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Apple's default option for accessing the menus is to press Control-F2. However, this may sometimes not work, especially if you have the function hot keys used for other features like the Dashboard, Launch Pad, and other system controls and services. Therefore, if you reassign the menu access to another hot key, you can not only ensure it works more reliably, but also make it more relevant to keyboard access. To do this, open the Keyboard system preferences, and in the Keyboard Shortcuts section, select the Keyboard category.

Navigate the Menu Bar, Dock, and More, Using Your Mac’s Keyboard

Then locate the option called "Move focus to the menu bar" and ensure it is checked. Since you will likely be using arrow keys to navigate with the keyboard, I recommend using an arrow-based hot key, such as Control-Option-Down Arrow this one in particular is not used for other purposes.

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With this hot key assigned, you can now press it at any point and you will see the Apple menu become highlighted. Navigating with the arrows will allow you to select a menu and a command in it, then pressing Enter will activate that command.

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If you wish to close the menu then you can press the hot key again a couple of times. Download the Right Click workflow.

So, now that you know how to right click on Mac with keyboard, go ahead and start using your Mac like a keyboard pro. If you face any problems, or if you know of another method to do this, let me know in the comments section below. LOG IN. Recover your password. Right Click Using Keyboard on Mac. SuperUser reader ppittle wants to know if there is a keyboard shortcut that can be used in place of the Context Menu Key :.

Contextual menu shortcuts?

But on some keyboards, mainly laptops, they have stopped including a dedicated Context Menu Key. Is there a keyboard shortcut that will bring up the Context Menu? First up, Adam Prescott:.

How To Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts For Any Application

This is awesome, but in some apps it does not work. Have something to add to the explanation?

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