Mac mini running slow and hot

The machine gets extremely hot, at most CPU temperature degrees according to my temperature utility. The iMac and previous Minis never got anywhere near as hot. Indicated CPU usage in Activity Monitor seems to increase proportionately with CPU temperature and how long the machine has been on , but this is somewhat unsure. But sometimes it takes nothing at all. Questions: Is the Mini actually designed for and supposed to get so warm degrees celsius? Is the problem simply due to the CPU being a i5? Are i5's ridiculously much slower than i7's? Is a full and reinstall likely to fix the problem?

Check Your Mac’s Temperature

Are there other causes and solutions I should fix? Save hardware problems and repairs Notice that VLC is set to use hardware acceleration and QuickTime runs accelerated by default as far as I know, so the problem is probably not related to this. Hope this works for you! This seems to be a very correct observation!

Tried it and ffmpeg runs much faster with a cold CPU! Secondly, I can't feel any air coming out the back of the machine at all, and the smcFanControl tool says "0 rpm"! So no wonder the machine gets warm. Is it possible he could have ruined the fan in the process or even removed it to get room for the SSD? How do I check that the fan is still there and working? Is it enough to unscrew the bottom lid?

I can do basic unscrewing, but not advanced stuff like some Macs need If it moves freely and even spins a bit after you "flick spin it" a bit, then perhaps the wire that provides power is disconnected. If the fan doesn't move or takes some effort i. This is my experience. I just got a spinning colored pinwheel as I tried to type the first word of this sentence. Even then, the slowdown from having a cluttered desktop was minimal. What I did eventually after doing all the suggested solutions from here and other sources and from different people was to install a fresh OS X Sierra, wiping out all the previous OS and files entirely from the hard drive.

Fast as it was when I first used this laptop 5 years ago. The drawback is that you will have to backup everything. I think the sluggishness is something to do with the apps installed when the OS was El Capitan, creating some incompatibility problems with Sierra. After installing macOS Sierra What can I do to go back to manually arrange the icons as I want, not as the auto-arrange wants? I tried everything you listed. I appreciate the you putting this list together, but it did not help.

I have Retina, inch, Mid , 2. I just upgraded to Sierra — it takes about 2 to 3 seconds for an image to preview… Everything is getting stuck. If you have a crash of your hard drive the files on the desktop are the first to go and you will not get them back. I had this happen 3 to me and I had to reshoot a clients images all over again as I had put the folder with all the images on the desktop and was going to make a backup later. Wrong move! Put your files and folder in Documents and create an alias for those you have to have on the desktop.

I use a macbook pro Mid 15 inch. It is running exremely slow. I noticed my mac was running slower and slower with every update. Click Options, then drag the Acceptance Delay slider to set how long you want your Mac to wait before it responds after the key is pressed. This machine had 2GB of physical memory and GB of storage. I had read all the other threads and searched the internet for the answer.

2. Check your Startup Items

NO ONE had every posted anything about memory. They stated it would take time for the applications to catalogue — sync — blah blah blah. My MacBook Pro is very slow after the update. It takes hours to do tasks that only is marked with a few minutes. And there is no heavy programs running.

MacBook Pro Running Slow? Reasons Why and How to Fix It ()

But still it is unbelievably slow. And it started shortly after the update. Thanks for replying in advance. My late Upgraded to Sierra, and it runs even slower. Not impressed! Memory is 8GB. I have now totally deleted Parallels and have re-instated an old Windows laptop for my accounting.

Deleting Parallels made no difference. Anyone got clues on this? Apple was my last hope for a usable desktop for a non tech artist, forcing features on your user community put Apple in the same useless crap hole as Microsoft. Man I miss Steve Jobs. Sierra, in terms of features, does not offer much that most people will use, but it can introduce a fair amount of issues that make it worthwhile to downgrade rather than be annoyed or upset.

I have downgraded one of my macs from sierra to El Cap and it runs OK again. Then another one of my Macs runs fine with Sierra. The irony is the machines are exactly the same, they have cloned data and user preferences through Migration Assistant. I implemented few of the fixes I found here and on another site and my Sierra is running well so far on the day after installation. Last night I did notice a few issues with freezing not being able to click on hyperlinks, additional tabs, other apps, etc. Before I installed Sierra I was having issues with random restarts that began a few days after I installed Sophos antivirus.

