Logitech k750 keyboard for mac

They already HAVE a damned keyboard! If this can be innovated as a keyboard dock for a tablet or smartphone, for example, it will at least have some real use.


Logitech K Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac

Rather than that, it just feels like a "Cool" feature to have :. Apart from being good keyboards, which is the whole point, you don't have to buy batteries or rechargeable batteries to enjoy the wireless keyboard experience.

  • $40 gets you a wireless keyboard that never needs new batteries or to be charged;
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  • Break Free From Battery Hassles With Logitech’s Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac.
  • K Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac - Logitech.
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Less money, less waste, and an impressive solar battery life. They are handy because they are cordless so no clutter of wires or tangling etc. Battery holds a charge for good long time. They don't need another wire or more expensive batteries that run out at the worst possible time. I can just use it :'o. I allways run out batteries at the wrong time, but that won't happen to me anymore with a Logitech Solar keyboard! Anything green is great!! No batteries to buy. So you will save money. Solar power is fantastic!! It is save chemical and electrical energy from battery and we don't need to worry to get sunlight when working on day.

Bcoz, they are solar powered n occupies less space. The Logitech solar keyboards are useful because you don't need to worry about having batteries on hand! I hate having to change the batteries on my wireless keyboard, one of these guys would fix that problem..

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac - White

Yup, these are great keyboards when they work and then at least on I know of seem to stop when lease expected. I don't have to change batteries anymore! They save the environment, and money, through use of renewable energy and non disposable batteries. They're useful because they're so think and sleek and require no batteries or cables to trip over. Love the fact it is solar and one less thing to charge or plug in.

So great I which more of our add-ons came in solar option! My country always full with sunlight when I am on the move, it can save my time to charge it or save my dollar on batteries!!! Renewable energy always are the best and first choice!! Great review and great timing. I'm in the market for a new keyboard. Either one does not look bad either. Guess if someone who died in the 60's is to resurrect by some miracle he would think think he is having a very wild dream.

Groundbreaking technology that is great. It would be of great help over here where electric power is not reliable and sun roasts us. It would be great to know the range, both unobstructed and with minor obstruction, to know how well it would work some industrial applications. I'm changing the batteries on my iMac keyboard about once a week. It certainly would be an advantage to have a keyboard that didn't interrupt work flow to change batteries.

I already have one, and I love it!! Seriously folks, if you don't win this - and most of you won't - go buy one. Totally great keyboard. I frequently work in the dark during late night programming sessions. Any worries about running out of juice and having to search for batteries or another keyboard is a thing of the past. I like that they both last months but I also agree with Danny that a lighted keyboard would be my first choice. I also prefer white keyboards which are very difficult to find. I'd love to win one of these! Because we can save some electricity bill.

We can depend on the solar power instead of batteries. So i vote for this product. Its just awesome to see the solar conservative energy methods into the keyboards. You do not have to go and get battery or have to fuss with wires. Logitech made this no longer a factor.

No batteries to bog you down No problems with these keyboards.. They are useful becaue they dont need batteries to run. Besides, it would make the perfect companion for my Logitech T trackpad on Mac. And there's no worries concerning battery change I don't have to worry about connecting it to a charger or worry about low batteries! It is very convenient to use. I don't require batteries and it's programmable. The quality of the Keyboards i got was shocking bad.

The K has letters that are just like stickers on top of the key. After 3 months i noticed already some heavily used letters to rub of the keys. I replaced it twice with no change. Just the black keyboard showed a longer resistance before the letters rub off. The K i got german layout had keys that where not printed in the center of the key. I replaced the keyboard in the hope it is just this keyboard. I am absolutely happy with the functionality as well as the feel while typing. My summary: Great keyboard layout, great look and feel while typing, the solar charging works great, No more unresponsive keyboard when working on a time-sensitive project because the batteries went dead It does not need batteries.

It goes nicely with my Logitech wireless mouse. I had the K and it was great, then the spacebar became stuck and was a complete bugger to fix It doesn't require a charger, it feels really mobile, becouse you only need to bring the keyboard with you,. I want this because my battery problem will be a thing of the past. Very useful, especially since you can't switch the keyboard off, can you?

Now if only they make a solar-powered mouse as well, because its battery life is much shorter. The package says 5 months. My foot, it couldn't even last for Don't ask me where to put the solar panels, because I don't know either. I really enjoyed the well written article. The product looks great and no more worries about having no replacement batteries at home when my bluetooth keyboard runs out of power sounds appealing.

I am not an environmentalist and no friend of solar power I'm actually writing from a country which highly promotes ans subsidizes the use of solar energy and therefore ridiculously high energy cost , but saving a little on battery waste helps too. So I followed the link in the article to buy the MAC version. As I always do, I read the customer comments on Amazon for the product and was shocked. LogiTech forum is also full of the same complains. This is a serious design flaw. I will not buy the keyboard until I positively hear that LogiTech has corrected the problem. For now my excitement for this product is seriously cooled down.

You don't need to keep buying batteries for the mouse and keyboard and you can still be wireless. You can use it as a phantom keyboard to type things while unsuspecting people are using the computer. Are the keycap legends silk screened on or are they more permanent and designed to not rub off within six months? Even better if you duct tape scissors to the end of it.

