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Nothing seems to have improved. Little to no integration with Thunderbird or OpenOffice.

Removal Guide: How To Uninstall Dragon Dictate

Nor can the user create commands or scripts to help supplement the command creation. I have wated over 10 hours to have the software follows my commands with little luck. I have gotten very simple mouse commands to work with different application. Like move mouse, stop. But the application commands do not seem to work.

Uninstall Dragon Dictate on Mac: How to Remove Unwanted Applications Completely

The only application on an Apple that has some degree of integration is Notepad. I hoped to do some dictation, select all, copy, and paste into my actual application of choice. None of the formatting commands worked. Maybe once I complete all the exercises in the work book I will be productive.

But I am not holding my breath. The Nuance tutorial videos are misleading because the demonstrators are NOT using the microphone you get in the box. They are using other devices. Maybe the sound is cleaner. I do not know. If you want an application that will to some degree of accuracy capture voice and convert it words and put the words in a file you will be happy.

Commands like new line, new paragraph, and punctuation like comma, and period seemed to work out of the box after the initial training exercises. But nothing else. I also found out V3.

Uninstall Dragon Professional Individual for Mac version 6

So if you have not updated your Apple software, that is an additional expense. Is it possible to dictate to Firefox? The answer is yes. That's what I'm doing here. I hope readers will forgive my playing around. Well, this is my short two cent review dictated entirely in Dragon Dictate. The last time I used speech recognition software was about 15 years ago.

It was Dragon NaturallySpeaking and it was more trouble than it was worth. I must say that there has been an enormous improvement. The only trouble I have with Dragon Dictate is trying to remember the excessively large number of commands. Concomitant with this, it will take a large amount of time to master this program. You can create your own commands, control the mouse, invoke scripts and run applications. In fact, you can totally control the system with your voice. This is one powerful piece of software. The trick is to become proficient at this. Of course if you just want to dictate text, the learning curve is much shallower.

I installed the system, ran the update to 2. And here I am writing this review. I read all the reviews before ordering this, and I agree with another reviewer that barring crashes, most people's problems are due to failure to enunciate correctly. I did have trouble with the word "contretemps," but it's all better now. As far as I'm concerned, the Plantronics microphone headset that comes with it is perfectly satisfactory. Just for reference, I'm running this on a 17 inch MacBook Pro 8,3 , 2.

Also, I'm listening to music while I dictate this and no problems. I definitely have to give Dragon Dictate five stars, especially in view of the fact that Amazon is selling it for one half of the list price. IMHO, it is worth list price. Update: Leonard Cohen just came on the stereo and trashed this document. The whole document was selected at the time and so replaced by lyrics.

Fortunately, I was able to undo it and fix it. I guess his voice sounds like mine because none of the other music interfered with my dictation. Here is what Dragon Dictate thinks are the lyrics to "One of Us Cannot Be Wrong" : In the East and in him and him and him and him and him and him and him and him and him and him and him and him and him and him as he is in a nine and got more I've been using this program for a couple of days now and find the speech recognition incredible.

The real problem, in using this program, comes when you want to create your own commands and look up existing commands. There are so many little interface glitches and otherwise incomplete implementations that make using this program a chore.

If it were possible to create your own configuration file, based on a text file, then that would be great, but that is not possible. Hopefully they will spend some time making the interface usable. This happens when I'm using the supplied usb audio interface. The USB hub gets enough power so that is not the issue. It does not happen when I use my usb Zoom H2 as the mic. I attempted using their built in bug submission, but it just bounced a message back at me.

Obviously, given all the existing bugs, they're focusing on other things. I subtracted another star for customer support and faulty software. And one more because they don't try to address anyone's problems within these comments. They just let us do all the trouble shooting.. First the good.

Manually uninstall Dragon Dictate step by step:

I ordered 2. Judging from these reviews, people will be a lot happier with 2. The install on my iMac I7 was problem free, as was the set-up for my speech pattern. I immediately downloaded Dragon Microphone for my iphone and have been using that. The set up on that end was seamless, also. I'm happy so far and was able to get to work on a manual I'm writing.

Dragon Dictate für Mac - Überblick

However, I almost gave up before I even had the program - read on if you are interested Now the bad I initially ordered Dragon Direct Mac 2. They offered me a great discount the second time I called them. Because of the positive comments regarding how Nuance has listened and addressed the complaints about 2. After waiting a week and a half I live less than 2 hours from the Nuance warehouse they had not acted on my order.

No response at all to my emails. My calls went to the so-called customer service boiler room somewhere in the south Pacific, which is run by Digital River.

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I went through several reps and a supervisor, all of whom had a hard time keeping a straight story line. I understand many major software companies in the PC world use Digital River. Well, as a Mac guy I don't deal with much in the PC world which, as I understand, is all too often serviced by Digital River - one of the most disreputable "order fulfillment" services in the software industry.

You can check the complaints on-line, their highest rating is about a 2. Dealing with Nuance via Digital River was the worst online buying experience I ever had My last attempt was to suggest that they give me a download and a physical shipment, too - so I could get to work.

I was told that sounded like a great idea and the next day I called and was told my order was cancelled huh?? Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, I called my bank, verified that the hold on my card was gone, cancelled the card good thing to do based on the complaints I read and ordered 2. Got it in 24 hours 2 day shipping was free and only took one day - nice! End of story. Dragon Dictate for Mac was one of those purchases that I hadn't really planned on buying until one night I was just too tired to type one more thing.

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I'm glad I got this. I did try both to see the differences. My webcam, although great for what it does, Dragon Dictate for Mac couldn't filter out the "outside noise" from my voice since it sits about arms length away from me. My goal is to use this to write training manuals, books, etc. I intend to do all of it as straight text without much formatting since most of the formatting is outlining ; I am quicker doing outlining with keyboard and mouse. As we have mentioned above, like uninstall Dragon Dictate 4. In this case, you should pay attention to the additional removal of these files on your computer.

In some situations, malware or rogue programs may refuse to be uninstalled on the computer, and associated tricky processes or files may frequently prevent you removing them successfully, so you need a more professional uninstall utility to handle this kind of removal to ensure the effective removal of these applications.

Get professional Mac uninstall tool to uninstall Dragon Dictate 4. Name required. E-mail will not be published required. How can Uninstall Dragon Dictate 4. Tages: program uninstallation on Mac uninstall Dragon Dictate 4. Leave a Reply Name required E-mail will not be published required. Remove Geo-Calc 2. Feel frustrated and have no idea to complete the uninstallation when encounter these removing problems on Mac? Don't be so upset, here are several ways that can help you to delete the application, just choose the best way to perform the removal on your PC.

If you got this Dragon Dictate 6. Some applications may contain an particular uninstaller on their install packages, you can try to open the package to check whether there is an uninstaller of the applications. If you can see a removal tool inside, you can choose to take this uninstaller to remove the program on your Mac computer. Just double-click on the uninstaller, a new removing wizard will display on the desk, and you just need to follow the instructions to complete the whole removing process. By default, an installed application should be placed at the Applications folder in the Finder, so you can choose to find out the Dragon Dictate 6.

Note: vestiges are usually contained if you take the above removal methods to uninstall Dragon Dictate 6. Leftover issue is a very common problem when you choose to remove a program via moving it to the Trash, which just can help you remove the installed package of the target application. However, in addition to the package, there are usually many preference files and support files still leaving on the Mac computer, and continue to take up the disk space. Always ignoring these vestiges usually cause some troublesome problems on the PC, such as cannot re-install the app, or disk space are consumed quickly and have no enough space to support the computer's performance.