I uninstalled Sophos but waited until my Sierra upgrade to implement a fix that seemed to work for some. I hope it works for me too because the restarts are more than annoying. Just updated my Mac Mini late and although there is plenty of storage, it comes down to maybe not enough RAM. Right ignore what I said about uninstalling kaspersky, the problem re-occurred.

I think i have now sussed it. I also did an smc reset but pretty sure it was the nvram reset which cured it. Only thing that has worked is de-installing kaspersky internet security as I noticed kav was constantly running. I currently have no protection so will retry installing but speed back to normal without kaspersky. Not sure everyone has the same problem. After updated to Sierra, each time i turn on my Mac, my ipad and android tablets that connected to wifi unable to to connect to or very slow loading pages. Once I was thinking probably the server but then…nope…. PowerPoint is outrageously slow and Word keep on freezing.

Is there a quick fix? I installed Sierra yesterday, and it destroyed an entire day of productivity while it installed.

macOS Sierra Slow? Here’s Why & How to Speed Sierra Up

I left it overnight to process, came back today expecting better performance. Even opening Finder takes forever. Had same issues. Need to run following commands in Terminal. Allow to run overnight — it takes forever.

How To: Fix A Slow Mac

Maybe you could solve this not easier, but … easier ;- Create a new user account and copy all the very needed app files — such as preferences — to the new user. I experienced a very fast setting. Microsoft Outlook for Mac is ridiculously slow. It runs pretty much like El Capitan. Photos Faces or People now is very very slow. Best idea is not to use Safari, to be honest. Any ideas why? Beyond that it could be an extension or plug-in, all of which perform poorly in my experience. Using Chrome can be a good test too.

Drag and drop is SO slow. Ready to downgrade OS systems unless this changes by tomorrow. Hi This upgrade is catastrophic for me. It took a whole day to get back running as before on an old MacBook, but it is even worse on a more recent iMac. Nothing wrong shows in the activity monitor but every single application takes for ever: uploading 3 pictures to my website dashboard has taken 1h and 13 minutes!!!

Firefox crashes 2 to 3 times an hour and even Safari freezes for extended periods. What a mess this system makes.

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It says photoanalysisd It takes several to open any folder. It has been doing that process for You probably have a lot of photos stored in the Photos app, it can take many hours to finish analyzing photos for facial and feature recognition. Let it run overnight, it should be done by morning unless you have an enormous photo library. I have upgraded to Sierra and it took about an hour to restore photo library. Does anyone have any suggestions. Photo library has about 50k photos. Should I just clock on upload and leave it I just get a spinning wheel.

VLC player stopped working 2. Also, iTunes suddenly cannot locate s of files. When will you start debugging this program? Rogier, I had the same problem with my Toshiba drive. Hope this helps. It takes forever to send a messages, and it deleted all of my signatures. Ultimate Nerd. I suspect if you really wanted to you could locate the photoanalysisid binary and prevent it from running entirely and that may block the photo face scanning too, but it could break Photos app. I have not tested it yet. Anyway, if your Mac is hot, slow and fans loud check for photoanalysisid it needs to run for like 10 hours to finish.

After update to Sierra, started having strange problem. In mission control view I am able to move spaces around but not apps running in full screen mode. They just drop down and disappear from the spaces tray and and then turn up at the beginning of the end of the test. Has been working fine since.

Why is my Mac overheating?

Was it slow? That sounds like a troubleshooting issue. I did an SMC reset, and the fans went back to normal. Other than this minor hiccup, Sierra has been a painless and enjoyable upgrade. Mid iMac. Waiting to hear if Apple think that European trade law applies. Probably but who knows? No more mds worker nagging cpu. Both late iMac and MBA feel sluggish. Photos facial recognition is a disaster: the iMac, where my library is stored, is stuck on 26, of 48 thousand. On the whole Sierra performs well after a problem free installation.

Disk free space went from 75 to Gb. Jacques Delyea says:. July 7, at pm. Nicole says:. July 15, at pm. January 22, at am. Steve Jobs says:. February 2, at am. This is only personal opinion, not fact says:. September 26, at pm.

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Your Mac Too Hot? How To Fix An Overheating Mac

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