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With improved Raspberry Pi support and many other bugfixes. With SDL2 support. With official Raspberry Pi support. Fixed build issue from source code. Enabled again wilcard expansion for Windows builds. Added libdeflate support and updated zopfli. Bug fix release, some new games: 'sfiii', 'jojo' and 'warzard', and sample support for games: 'batsugun', 'dogyuun', 'ghox', 'samesame', 'tekipaki', 'vfive' and 'vimana'. The new samples can be downloaded from mediafire. The new roms can be downloaded with this torrent but you'll need a rom tool like AdvanceSCAN to adjust the rom names.

AdvanceMESS v1.

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AdvanceMENU v2. AdvanceCOMP v1. Jakob November 20, , pm. Marty April 25, , pm. Joshua Pierce May 3, , am. Ross McKillop May 3, , am. Alex May 6, , pm. Andrew June 3, , am. Sebastian June 26, , pm. Does street hoop works on macmame?

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Steve June 29, , am. Gyll June 29, , pm. Pigumon July 14, , pm. Mike July 17, , pm. Tom July 21, , pm. Jeff July 21, , pm. KGD July 24, , pm.

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Some ROMS work; others open but display a distorted screen. How can this get corrected? David Yamauchi July 25, , am. For those of you that are missing files- Just a note- some of the ROMS that you are downloading are just versions of games- example- if you download Ms. Mark73 August 2, , am. Also, how do I configure the controls? Thanks folks. Djkam August 4, , am. Please help Thank You spidey. Pleae help!!! IWIN28 August 16, , am. Hope this helps someone…. Soca October 4, , pm. Brett October 16, , pm. Billy November 11, , pm. Cavolo qui mame scatta di bruutto,non capisco come si possa risolvere sta cosa!!!

I am a big fan of the Daytona USA series. Ross McKillop January 16, , pm. Brad February 2, , pm. Any help out there? Thank you! Nick February 10, , pm. Why does it unzip the roms unzip automatucally after download?

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  4. Jonas February 12, , pm. Nick that is your safari, just use firefox or camino.

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    Jazman February 15, , pm. I cant get Neo Geo games to run? Do I need to install a NeoGeo Bios? Tommy July 15, , pm. Hey I got it working too. Nuno August 1, , am.

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    I would like to know how can i install the neo geo bios files in mame osx! Giuseppe August 14, , am. Mike September 28, , pm. Jeffrey December 15, , am. Jimmy January 16, , pm. Gustavo January 18, , am. Colin March 11, , pm. Brown May 10, , pm. Moonwalker June 3, , pm. Leon Fletcher July 16, , am. Josh August 6, , pm.

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    Roland Babris January 9, , pm. KH May 10, , pm. Calvin September 9, , pm. Cheeky October 17, , am. Chad June 17, , am. Its in your users library, which may be hidden. Nick September 17, , am. Tammy December 1, , pm. Gigi December 1, , pm. Jeremy Barton February 18, , pm. Great thanks, but your links take you back to this page ie. Amaterasu March 3, , am. Open terminal 2. Have a gg. Cory April 14, , pm.

    Ian Waller February 12, , pm. Julio February 14, , pm. TheFixer January 2, , pm.

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    CentralCoasting February 8, , pm. Yeah I audited all games but it is still missing files for any game that I chose. Explore more about: Emulation , Mac Game. Your email address will not be published. Beware of this guy's route to play ROMS.. A few of my ROMs are not working I'm the author of QMC2 :.

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    This may change when Qt 5. Hello and thanks for your help developing this. When I follow this tutorial and try to open the qmc2 folder i can't because it says i dont have permissions. Would you assist in this part? If you're looking for a massive ROMs archive, see Archive. After MacMame went outta updates, Mame started to decline for me. I miss it. I think the reason it's so tough to run MAME is the fact that this article is so terribly written! It's unclear and misleading. How so? The reason it's so fiddly is because OS X isn't a popular platform for playing games, so we have to make do with Windows ports and often abandoned software.

    I wasn't meaning to sound rude, I was just frustrated with the instructions. It's been a while so I can't remember exactly but if I recall correctly, the process doesn't work as you describe it in the article. I believe it had something to do with links not working, apps not functioning as described, or the command line stuff failing. Ok, I'm lazy : But it works great on my Mac.