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Try Google Chrome? You seem to have a biased opinion.

Run IE on your Mac. No VMs.

I deleted it because it is now dangerous to use, since now it is abandoned software. I have never gotten so many adware and malware on my computer using IE. Like Billy said, it is hard to consider IE a Microsoft product, because Microsoft produces, some pretty darn good software like Microsoft Word, but not very good hardware, unlike Mac. You seem to have a bias opinion.

I have built websites that work in most major browsers and even IE8 and IE9 displays them incorrectly.

How to Install Internet Explorer 9 in OS X

I have to say that Microsoft can make some decent products and some that really promote high productivity, however, the IE family is not one of them. As a web developer, I feel your pain for creating websites for IE, but IE9 has been relatively painless. IE 9 internet exploder still lacks, it does not support a bunch of css 3 yet. I thought it did until I tried some that did not work.

I hope they do bring out ie9 for mac. Trying to hog all the market for themselves again! Yes Safari is available for Windows and QuickTime is an apple software that is available on Windows…. Yes, QT and Safari is available for Windows. However, the applications are no where nearly as efficient nor elegant as on a Mac. Face it, Apple are just crap at making anything good for Windows. MS Office is the most popular software on Mac. I have software that runs in XP and 7 but not Vista. But I guess stuff generally works better in Windows because more people own Windows computers.

IE 9 is horrible… they made it a faster piece of crap. It still has a hard time rendering pages correctly… makes developers want to pull their hair out. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

Internet Explorer 9 64-bit

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December 16, at am. February 2, at am. Dan says:. December 10, at am. Fuku says:. November 28, at am. November 19, at am. Billy says:. November 23, at am. Sally says:. You need to immediately close it after running it. This will let your system log some necessary information. You can easily find the relevant commands over here. As the file gets downloaded completely, run the virtual machine. Install the updates if any and turn on automatic updates if you want to. The Windows desktop will be presented to you along with the version of Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer - Download

You are all set to work with Internet Explorer on your Mac device now. A trick method used for running Internet Explorer on Mac is by doing a little work with a hidden menu in Safari. Follow these steps to use Internet Explorer on your Mac device without virtualization:. In case you need to pretend you are working with Internet Explorer, click on one of the Internet Explorer options. WineBottler is a software that lets you run a lot of Windows-based programs on your Mac device. It does not require you to boot multiple operating systems, nor do you need to spend a large sum on an expensive Windows license.

Download the software here and install it in the usual way. Internet Explorer is offered by default. They will give you an option to download it on the page that you see when you run WineBottler for the first time. The latest available version is Internet Explorer 8. Select, install and save it. Making use of the VMware server virtualization , you can run the Windows operating system on your Mac device, thus helping you test your website on IE easily.

A hypervisor is installed on the physical server. This lets multiple virtual machines VMs to run on the same physical server. Each VM is capable of supporting and running its own operating system OS. Thus, using the software you can run Windows on Mac which means you can test your website on Internet Explorer. The last and the most laborious option is to install Windows on your Mac and run Internet Explorer! It helps the Mac users in properly installing Microsoft Windows on a Mac device.

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  • Once you are done with performing all the steps of installation , simply restart your Mac device to switch between macOS and Windows. A point to be noted here is that - not all of the Mac devices support Windows.

    7 Ways to Test Your Website on Internet Explorer on a Mac Device

    The most fundamental reason why one picks Internet Explorer is that every user of Internet Explorer seeks the ease in using Microsoft IE. But there is more to just ease in access to Microsoft Internet Explorer. Now here are some more advantages that you must take into consideration before using this most commonly used Web Browser, i.

    Internet Explorer. And that is Remote Desktop! Remote Desktop is one such app, which can help you remotely access your Desktop, here, in this case, your MacBook. Using this application, you can use application, access data, and other network resources. And especially for the web developers who need to access varied apps, it becomes difficult for them to access those apps on MAC.

    Since they are supportive on other OS platforms such as Windows it is another challenge for them to choose between them. Here comes the solution or the mid-way to this problem. Winebottler is a software through which one can operate a series of windows based software with are unsupportive on MAC.

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