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Please note that this is not the second beta test. There are still some Critical problems with this release: the vertical spacing is suspicious in two cases, and lilypond can crash with some odd input. If you decide to test 2. To be found in this issue is an up-to-date, complete list of all LilyPond mailing lists and forums around the world.

Come read LilyPond Report 22 now; comments and contributions are warmly encouraged! Please note that this is not the third alpha test. This issue mainly deals with microtonal notation in LilyPond, but does also include a how-to about running LilyPond from an USB key, not to forget the regular release news, the bug report of the Report, and some news from the frog pond! Come read LilyPond Report 21 now; comments and contributions are warmly encouraged! Three known regressions against 2. One known regression against 2.

This issue contains a review of an online notation editor using lilypond, along with the regular release news, snippet of the report, news from the frog pond, and the bug report of the report! Come read LilyPond Report 20 now; comments and contributions are warmly encouraged! This issue contains some conference news, along with the regular release news, snippet of the report, news from the frog pond, and the bug report of the report!

Come read LilyPond Report 19 now; comments and contributions are warmly encouraged! This release includes some major untested changes to the windows lilypad editor. Windows users should not be using this release because it is intended for developers only, but you ignore these warnings and try it anyway, use extra caution. For the next 24 hours, the new website will be the default website; after that, we will switch back to the old website while we examine feedback and make improvements to the new website.

Please send feedback to lilypond-user ; you can find more information on our page about Contacto. Nota: There are a few known problems with translations. This release should be of particular interest to package maintainers: we have made a few changes to the configure script and the required libraries. Barring any urgent bug reports, this is the build system and libraries that will be used for the next stable release. This issue will be filled with emotion and coolness, paper bags and zigzag-ending staves, plus the usual Frogs and Bugs.

Come read LilyPond Report 18 now; comments and contributions are warmly encouraged! As always, see the Changes document for more information. However, 11 critical issues still remain, so this release is intended for developers only. This release contains the usual number of bugfixes, along with improved website translations. However, 14 critical issues still remain, so this release is intended for developers only. This release includes bugfixes for 4 critical issues.

However, 15 critical issues still remain, so this release is intended for developers only. This release is intended for developers only, and includes the usual round of bugfixes. This release is intended for developers only, and includes a few updates to the binary build process in addition to the usual round of bugfixes.

Yay, the Report is back, with a new team! It has been said that two heads are better than one — does it apply to newsletters as well? Read on and let us know! What are you waiting for?


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Come read LilyPond Report 17 now! This release is intended for developers only, and includes a large translation update in addition to the usual round of bugfixes. This release is intended for developers only, and fixes various problems with documentation build system as well as adding an output-preview-framework for our SVG backend. In addition, the binaries are now approximately 6 megabytes smaller. This release is intended for developers only, and brings a number of improvements such as predictable regression test output filenames and English names for feta filenames.

In addition to the GUI fixes, this version contains dozens of bugfixes backported from the unstable development version. We recommend that all users upgrade to this version. This is the last planned release in the 2. From 2. In addition to the usual round of bugfixes, this release adds a shortcut for repeated chords. Please note that 2. As you can see, we have a new website design. Many thanks to texi2html and CSS for being so flexible! The LilyPond Report is back! This short, informal opinion column is about the LilyPond project: its team, its world, its community. Read issue 16 now!

This unstable release contains working menus in OSX This release also contains numerous other bugfixes and features such as ties with variable thickness, partially dashed slurs, and eyeglasses. We are planning another 2. Normal users may wish to wait for this release rather than using an unstable release. Cambios , Desarrollo. The LilyPond Report is a short, informal opinion column about the LilyPond project: its team, its world, its community.

Follow this link to read the full issue The LilyPond Report is back, on a new website! This short, informal, weekly opinion column is about the LilyPond project: its team, its world, its community. As a very belated announcement, the stable version of LilyPond is now 2. A new stable release of LilyPond is available. Announcement , Cambios , Descarga. This release has improvements to MusicXML import, contributed by Reinhold Kainhofer, and adds support for splitting a book in several book parts, contributed by Nicolas Sceaux.

