Two iphones on one mac

Besides, iCloud requires a stable Wi-Fi connection to work. That's why we cover a third choice for you here, with which you can sync all photos, videos, contacts, audio, and more between your iPhone and iPad according to your needs.

How to Backup More than One iPhone to Computer with iTunes?

Read on to get more details. All the file types listed above can be synced from one iOS device to another. You can transfer files, manage device content, and download videos from websites without any cost or limitations. For data syncing between iPhone and iPad, you need to choose the iDevice to iDevice transfer pattern.

Step 2 : Once you click it, you'll enter the data loading interface. It's unnecessary for you to check the data types on your own. If the files are too large, you need to wait patiently as it may take a little longer time. After that, go to the related apps to view the synced files on your iPad. All the three methods introduced in this article are for data syncing between iPhone and iPad.

It's up to you to decide which way is the best for your situation. If one of your iOS devices is new, we highly recommend you to sync your iPhone and iPad using Method 1. If you prefer to copy specific items between your devices without computer, Method 2 is for you.

While if both of your iOS devices have files on it and any data loss is unacceptable for you, don't hesitate to try Method 3. Hope one of the solutions is useful to you. Lionel - Still confused about the free way to transfer music with a PC to iPhone music transfer software, we'll recommend you an …. Changes found in the latest iOS 13 beta, released to developers on Tuesday , suggest users may be able to transfer data between two devices over a direct wired connection when setting up a new device or restoring one from a backup.

New graphic found in latest iOS 13 beta Image via 9to5Mac As things stand, iOS users have two restore options in any device setup process.

How to Use iTunes for Two iPhones So Information Will Not Mix |

One requires them to download and install a backup stored on a computer via iTunes. The other involves using iCloud and wirelessly transferring data from an old device nearby to a new one logged into the same Apple ID. However, new assets in the iOS 13 beta spotted by 9to5Mac 's Guilherme Rambo include an icon that appears to resemble an iPhone with Face ID connected to an iPhone with Touch ID using a cable, indicating a direct wired transfer option will be available when setting up devices.

In addition, a related code snippet uncovered in the beta includes the user request, "Keep your other iPhone connected to this iPhone and connected to power until the transfer is complete," which perhaps refers to the use of a wireless charging mat during the direct transfer process. It's unclear how any direct wired connection would work between two iPhones, since Apple doesn't sell a Lightning to Lightning cable that would enable such a physical link. Perhaps Apple intends to make such a cable available when iOS 13 is launched to the public in the fall.

Top Rated Comments View all. Most of their Macs have it, so it just makes sense.

Detailed Steps to Sync Two iPhones to iTunes with AnyTrans

But if you can transfer data simply by connecting one device with another albeit with Face or Touch ID , I wonder if someone will figure out how to hack the security measures. Looks more like a migration tool from old model with home button and faded to decipt old to a newer model So in iOS 5, we cut the wire.

Or it could be to allow control of an unresponsive phone that has no home button.

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Lightning is better than usb-c. The idea they would only keep lightning for license revenue is a paranoid delusion you have pulled out of thin air. Apple is introducing the iWire.

Transfer speeds are faster than ever. We think it's fabulous, and you're just going to love it. And that's the iWire. That being said, this is Apple, and a Lightning OTG dongle is probably what they will release and continue to sell a new iPhone that can't be plugged into a new MacBook Pro without a dongle. This powerful iTunes alternative can help you backup multiple iPhones on one computer without effort.

Download it now and then follow this guide to see how to make it.

3 Ways | How to Sync iPhone and iPad with/without Computer

If you just get one iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you can refer to this guide to make a smooth update. For managing multiple iPhones on one computer is not an easy job, you may need an iTunes alternative to sync two iPhones to iTunes. AnyTrans has definitely stolen the spotlight as the best iTunes alternative that does a great job on iOS data syncing.

AnyTrans eliminates the shortcomings of iTunes sync for it enables you to sync multiple iPhones to iTunes without wiping any previous info. With the help of AnyTrans, you can sync music , ringtones, videos, apps, audiobooks, and more from any iPhone to one iTunes or computer, and vice versa.

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