Mac mini or macbook air

Apple's Mac Mini and MacBook Air are both great, but which is better?

MacBook Pro in. Two Thunderbolt 3 ports. Four Thunderbolt 3 ports.

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Retina 4K. Retina 5K. Mac Pro New. Space Gray. Quick Look. Retina display. Retina 4K display. Retina 5K display.

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Up to. Support for up to three 4K displays or one 5K display and one 4K display sold separately.


Support for up to three dual-cable 5K displays or up to six Thunderbolt displays sold separately. Support for up to 12 4K displays, six 5K displays, or six Pro Display XDRs depending on configuration selected displays sold separately.

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Size and Weight. Stereo speakers with high dynamic range. HDMI 2. HDMI 1. Keyboard and Trackpad. Touch Bar with integrated Touch ID sensor. Force Touch trackpad for precise cursor control and pressure-sensing capabilities; enables Force clicks, accelerators, pressure-sensitive drawing, and Multi-Touch gestures. Eight PCI Express expansion slots open slot availability depends on configuration selected. Secure Authentication.

Apple Pay. Video Calling.

Apple Mac mini review

Initiate video calls over Wi-Fi to any FaceTime-enabled device. Audio Calling. Is this new Air like a inch MacBook , just blown up to a slightly bigger size? After all, if you set the latter down next to this new Air, you can barely tell them apart. The comparison that actually matters is to the old MacBook Air. There are a ton of people who have been hanging on to theirs because it was so good and so reliable.

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The Air is unmistakably an entry-level notebook, but one that reviewers generally find rises to the occasion when more intensive tasks are thrown at it. SSD performance is that good.

Desktop deal: Save $ on Apple's latest Mac Mini - CNET

Those kinds of tasks will bring this Air to a chug and spin up those fans. The Air can do everything I want it to in my daily workflow. With all of its upgrades and lower price point to boot, the Air is the clear pick over the inch MacBook in practically every way. The new Air is very clearly the better buy. Still, Apple has placed the MacBook Air back where it spent the first part of this decade: firmly at the center of the Apple laptop universe.

On the outside, the new Mac mini is the exact same size as the existing model, but the new model is Space Gray and includes a larger vent and new ports on the rear. The most intriguing thing about the new mini, however, is the range of configurations available, which is best bracketed by reviews from Jason Snell on Six Colors and Marco Arment on Marco.

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  • Snell, who uses his mini as a home server, says :. Apple provided me with a base-model Mac mini to test, and I transferred the contents of my home server and ran it all weekend.

    Even the base model was dramatically faster than my Mac mini, no surprise there. I admit to weighing the idea of ordering a model with the upgraded Ethernet port, just so I can max out the speed of the connection between my iMac Pro and my server.