time of installation do you need to have admin rights, like you do for any application. Once installed, anyone with non-admin rights can use the program. Hi Team i need help with confrontations, i have two site, both the site has same camera and software install, i have smart pss install in one of my main computer but i cant view another site live feeds on my main computer, i have tried to configure using exact IP address and other details.

Please email your reply at asasenterprise outlook. I have two cameras that won't "zoom out. I just installed this software. It does ask for the administrator's credentials whenever I try to run it. I am having the same problem. I installed it as an administrator and logged in the first time with administrator rights to configure it. Now I would like to run it with a non-Admin user account but it requires an Administrator's credentials. That doesn't really solve the problem. The issue is that the program requires a System Administrator password before it will even run. More specifically, the User Account Control dialog box comes up with the following prompt: "Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?

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To continue, type an administrator password, and then click Yes. Every new program installed on a client computer must be installed by the administrator.

Smart PSS System Setup

It is a normal part of windows security. Are you getting this prompt every time you run the program? If so, provide the windows version you are using. I have a weird issue. I can access my camera's at my stores remotely and view live video. But the live video on the 4 cameras at my store freeze after about 10 seconds. When I use my iPhone and the mobile software from Dahua to remotely view the live video from the 4 cameras at my store, it works with no freezing. Any suggestions on why the remote live video freezes on my iMac? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

The mobile apps are programmed to pull the Extra Stream by default so there is less network utilization. Your upload bandwidth at on your internet connection is probably unable to keep up with the requirements to serve 4 main streams. Take a look at the attached pictures if you don't understand what main vs extra stream is. Here are quick snapshots of what main stream and extra stream are. Original video has been blurred intentionally. Thanks for the reply Would that solve my issue? Really appreciate your help! Motion detect recording in smart pss is not working properly.

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When i setup one ip camera to record on motion smart pss work great, but when i add one more camera it record both camera at same time - for example when first camera detect motion smart pss record both cameras channels. Why is that happening? We have the same problem. We are using Windows 7 64bits Profesional, every time the program starts requests administrtor credentials.

You only will see this warning window if try to launch the program with a restricted user account. When you change routers or ISP, you will need to do port forwarding again on your router to allow traffic from your phone to come through your router's firewall and in to the DVR. For further assistance with networking, you can contact your internet service provider with port forwarding. Watanabe and OFP-bs are correct.

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This should not be. A properly designed application should run from any account, administrator or non-administrator. I see there was some confusion about this point. The error I get when I run Smart PSS from a Windows non-administrator account is:Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer? We test every product we sell to make sure it is worthy of our name, as we stand behind all the products we sell.

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Our experts take pride in the work we do and the products we sell. We always welcome customer questions, so feel free to contact us. All prices are in USD. All Rights Reserved.

Search: Search. You have no items in your shopping cart. Account Blog. To provide support we require purchase verification. If you didn't purchase from CCTV Camera World, please contact the company you purchased from for assistance with your system. How to use two-way talk in SmartPSS. Steve Roman January 16, at am.

Dave O March 30, at am. Baker Man April 4, at pm. Lauri Bell April 29, at pm. Standalone DVRs. LTS Platinum, Hikvision. U niview. For every mention of "activeX controls", set your selection to "enable. You can view up to 16 cameras simultaneously using IE. One-time setup, then enjoy one-click access to all your cameras and servers. To view the CMS Client software demo, please contact us at x1 for Sales, or email info edigitaldeals.

Dahua SmartPSS 2.02.9

The software is part of our latest software bundle available on the Downloads page. Google Android. For every mention of "activeX controls", set your selection to "prompt" or "enable. Safari can be used on Mac-based systems. Right-click on any camera and select "Master Stream" to view it in HD. Digital zoom-in to 4x using a remote computer or mobile client. You may also use SuperLivePlus. Or SuperLivePlus. Watch LuxRiot video tutorials on YouTube.

Dhaua SmartPSS for Mac OS

View multiple cameras at once across multiple servers, audio monitoring, remote recording, and more. View multiple cameras at once across multiple servers , audio monitoring, remote recording, and more. Mobile Demo is available once you download the apps:. Please proceed anyway despite the invalid security license. ST VMS: channel monitoring, channel playback, multilingual support. Android : Vivotek Viewer.

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To zoom in or out on Safari, once you see the camera, hold down the Command button and scroll up or down with your mouse. To zoom in or out on Firefox, Chrome, or Opera, once you see the camera hold down the Control button and scroll up or down with your mouse. IP: Username: admin Password: Media Port: for mobile app only. There are no other browsers supported at this time except for Google Chrome with the IE-Tab extension.

Mobile port is Web port is Android : Mr. Patrol from Google Play.