How to reformat an external hard drive from mac to pc windows 7

Macs running Snow Leopard or Lion can read from drives formatted as NTFS, but they can't write to such drives unless you install a third-party driver or muck about in the Terminal. Set up your drive following the manufacturer's instructions. The drive should automatically mount on your Mac's desktop if the finder preferences are set to show external drives.

If the drive is not formatted, you may get a message saying that the drive is unreadable by Mac OS X and asking you whether you want to format it via Disk Utility. Mac OS X won't let you create a FAT32 partition larger than 2TB; so if your drive is larger than that, you'll need to divide the available drive capacity into multiple partitions. To create a new partition, click the drive in the list on the left side of the Disk Utility menu. Click the Partition button in Disk Utility's main window. You can use this and still share FAT32 volumes with a PC, but if you'll primarily be using the drive with Windows, and if the full capacity of the drive doesn't exceed 2TB, the wiser course is to wipe the drive and then use Windows' Master Boot Record MBR partition scheme.

Establishing the partition layout.

Click the Partition Layout drop-down menu in Disk Utility, and select the number of partitions you want to create. By default, Disk Utility will divide the available space in half.

Power Data Recovery

The drive used to be used on a mac so is probably in the wrong format so isn't automatically detected when I plug it into my PC. I can find the drive using Device Manager and it says the drive is working fine, but it doesn't show up on windows explorer or my computer, which is where other tutorials say to reformat from Any guesses as to how to detect and reformat the drive for use on the PC?

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Unfortunately the old mac is now cactus so I cant just reformat from there Thanks a lot! View unknownofprob's answer.

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Oct 3, 8, 0 38, 1, This is what you have to do: 1 just search format on the windows search option on start, open the program called "create or partition hard disk partitions" 2 You will be able to see your drive in this application, right click on the unallocated space and there should be an option called format. Hope this helps. You must log in or register to reply here.

Format USB drive for both Mac and PC use

Should I clean and reformat my HDD? Post thread. Power Supplies. I got blue screen and the message system service exception. Started by fmalexandru03 Today at PM Replies: 2.

Format USB for Mac and PC on Windows Quickly and Securely

Windows Graphics Cards. Latest posts B. Latest: Bassquake A moment ago. For example, if you have a 1TB hard drive, GB of storage can be used with your Windows computer, and will be dedicated to your Mac computer. You won't be able to write to the Mac side from your Windows computer, and vice versa, but it's a good solution for people who want all the advantages each format has to offer for its respective system. Here's how to do it:. Select the drive from the left sidebar, then click the Partition tab.

Under Partition layout, select "2 Partitions. For example, you might want more storage for your Mac than you do for your PC.

Format USB for Mac and PC on Windows Quickly and Securely

Give your settings a final lookover and click Apply. Step 2: Plug the hard drive into your Windows PC. Open the Start menu and search for Disk Management. Select the search result and the Disk Management utility will launch.

How to Convert an External Hard Drive From Apple to PC

In the left sidebar, you should see your hard drive and its partitions. Right-click the Windows partition and select Format. Click OK and complete the format process. With these three options you'll be able to take advantage of either platform's offerings, be it Time Machine support or security options. In the end, you may end up using FAT32 for its simplicity, but don't say I didn't warn you about the risks.

How to Format External Hard Drive for Mac & Windows (MS-Dos or ExFat?)

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