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Strasser: Die Minerale Salzburgs Strasser: Die Minerale Salzburgs, Archiv Salzburg 12, Paar, J. Weidinger, R. Mrazek, H. Heiss: Lapis 18 5 Znachsattel; "Im Kalk". Der Steirische Mineralog 28, Taurach valley Fuchs Alp - Fuchs lake area incl.

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Wuhu Nanling Co. Fujian Longyan Shanghang Co. Mineralogical Magazine, 78, Science Press Beijing , Wuping Co. Nanping Jianyang Co. Sanming Youxi Co. Jingtai Co.

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Jingyuan Co. Dingxi Min Co. Gannan Hezuo Co. Luqu Co. Maqu Co. Jiuquan Guazhou Co. Anxi Co. Jinta Co. Subei Co. Lanzhou Yuzhong Co. Longnan Cheng Co. Hui Co. Li Co. Wen Co. Xihe Co. Wushan Co. Zhangye Sunan Co. Heyuan Lianping Co. Zijin Co. Maoming Xinyi Co. Meizhou Mei Co. Qingyuan Yingde Co. Shanwei Lufeng Co. Shaoguan Renhua Co. Wengyuan Co. Yangjiang Yangchun Co. Yunfu Luoding Co. Zhanjiang Lianjiang Co. Zhaoqing Fengkai Co. Guangxi Baise Longlin Co. Guilin Ziyuan Co. His studies include the political economy of digitalization in China, media reform and social restructuring, and media literacy.

He teaches graduate courses at CUC, such as the political economy of communication and communication theories. She researches communication governance and media production, both of which are examined in the context of globalization and technological shifts. She researches children 's use of media and their sub-culture, empowering marginal groups through communication, feminist media studies, media literacy education, and communication research methodology.

He has been a member of numerous Carter Center missions to monitor Chinese village, township and county people's congress deputy elections from to He has written extensively on China's political developments and grassroots democracy. Recently, Yawei is a cofounder and editor of The journal 21st Century International Review , editor of the online Chinese newsletter "National Political Development Report" and executive editor of Sunshine, a biweekly current affairs magazine based in Hong Kong.

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Sean Ding is senior program associate at The Carter Center. He assists with programming decisions, fundraising, and project management. She is also a special contributor and correspondent for Southern Weekly, one of China's most popular and liberal newspapers based in Guangzhou, and Nanfang Daily, the official newspaper of Guangdong Province. Mei is currently pursuing a degree in international politics at the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University. Shanghai-born Mr. After graduation, she went to the Chinese University of Hong Kong where she was involved in a research project on Asian gaming industry, exploring gaming guild culture and consumer co-creative labor.

Her research interest lies at the intersection of online cultural communities and the political economy of digital cultural industries. His primary interests are contentious politics, social movements and comparative democratization. His dissertation focuses on internet governance in China, particularly how state and non-state actors interact on online forums and bulletin board systems BBSes , not only on censorship, but also on mass opinion engineering and discourse competition. His research area includes social media, mobile media, and family communication.

D in Comparitive Politics at Peking University. His research interests focus on party state relations,public sector reform, civil society, and social innovation. He has participated in, and contributed to, several national research projects in the capacity of principal investigator or core group member.

He has published many manuscripts in the peer review journals and presentations in the international conference, such as Journal of Public Management and Journal of Social Sciences. Her research interests include the role of transnational watchdog journalism in China and how ICTs strengthen an emerging civil society.

She graduated with distinction from the University of Wisconsin-Madison double majoring in journalism and economics. She researches the circulation, adoption, and use of mobile phones and computers among marginalized populations in northern China, with a focus on the countryside.

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Her research interest lies in the rise of digital media and its socio-political implications on China. Yunnan Dali Yunlong Co. Honghe Gejiu Co.

Embryonic stem cells shed new light on the developmental roles of p53

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Houzar, S.

Dissertations & Theses from 2018

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Embryonic stem cells shed new light on the developmental roles of p53

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Pu, Yunlong

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