Nested contexts of the same type are now allowed with any depth, and overriding nested properties can be done with list syntax, thanks to Neil Puttock. This is hopefully the last Release Candidate before stable release 2. Bugfixes , Cambios , Descargas antiguas. MusicXML import has been improved, including church modes support, and a few bugs in the compilation and documentation building processes are fixed. The three documentation manuals are now fully translated in Spanish, thanks to Francisco Vila. The font cache problem in Windows binaries which used to cause excessive slowness should be fixed.

Cambios , Descargas antiguas. This release has lots of updates to the documentation and translations. Descargas antiguas. This is is one of the last releases before 2. Bugfixes , Descargas antiguas. It has updates to documentation translations, and a new automatic accidentals style teaching has been added. A new style of double repeat bar line has been added, and printallheaders variable in score block has been renamed to print-all-headers.

Release 2. LilyPond now uses 64 bit integers for rational numbers, which allows typesetting more complex polymetric music. This release also has updates to German and Spanish translations of the documentation. This release is also special, as it includes code which supports more flexible automatic accidentals rules, written several months ago by Rune Zedeler, deceased since then. All the development team express their condolences to his family and his friends.

Besides this, automatic beaming has been improved by Carl Sorensen, support for creating stem flags in a new style has been contributed by Reinhold Kainhofer, and a few bugs have been fixed. This release adds support for harp pedal diagrams, contributed by Reinhold Kainhofer, and some changes in markup command names have been made.

This release features transposable fret diagrams, contributed by Carl Sorensen. Translations status pages are now available from the documentation start page. This release fixes a bug in tie formatting following a line break, and changes the behavior of short-indent so that short instrument names are no longer indented in the margin. This release fixes a lot of bugs. Fret diagrams formatting has been improved by Carl Sorensen, it is now controlled by fret-diagram-details property. It fixes a number of bugs, including bugs in beams formatting. Welcome to this special tenth issue of the LilyPond Report , entirely dedicated to Algorithmic Composition systems.

This release also fixes regression tests maintenance for developers. Support for slur-shaped arpeggios has been added. A RSS feed is now available on lilypond. It contains all news announced on the web site start page: releases, LilyPond report, new translations of the site and publications. Feed URL. The info mailing list see Contacto is still used to announce releases and special events.

Welcome to this ninth issue of the LilyPond Report! Support for enclosing text in a rounded box has been contributed by Valentin Villenave. Support for figured bass and chord names has been added to the MusicXML converter. It fixes a couple of formatting bugs, and the font cache problem with MS-Windows binaries which caused excessive slowness has been fixed. It fixes some formatting and spacing bugs. In three articles, Andrew Hawryluk compares Finale and LilyPond in general terms, and evaluates in detail engraving capabilities of both pieces of software.

Read the articles. It has a few bugfixes, and documentation changes. Bugfixes 2.

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It has more bugfixes, updates for MusicXML import and lots of updates for the translations. It has various bugfixes among others in the new spacing code, MusicXML import and lots of updates for the translations. Download the installer and do sh lilypond In addition, it fixes a number of bugs. This has lots of bugfixes. This release has updates of the dot collision code. This release has some documentation updates. This release fixes many bugs. This release fixes still more bugs, and included singing support through festival contributed by Milan Zamazal.

This release fixes still more bugs. This release will stretch piano staves on a system-by-system basis and add a few glyphs: a black harmonic note head and the slashed mirrored flat. This release has a rewrite of the line-spanner code, responsible for among other glissandi and text-crescendos, making them more flexible. This release fixes a few minor but irritating bugs.

In addition, the 2. This release fixes lots of bugs. In particular, the tie formatting has been further improved, and memory usage has been improved enormously. This release mirrors 2. Notably, it has the same memory usage improvements. This release mostly has the same fixes as 2. This release has further fixes for popular bugs.

Some fat has also been trimmed of the skyline code performance. This brought to light several problems that were fixed. Notably, 2. This release fixes several popular bugs, among others: MIDI files that go silent after de crescendi, and tuplets problems with quoting and part-combining. This release has a couple of bugfixes, and —in 2. With even more bugfixes! This release supports arbitrary fractional alterations, allowing music with different microtonal conventions to be typeset.

