Mac and cheese with ground beef casserole

Oh, no need to apologize - happens all the time!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the casserole - it's a nice quick meal for a busy week. Thanks so much for stopping back by to let me know! Can you suggest a sub for the diced tomatoes? I can't have seeds and fresh tomatoes aren't in season now to do it by hand. There are actually some pretty decent tomatoes available year round now - I like the romas the most out of season, but I've even had some nice slicers, though I'm sure they traveled from South America!

Still hard for me to get used to produce out of season! If you can do a tomato sauce, that should work as a substitute. Use a smaller can though and reserve some of the pasta water to add to the casserole, if needed for moisture. Condensed tomato soup would work too. Hope that helps!

Cheddar Macaroni Ground Beef Casserole

This was a success and I am not a cook. I used Velveeta shells and we put sour cream on top. Jiffy corn muffins would have been so good with this. Thank you for this recipe.

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You're welcome Tonya! It's a great little casserole that we love. Glad you enjoyed it too!! You are amazing! I've been looking for an easy ground beef dish and this totally blew my mind!

Steps to Make It

Everyone loved it! I doubled the dish to accommodate for my family and I actually have a lot of leftovers! Thank you so much for publishing this and I will definitely make it again! You're welcome Kristin! Glad y'all enjoyed it!! I just love this casserole - so glad y'all did too! Thank you I hardly put in any hot stuff So glad they are enjoying it! I guess I'm a kid at heart because I love this casserole too.

I will love to make Mc and cheese casserole. For my family and grandkids , my grand babies love mc and cheese this is a good way to put meat in there diet. Thank you Mary I love your recipes.

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I also left out the seasoned salt, as it tasted plenty salty to me. It was delicious! The Rotel gives it quite a kick which we like around here. I think you could add a cup or so of thawed frozen corn to make it a one-pot meal, but it's great just the way it is. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Isn't it a great little recipe to have on hand? We are empty nesters but I still love this one, blue box and all!! This recipe was so good! I'm glad I used cheddar cheese on top instead of pepper jack because it was pretty spicey with the rotel tomatoes I used original rotel , not sure which is milder the Original or Mild?

I served cornbread with it and it was wonderful! I will try it the next time with regular diced tomatoes. Thanks for your great recipes! You're very wecome! I just love this casserole too!! The original Rotel is spicier than the mild, and in fact, I swear it's even more spicy than it used to be! I usually pick up the mild these days. It's also very good with regular diced tomatoes and then you can add a bit of chili powder to spice it up just a bit.

When I use those I usually add in a little bit of Cajun seasoning too. Oh my goodness! This is my third time making this and it is soooo good! We don't have Rotel in Canada although I usually stock up when I'm down home which is ok since I'm feeding toddlers.

I just add hot red peppers to my dish when I serve it up. So yummy. I made this tonight. Everything I've made from your site has been fantastic. Cheers to Southern cooking! Thanks so much Jill! This is such a simple casserole but we sure love it - I'm so glad you enjoyed it too! I did not care for this recipe. The recipe "as is" is very bland. I added a little extra cheese Cheddar and Monterrey Jack into the beef mixture as well as extra garlic and chili powder to improve the flavor.

The noodles were soggy even though I cooked them for the minimum cooking time. Wow, so sorry to hear that your experience was so different from most of my readers.

Macaroni and Cheese Casserole With Ground Beef

They, and we, LOVE this recipe. I make it often and it's delicious! Let's see what could have gone wrong for you, To say that something is "bland" means that it lacked flavor and flavor often means seasoning. I truly don't know how you could get bland from Rotel tomatoes as I suggest - unless you don't like the heat of course , chili powder, seasoning salt, the Trinity of onion, celery, bell pepper and garlic, and pepper jack NOT monterey jack cheese!

Seems very unlikely to me that you would get a "bland" result out of all of that! The recipe also calls for "ground beef" not "lean" ground beef. If you used a very lean ground beef, that does not have much fat in it. Fat equals flavor and when subbing in lean meat anytime, you have to make up for that with seasonings, or your dish will be bland from the lack of fat.

Did you taste the casserole before baking it and adjust for seasonings? Bland flavor means lack of seasonings and seasonings are always only a suggestion in a recipe and always a personal preference - what I like to season with you may not like so you should always adjust for that with any recipe as you like, to suit your own taste! Did you possibly overcook the noodles? When using any pasta in a casserole you want to cook it the minimum amount of time - in other words, slightly undercooked.

