Restart smbd service in mac

The restart option is a quick way of stopping and then starting Samba.

How to setup Samba File Sharing Server on Ubuntu

This is the most reliable way to make configuration changes take effect after editing the configuration file for Samba. Note that the restart option starts the daemon even if it was not running originally. To restart the server, type the following command in a shell prompt while logged in as root:. The condrestart conditional restart option only starts smb on the condition that it is currently running. This option is useful for scripts, because it does not start the daemon if it is not running.

When the smb. Issuing a manual restart or reload is just as effective. A manual reload of the smb. To ensure that the Samba server configuration file is reloaded without restarting the service, type the following command as root:.

By default, the smb service does not start automatically at boot time. Create a Shared Directory. Copy Samba default configuration file to be a backup file in case any error happens in the future. Edit Samba Config File.

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Samba Configuration File Check. Restart Samba Services. Now from your Windows machine, open run and use the following command to open Ubuntu shared folder. Open Shared From Run. Shared Folder From Windows.

You can now create folders or files inside the shared directory from your Windows machine and check if they created in Ubuntu too. Create Test Folder.

Check Created Folder. Previously, we had a public folder for all network members. What if you need to share a folder with some specific users, or in other words users who have username and password only can access the shared directory. First, we need to create a group, add users and members to this group and only members of this group should have access to the shared directory. Create a Group. Add user to group. Set permissions to the previous directory, so that only root and members of smbgroup access the shared directory. Change Permissions. Restart Service and Check Configurations.

Enter Username and Password.

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