These releases complete the translation infrastructure for Documentation. The vertical spacing improvements that were introduced in 2. This release has graphical test results and several website build improvements. This release fixes several bugs. Version 2. This release supports glissandi and harmonics in tablature.

This release has improved support for horizontal spacing. This release has improved support for vertical spacing. Announcement , Cambios , Descargas antiguas. LilyPond development has moved over its source code to GIT , the fast version control system. Check out our repository at gnu.

This release has many more bugfixes. This release has a new FretBoards context, and some further bugfixes. The last months, Erik Sandberg has been overhauling the internals of Lily. This change introduces a new intermediate format, Music Streams, which will make it easier get music data out of LilyPond. A copy of the thesis is now available from lilypond. This release has further bugfixes. This release has support for right hand guitar fingerings, and offers some bugfixes.

Cambios , Bugfixes , Descargas antiguas. This release cuts fragments of EPS directly from your finished score, and makes it easier to insert ties into lyrics. Test this release candidate for LilyPond 2. In this release, chords may be partially tied and lyric extenders have tunable padding. Moreover, many bugs were fixed Cambios , Descargas antiguas. This releases fixes many bugs in the 2. This release contains a few minor bugfixes; the source tarball is also available. This release supports instrument name changes, dotted barlines and better spacing for floating grace notes.

In addition, it contains ongoing work by Erik Sandberg to extend the interpretation phase with stream support. This release supports doits and falls, and more tuning options for grace note spacing and tuplet brackets. This release supports pdftex for lilypond-book, and uses PdfTeX for generating manuals, so page numbers and references are now clickable. This release wraps improvements of the last two weeks.

As a new feature, it supports tunable tuplet number formatting for nested tuplets. This releases fixes a couple of bugs in 2. This releases fixes many bugs in 2. After a week of frantic tweaking, the first automated testing results are available. You can now see in full glory what features are broken in the development release. This release has new features in beam formatting: beams may now be put on single stems, and obey the beatGrouping property.

MusicXML converter. The Automated Engraving essay has been updated with material from the FISL talk, with pages on modeling notation and algorithms for esthetics. Happy reading! This release supports object rotation, hairpins with circled tips, hairpins that run to barlines before notes and improvements in the MusicXML converter. In addition, it has a lot of updates of the manual and a clean up of the spring spacer. This release has fixes for minor bugs and compilation issues. This new release has lots of updates of the manual, courtesy Graham and the contributors of the mailing.

It handles formatting for ties in arpegiated chords better feature sponsored by Steve Doonan , it has al niente hairpins, courtesy of Erlend Aasland, and some cleanups of the PostScript output, courtesy David Feuer. This release mainly fixes problems with CJK font loading. Read the release announcement. This release has even more bug fixes. Please test before 2. This is likely to be the last release candidate before we release 2. This release has more bug fixes. Please help us by testing it!

This is another release candidate for 2. It has lots of bug fixes and polishes to the documentation. It also contains support for creating ties that are only on their right side connected to note heads, which is handy for repeats feature sponsored by Steve Doonan. The documentation suite can now be downloaded as a separate tarball from lilypond.

This release has lots of bugs fixes. The plan is to release 2. This release has a bunch of bugfixes, and new features. Thicknesses of tie and slurs may be tuned separately for the endings and the middle part. This feature was sponsored by Ramana Kumar. Furthermore, in this release, we have dropped some legacy code from our library. This release fixes a load of bugs, and has some internal cleanups. This release has the following new features. This allows vertical alignments to be stretched to fit pages in a second formatting run feature sponsored by Trevor Baca and Nicolas Sceaux.

This release contains numerous small fixes that were already in our GUB binaries. In addition, it has further polish for formatting of tied chords. Theses improvements were sponsored by Steve Doonan.

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The fourth release of our Grand Unified Binary for 2. This release uses Pango 1. The third release of our Grand Unified Binaries is available. This release fixes external font-support, the decompression flag for Linux. Also, we have support for FreeBSD as well! Jump to the Descargas antiguas get them! Starting with 2. This release allows you to switch staff lines on and off individually feature sponsored by Andrea Valle. It is a in-depth but hands-on feature article with crisp LilyPond graphics. The Development team has been working around the clock to improve to fix the first wave bugs reported by you.