Soggy noodles sounds like you may have overcooked them when you boiled them and possibly did not allow them to drain well. It also could be from generic mac and cheese - never had that experience with Kraft brand - plus Kraft, well, it simply tastes better than most generics that I have tried personally. Did you make any other adjustments to the recipe as written?

Or did you follow it exactly for the first time you made it? It's hard to truly judge a recipe when you make even minor adjustments to it the first time you make it. You should always follow the recipe exactly without any variations the first time. Then you will know what to adjust to make it your own the next time. I hope some of these suggestions will help the next time you make something similar. While I do understand not everybody will like every single recipe that I post, I am a bit of a perfectionist and very picky about the work I share here.

I still stand by this recipe, when followed as written, as have many of my readers! Thanks for stopping by to comment and next time, please leave your name! God I love this casserole. Ultimate comfort food. Was making it for a friend who just lost their grandmother, and last minute decided to double the recipe so there would be one for me.

So easy and mouth-wateringly delicious I always use the Rotel option and Monterrey Jack cheese on top. Thanks for sharing! Made this tonight, was amazing! I subbed cumin for chili powder just a very small amount, and used garlic roasted tomatoes was so yummy. I just can't believe it was this good from a box of kraft mac n cheese Can't wait to make it again! I know, right?! Kraft really is the best! I really love the casserole though - it really transforms the box into something super delicious! I will try this recipe tonight It looks so yummy!

I will let you know how it turned out. I stumbled upon your site today in search of ground beef recipes. I settled on this recipe as I already had everything on hand. I'll be honest, despite the comments from the people who enjoyed it, I was hesitant that I would "love" a dish that seemed too simple and I was expecting something mediocre. I'd eat my words if I thought I could fit them in my stomach. I thought it was great. Delicious, inexpensive, and easy. Yes, I DO love it! I'll have to check out more of your recipes! Thank you! Oh my goodness, thanks for the laugh!!

I'm so glad you gave it a try! Snowed in today so googled ground beef recipes and came across this recipe and it was a hit! Me and my husband were so full but couldn't stop eating it. I can so totally relate to that Jules! We always have a box or three around for the grandkids because of course, they love the stuff, but this is one of the ways I make it "adult friendly" lol!! You are a lifesaver : I browned extra ground meat and the night I wanted to use it I realized I had no cream soups, and no gravy mixes so I hit up google! And it was like the heavens opened up and you were my personal angel!

The best part, it was my 47 year old 'kid' who raved the most about this! Thanks so much.

Cheddar Macaroni Beef Casserole Recipe - Kraft Canada

You're welcome Megan! Ok, it should be a felony to eat something this good and easy!! No, I take that back because I'd be a repeat offender and my momma always said breaking the law is wrong and I'm too pretty for prison! Don't you just love momma's and their biases! I think this would be great with your skillet cornbread too! We had a Hungarian neighbor, and I think it was her recipe. And we were just east of Cleveland. My mother has the original that Grandma wrote down for us several decades ago.

What is the difference between homemade and the one at the store?? It makes a difference. I have no scientific data to back it up, but I firmly believe it! In these uncertain times, more and more of us are looking for comfort. Our lives will be richer for it, our health will be better for it, and society will be gentler for it. This is what you bring to the office pot luck…party. Sure to help with that promotion thing…. So at the risk of making this less comforting, what kind of green vegetable would you any of you put in this? Broccoli would work well I guess you know…not really, the whole theing would have that overcooked broccoli stench ….

Fresh green crunchy salad…. Along with some old fashioned garlic bread or toast. What is the difference, you asked? Ever since my family and I completely gave up all processed foods, whenever I have for reasons beyond my control eaten anything processed or containing preservatives, I get a repulsive, lingering aftertaste.

Anyone else notice this? It completely ruins the meal. Oops, the names Michelle. This is one of the first dishes I learned to make as a young teen helping to feed younger siblings while our parents worked late. Interestingly, neither my own kids, nor my husband likes it. Love your pictures! I swore to myself that I would never eat HH again when I could afford it and I have kept that promise to myself. His mother kept chickens, so it was the affordable meal for them. So by the time he was grown, he never wanted to see another piece of chicken! During the last 64 years of his life, he probably had chicken, in any form, half a dozen times.

Thanks for the help. Why did I have to see this post at one in the morning? Thanks Michael for helping me realize how important those moments are, and how important it is that SHE understands…. I used to make a dish that was similar to this when I was a young girl on my own. Michael, I need about a million more of these track meet night menus! Especially this coming week, as we face a full calendar of band concert, school open house, math fair, and soccer practices.