Go green :. I can finally do away with changing batteries! Well besides taking the battery headache out of the picture, being able to type from anywhere is always welcomed. They recharge without you having to do anything other than leave them in the light , and thus you don't have to worry about running out of battery power. Lite, no batteries and perfect for a tablet. It is userful because you don't have to worry about dying your keyboard because its solar powered device :.

This would be a nice addition To my desktop, thanks for the chance to enter. I have used the logitech solar keyboard at work with an iMac and really enjoyed the wireless convenience as well as not having to add batteries regularly. I especially liked the convenience of the 10key pad. My only recommendation would be to add a caps lock indicator. I have the K The build quality is really good.

And no need to worry about battery at least till now on a wireless device is great experience. This keyboard are useful because it not only cuts the cords but actually is a green keyboard via the solar panel. The solar panel allows for less battery use and lower carbon footprint for you computer. It gives you freedom to move around with out any obstacles, also gives your pocket a much needed breack in the form of battery free. That would be great for hooking my laptop up to my TV.

Wouldn't have to worry about getting up for anything, and I already have a Logitech Mouse with a unifying receiver, so I'd just pair it with that. They hold charge for a long time and are one step to more green energy usage. Wireless board with solar panels. I would like to have one of these because I wear trifocals. It can be difficult getting far enough away from my laptop screen to see what I just typed!!

With this keyboard I would always know exactly what I just emailed my boss! They'll charge in regular room light and the charge apparently lasts long enough to negate bad weather! Can't wait for them to develop a like unit for Windows and Android--no keypad, yes Bluetooth, maybe backlighted keyboard, better yet if multipairs. Hope they develop a like unit, Bluetooth and sans keypad, with or without backlighting, for Windows and Android; even better if it'll work on both without re-pairing. The "Solar app" that comes with them lets you check the charge.

That's especially helpful if working a long time in very low light - if the charge runs low, just turn on a light. This is good for you as you no longer have to spend money on batteries, but it also is good for the planet. Even rechargeable batteries have a given life cycle and when it's over, they become a waste that's particularly hard to process in a clean way.

And to top it all of, it lasts pretty long too,. Not needing batteries is pretty awesome. If that source ever gets exhausted Simply put:. I see them as a multimedia keyboard for home entertainment systems! No wires and no batteries needed. What logitech needs to do next is offer a tough pad or track ball with solar power I doubt a solar powered mouse would be small enough to fit in a hand given current technology a mouse is a stupid input device anyway.

That is the best keyboard I have used in a long time. There are no batteries to worry about and it's very comfortable.

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Almost got a Logitech Solar Keyboard but it was a little bit to much so I got a Logitech K would still like to win one though. They're useful because batteries are toxic to the environment if they're not disposed of properly. I have been so annoyed at cordless keyboards that won't accept rechargeable batteries or consume mass quantities of alkaline batteries. I would even be willing to dock the keyboard or mouse at end of day for recharging.

What are you supposed to say about solar powered wireless keyboards, that others haven't said already and be unique?! I like the idea of buying no more batteries. I hate the keyboards with little legs; they break far too easily. I love the idea of not having to dump batteries into the landfill. Solar ought to be required for all keyboards and many other devices, too! Useful because firstly everything wireless is very useful to me and secondary reason is because it helps me save money on my cells, which I have to buy for my Bluetooth devices.

So why burning dead dinos? I've been using the K version since January and love it. The numeric keypad is very handy and the grey matches the Mini I use it with. I had the K for about a week before one of the keys fell off. Just seemed cheaply built. I was going to buy the K for my Mac, but when you compare the build quality of the Mac keyboard vs the , it is a no brainer and the Apple keyboard will win out.

I do have to say the solar keyboard did trickle charge off my computer monitor as well as the light from my TV. Most importantly the solar capability is rally impressive. I have a keyboard tray on my desk and keyboard wires need to be managed so they don't droop down on my knees :. These solar powered keyboards are better for the environment by using free energy by not throwing away batteries. I love Logitech's unifying receiver feature and now with the solar option, it is just one less thing to worry about when buying peripherals. All there products work great and I'd love to win this show I can tell all my friends why they should buy one as well.

I really like it. Logitech products are of the highest quality, and harnessing solar energy instead of batteries is a terrific idea. I am very selective when it comes to keyboards, and to be honest, wireless doesn't enter into it. Im party disabled, so I have very specific needs when it comes to the feel of keyboards. The best I have found so far is the Logitech K, but it's more expensive to replace if anything goes wrong.

I've had my eye on these solars from Logitech for a while because the keys seem similar to the ones I like on my K The K would be fantastic as I'm used to Unifying wireless devices, and the K, if that's bluetooth, I have several ways to put it to good use. I also would really love to use my 60" television as a monitor sometimes but my keyboard cord is too short to plug everything in comfortably. They are useful because you don't have to deal with cables nor batteries, but mainly because solar energy is so green!!

Actually it charges also inside rooms even while you work on it. I never saw it going empty or something! I have one since about half a year Oh yeah! They also look great! This is very useful as Solar power is good for the environment and you don't have to charge your battery frequently with costly power. Full size curved. Tech Specs. Logitech Wireless Keyboard K - Keyboard - wireless - 2.

Razer Turret - Keyboard and mouse set - with mouse pad - backlit - wireless - 2.

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Keyboard and mouse set. USB wireless receiver. Keyboard - wireless. Quick Specs Device Type.

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