How to ping in mac yosemite

Also, what if you have a device that was configured with a static IP on another network and then brought to yours and you don't know what it's set to. If you know the MAC address, can you find it on the network and configure it that way? Even if it doesn't respond to a ping, it'll respond to the arp request. The ping is just used to generate the arp request. Pardon my stupidity, but when I type that straight into terminal, I get "-bash: No such file or directory" and when I put it in ultraping.

How do I use your instructions and can I make it into a command line command script? Thanks in advance. I make a mistake in my original post. I have Mac OS X I don't get it. Can anyone help? You know everything about something?

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Great job! Now you just have to learn not to tell people that ;. With Static IPs, the broadcast address, as listed in the hint, most likely won't work. So you need to find your broadcast addy! Just type the following: ifconfig -a This gives a big list.

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Under either "eth0" or "lo0" you will find an entry like: en0: flags That xx. Just to let everyone know. The address to ping on a AirPort network is Check the network panel of system prefrences to see your IP address and replace the last digits with , as explained above. Just to clarify: The amount of 's must equal the number of 0's in the subnet mask.

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IE, if you have a subnet mask of Mine is a strange setup, however: I use the When I attempt to ping the broadcast address either I believe the problem lies in the rather unique status this address range has. Yeay for human readability!

Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. Experienced Unix users, look away now, please -- the following is a very simple hint.

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Over the weekend, I "lost track" of a device on my network. We've got a wireless video camera, but I've had it unplugged for a very long time. I plugged it in this weekend, but couldn't even begin to remember what IP address I'd assigned to it.

How to find devices on your local network - Mac OS X Hints

So I wanted a simple way to just poll my network and see what was out there, which would let me find the camera by process of elimination. Some versions of the ping command support the -b broadcast flag, which will send a ping request to any device capable of receiving such requests on your network, and report back with the addresses of those that replied.

Unfortunately, Mac OS X's version of ping doesn't seem support the flag -- it doesn't work if you try to use it, and it's not listed in the man page. Just as I was about to go find and build a new ping , a much more Unix savvy friend of mine offered this alternative: ping So our ping does support broadcast pings, by placing the value in the field you wish to vary -- the last field of the IP address for a typical home network. Of course, once I had the list, I then had to figure out what was what, but that was relatively trivial.

See, I told you it was a simple hint. Be sure to have the volume turned up on the Mac to use this. By switching the domain with another, you could also use this to monitor if a web site or server is up or down.

Follow these simple tips in order to smoothly transfer your domain name.

A potential issue with pinging an IP directly is that the command may return a live connection when there continue to be DNS issues. Thus the first option, which pings a resolved domain name instead, may be a better option, because not only does it detect an active internet connection but it also only triggers when domain names are resolving properly as well.

This is similar to a command line trick we covered that announces the completion of a task through speaking a defined phrase, which can be helpful when a lengthy script is running or some other task may take an indeterminate amount of time to finish where an alert would be helpful. For users who are working in environments where having volume on or sound up is not an option, you can adjust the command to trigger another alert action. Enjoy this tip?

Performing Traceroute on Mac and Windows

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This is a really old thread but I liked what I saw and modified this for more modern systems with a pop-up dialog to warn against outages. Run in crontab every X minutes. I would add volume 5 or something to it as well, so it auto sets the volume if its muted or low. And maybe even throw in the voice to use. Name required.

How to do a Ping Test on MAC OS X?

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