Our older grandson would totally rebel against this dish. Verging on thirteen, he is a very picky eater and the total dictator of what is good or not in the world of food and practically everything else. But it begs the question — why do picky eaters insist that everyone else follow their dietary demands? I ate a lot of canned soups for a while, but I did learn to cook because of that. Maybe if your teen has to cook his own food and clean up after, he might reconsider?

Easy Skillet Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese Recipe

It would at least take the stress off of you. This was one of the very first dishes I learned how to make as a kid. I also layer it in a tall baking dish so there are two layers of cheese. Instead of fish sauce, I use about a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce and few dashes of Tabasco sauce. Fresh parsely adds some color. I actualyl grew up with something very similar. We did the same cheese, and mac combo, but with chunk tomatos and sauteed polish sausage. Sometimes we would even add bacon. I think I will print this out and make it now. Our kids love that green bean casserole everyone makes at Thanksgiving.

My mother would bring the canned soup and canned onion strips version. So my husband made it from scratch with his homemade mushroom soup, frozen organic green beans, and onion strips he made himself. They all agreed it was better than the one made with canned items. On our birthday, we six siblings got to choose what we wanted to eat for our birthday dinner.

While one brother would choose lobster, I yearned for mac and beef even though we had it very often for regular dinner. My mom would add green pepper. Your addition of cheese though — yum! Congratulations Sir, you just broke my dinner block. Tuna Mornay is popular — or, was popular — here in Australia. This beef version looks to be worth a try. I find it difficult to articulate why — beyond the obvious — American classics are such genius recipes.

Why does crab in a brown paper bag make so mcuh sense to me?? And a prawn cocktail. Why is that so quinissentially American? Fried Chicken!!! Does this go as well with Tabasco as I imagine it will? It was made with noodles instead of macaroni, but everything else was included. He makes it cuz he says my dislike of it comes through in the outcome! I have a recipe similar to this that my mother got from my preschool some 28 odd years ago…everyone i make this for loves it.

One of my childhood favs, but our Arizona version was called goulash and used egg noodles, green chiles and corn. Yes, piling a monstrous amount of cheddar and mozzarella on top is brilliant! This is the kind of dish I have to be careful not to make too often, as I will eat and eat and eat…until the entire pan is gone! Making it tonight. For the herbs I decided to chop some garlic, some dried oregano, from my own garden paprika, shallot salt kills two birds with one stone, so to speak.

I threw in three of them. It should be just the right amount because I made an entire box of macaroni. Thanks for this great recipe! Love your blog…I have this brewing right now for dinner tomorrow…have not had it in years.. Well, it came out really well. My fresh, but dried oregano really jazzed it up and I truly think shallot salt is one of the great inventions.

I get mine from penzys and it has a really nice aroma, and tastes really good in the food. We had plenty left over for lunch for the next couple of days. But simple nice and I like everyone else love the idea of some left overs for a lunch or two. Love them with cheddar. These are the kinds of recipes that I use over and over again. Thank you for this. I am half way through your Ratios book.

I get paid soon and will go buy a scale. It was delicious. Is that for tonight? In my house, this is called Sloppy Joe Casserole, and it always contains minced garlic, chopped green pepper, oregano, and a couple of TBS of tomato paste. Sometimes I use macaroni, but my fav is egg noodles. Otherwise, pretty much the same.

My all-time favorite comfort food! Made this tonight with a few variations. First of all I tried to half the recipe, but then forgot and put the whole, big, can of tomatoes in with half the beef and pasta. Turned out great for me and if I halved the tomato I think it would be too dry. I also stirred in a bit of the cheese with the beef and mac. Just a little bit of gooeyness to put in the middle. This will be made many more times in this house. I made this for dinner two nights ago and have been eating the left overs ever since! Amazingly delicious.

Question: What is the virtue of simmering the beef, tomato, onion mixture for a full hour? I was hungry and it was getting late, so I cooked it on medium for about 15 minutes before mixing in the pasta and it seemed to come out just fine. If I play with your recipe, it might make the best of both favorites for him.

I made something that was supposed to be like this, but had to improvise a lot. Used small shell noodles instead of macaroni. Added some ground beef that had been cooked a couple days earlier, along with the liquid from the green beans. Along with other things. I improvise a lot. I requested this for many a birthday dinners. I still crave it! Thanks for reminding me of this lost love. Welcome to Ruhlman. Mid-week Macaroni and Beef with Cheese, photo by Donna.

Comfort food indeed.