Let us know how you fare! A happy from the LilyPond Development Team! This release has various bugfixes. Also, stems on the center line now have their directions interpolated to minimize the number of direction changes feature sponsored by Basil Crow and Mike Rolish. This release fixes a couple of bugs, but more importantly, slurs now avoid TupletNumbers, and tuplet numbers may enter the staff feature sponsored by Trent Johnston , tuplet brackets and numbers are implemented as separate grobs, TupletBracket and TupletNumber rewrite sponsored by Trent Johnston , string arguments for music functions may be specified without marks.

This release has better support for MusicXML: it also supports ties, beams and editorial accidentals. It also has more options for spacing Lyrics; it is now possible to separately specify minimum distances for normal and hyphenated syllables. These features were sponsored by Mark van den Borre and Bertalan Fodor. Saint Nicholas brings you The convertor is basic, but working. This release contains the following improvements: Texts set in a TrueType font are now kerned. Using the TeX no longer requires linking or dynamically opening the kpathsea library, making the backend more easily usable on various systems feature sponsored by Christian Ebert of Black Trash Productions.

This release updates the bugreporting address and reorganizes the documentation tree. This version contains a few bugfixes, and now allows the type of brackets in system start bracket hierarchies to be specified. Also, the horizontal alignment of rehearsal marks may be changed: marks can be put on key signatures, clefs, time signatures, etc. This version features nestable system start delimiters, like bracket, brace.

It also adds "square" line bracket feature sponsored by Trevor Baca. It also has refactored routines for tie formatting. This will make it easier to get better tie formatting for chords feature sponsored by Steve Doonan. It also has a few bug fixes. This version has refactored routines for tie formatting. This release fixes a large number of bugs. Please upgrade before reporting bugs in the 2. This release has another massive cleanup of the backend. Each grob property may also be a "grob closure". This means that it is possible to combine functions.

This release has more cleanup in the layout-engine. Now, properties that have Procedure values are thought to be procedures that compute said property, i. This release features slashed numerals, plus signs and interruptible extender lines for figured bass. Merging of Figured bass lines has been made switchable with the figuredBassCenterContinuations property. This is major internal cleanup, which also provides advanced tweakability for power users. This release fixes a few minor problems with the stable series. It features more annotations for the page layout engine and some more sponsored features.

Beamlets may stick out of the side of beams feature sponsored by Trevor Baca ; new support for figured bass with support for continuation lines and tuning of figures, brackets, and alignments feature sponsored by Trent Johnston ; vertical alignments of staves can now be tuned easily for individual systems feature sponsored by Nicolas Sceaux. Vertical spacing for page layout can now be tuned for each system individually feature sponsored by Trevor Baca and Nicolas Sceaux. The slope of a stem-tremolo may be set manually feature sponsored by Sven Axelsson. There are a number of cleanups in the handling and representation of systems, among other features and bug fixes.

This feature was sponsored by Henrik Frisk. It also has a couple of minor bugfixes. This is mainly a bugfix release. This release has support for right-to-left text formatting in markup commands sponsored by Aaron Mehl.

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In addition, it fixes a great number of bugs, among others, support for writing MIDI files. This release adds support for numbered percent repeats, a feature sponsored by Yoshinobu Ishizaki. It also has bugfixes for clashes between slurs and symbols, like fingers dynamic signs. Lily 2. This release has a few bugfixes, among them: the autopackage will run in more platforms, LilyPond will be much quicker for large lilypond-book documents, and the up and down Fa note heads for shaped heads have been swapped.

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Pango text formatting lets you print Unicode lyrics in your favorite script and font. Create SVG files, and edit them in Inkscape. Announcement , Descargas antiguas , Cambios. This version fixes a few minor bugs found in 2. It has support for paragraph text and pitched trill notation. It has a few very minor bugfixes, and a rewrite of the TTF embedding code, which should be a lot more robust now. Nous travaillons sur la traduction des pages encore non traduites. Bon surf! This release has a few bugfixes. This is hopefully the last Release Candidate before 2. Give it a good shake to find those last bugs!

