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And my company has made more profits than before. Pros: Auto capture screenshots More.

What do you think about Aobo Keylogger for Mac Standard? Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. View full description. PROS Monitors and logs all keystrokes including passwords Undetectable to users and doesn't interfere with normal activities Easy to install. CONS Free trial version does not record passwords. Softonic review Aobo Keylogger is an easy-to-install application that records every keystroke entered on a computer while remaining totally undetectable to the user.

When You Need to Know What Your Computer Is Used For Although keylogging software is most often associated with spyware activity the technology also has entirely legitimate uses in a variety of situations. Keep Your Computer Under Complete Control If you need to monitor the activities of your computer's other users then Aobo Keylogger provides a safe stealthy and effective way of viewing every keyboard event.

Elite Keylogger 1.8.365.1

Airo Antivirus for Mac Protect your Mac from risks. Outline Safer Online Access. Download Aobo Keylogger for Mac Standard 5. Download for Mac. User reviews about Aobo Keylogger for Mac Standard. Check logs easily More reviewed onSeptember 25, Cons: none More reviewed onNovember 5, More reviewed onJuly 10, Therefore, it is more of a moral issue to determine whether you want to use a keystroke recorder.

But as long as you own the computer, or have been given administrative privileges, it is legal to install one. Record all keystrokes typed on the computer, including website addresses, chat messages and emails. Know who logged in, when, and what applications were used. CNET: Great monitoring program for all levels Upgrade now , see what's new.


Elite Keylogger for Mac OS X

Protect your children and be sure they are using the Internet safely Find out if your roommates are using your computer The best keylogger for monitoring employee activity Try Elite remote keylogger download for free and track visited websites. What is a keylogger?

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Then we put in our admin password, and installation finishes. Depending on the tab chosen, the rest of the window contains corresponding information, allowing either to see the logs calendar, users' and applications filters, groups of intercepted information , to configure the keystroke logger or to put in another activation code.

Despite the interface looks a bit non-standard, we must admit it is very easy to use and handy. Well done!

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As for security level of Elite Keylogger for Mac OS X, this spy software is hidden very well, protected by password and can be accessed by typing a secret keyword. Unfortunately, it can't be accessed by typing a hotkey combination or configured to uninstall on a specified date.

It also doesn't have an option of showing a custom-written message to the user who is being monitored. Elite Keylogger for Mac OS X can perform the following monitoring actions: recording of both alphanumeric and system keys, clipboard monitoring, making screenshots with pre-set frequency. User also can't configure the quality of screenshots to be made, as well as to choose whether to make screenshots every time a mouse is clicked and if that should be screenshots of the entire desktop or of an active window only. The keylogger detects URLs visited in all the browsers, except Opera which is a pretty rare browser on Mac , and logs both sides of chat conversations made in Yahoo IM and Skype.

Additionally, this keystroke logging software doesn't intercept both sides of chats made in AIM and Messages formerly Bonjour.

Installation & Interface

It also can't be configured to make a screenshot every time a new website is loaded. This section is also the one where Elite Keylogger for Mac shows a very good result. This keystroke recording software allows its user to choose which of the Mac users and which of the applications to monitor. It also allows performing keyword search in the logs, specifying the maximum log-files' size and configuring their auto clearance.

Additionally, the intercepted information can be viewed for a custom-specified period of time. The most important in this section, however, is the ability of Elite Keylogger for Mac OS X to deliver the log-files by email. In our opinion, that's not a big loss for a keylogger app. This is very good. Unfortunately, the rest of the features of this section are not available. Elite keylogger can't "react" to a keyword from a pre-specified list, can't be configured to work on schedule, to block websites and programs from a specified list.

Summing up, we can say that Elite Keylogger for Mac OS X is a good keylogger, functionality of which can be suitable for home monitoring, and may be enough for monitoring kids. Monitoring this group analyzes what monitoring functions the products has, such as keystroke, clipboard, file-activity, etc monitoring. Security this group shows how hidden the product is and what self-protection mechanisms it has.

Reports the group that basically analyzes the convenience of the intercepted information reading, including not only the ways to filter and show it, but also to deliver it remotely. Other other functions that cannot be part of any of the other groups listed, though a still very important such as parental control functions, languages, reactions to specific keywords, etc. OS Support this group reflect the number and quality of the operation systems supported by the products.

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