In this release the documentation also has pictures. In addition, the Mac version can also read native mac fonts. It has a big bunch of minor bugfixes. This is another release candidate for version 2. Please send a bug report if you find a critical problem with this release. There are now a native, standalone installers for Windows and MacOS. This release has many small bugfixes and updates to the documentation. This release has a new feature: it is now possible to make staves appear in a different order from the order that they were defined.

This release has a couple of small bugfixes, and a new feature. This can be used to produce Ossia staves. The most visible improvement is in the PDF : this release will produce smaller PDF files, with symbols that look better on screen. It also has support for "grid lines", bar like vertical line, which are aligned with the notes. More details are in the the Cambios file, or go straight to Descargas antiguas. Take a look at the Cambios file and Descargas antiguas. It has many small cleanups in the web-based documentation, and many small cleanups all over the place.

This release features many small bugfixes. In addition, it has support for string number notation for guitar. This feature was sponsored by Gunther Strube. This release fixes a few minor but irritating errors. A Fedora Core 3 binary is also available. This release has clean ups in the SVG output, and now uses the LilyPond number font for time signatures. It is now possible to add text before and after music. This can be used to add verses after a music.

Take a look at the Cambios file and Descargas antiguas! It is now possible and in fact, encouraged , to build LilyPond either without the Kpathsea TeX library or with the Kpathsea dynamically loaded, but only for the -btex backend. This means that packages do not have to depend on TeX anymore. With this, the Windows download size will go down significantly. Take a look at the Cambios file and download Descargas antiguas! This release backports the tieWaitForNote feature and has support for tetex You need to install Ghostscript 8.

Unfortunately, this version of Ghostscript lacks the IJS dynamic library, which means that it will conflict with the gimp-print package. You may install it with —nodeps. Use at your own risk. This release has Point and click support for PDF output. You can read more about it here. The big news is that this release supports TrueType fonts.

This means that it is now possible to use all fonts available via FontConfig. Also, arpeggios may be written out using ties and individual objects may have colors! In this release, foreign character sets are now supported in lilypond-book too, and it is possible to put system separators between systems. Descargas antiguas! This backend is used in the new and improved lilypond-book script.

This release fixes a couple of annoying bugs in the direct PS output for piano braces. This release has many internal code cleanups. In addition, accuracy of error reporting has been improved. See the change log and Descargas antiguas! This release has a completely usable Pango integration for the PS backend. The default font is Century Schoolbook from the PS font suite. It also has small updates to the tablature settings by Erlend Aasland, assorted manual updates by Graham, and an overhaul of the font code by Werner.

Descargas antiguas and check out the changes in the ChangeLog. This is a "technology preview" release, which means that it has all kinds of nifty features, but is not actually usable for producing nicely printed scores. For this reason, an RPM of this release was not produced. It is the first one to link against FontConfig and Pango, although it is only available in the "-f ps" output. This release has some major brainsurgery in the font handling.

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LilyPond will now avoid line breaks that cause long texts to stick outside of the page staff. Grace notes following a main note, used to be entered by letting the grace notes follow a skip in a parallel expression. It has several goodies, including solfa-notation shaped noteheads , and an easier mechanism for customizing title, footer and header layout.

This is an experimental release, containing some proof-of-concept code for our graphical layout editor. You can add and remove things from the file, and the tweaks will still work, as long as the tweaked notes remain in the place ie. Further attractions are: the gnome backend now also draws beams and slurs, updates to the SVG backend, support for the lmodern font set for TeX, various bugfixes. The first release of the 2. Stemlets short stems over beamed rests have been added. In addition, Jan hacked together some highly experimental code where you can use the mouse to drag and drop objects in the -f gnome backend.

These tweaks can be saved and are applied to the PS and TeX output as well.

This release fixes a number of security problems with —safe, and adds a lot of polishing fixes. This release includes a number of small fixes that were made to 2. Ready for the big time? You've hit your data view limit. Request Demo Learn More. Media Measurement Data is based on life of ad, unless indicated otherwise. National Airings. Attention Score. Engagement Rating. More Ad Metrics. First Airing. Last Airing. Industry Avg. Industry Share of Voice - past 2 weeks. Advertiser Profiles. Automate classification, assignment, and routing of incidents to transform the way services are delivered.

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