Compiling source code on mac os x

Note that this will replace the system version of glibtool, which might have some compatibility issues with building other software. If you are building for Mac OS X You only need the sysroot parameter on PowerPC Macintosh, not on a Intel Macintosh The "-arch i -arch ppc" is what tells the compiler to build a "universal" or "fat" binary. Usually it's easiest to build one version for "powerpc-apple-darwin8", and one version for "iapple-darwin8", and then merge them with " lipo ".

Building from Source Code on Linux and Mac OS X

To avoid having the Code::Blocks user having to compile or install wxWidgets themselves, we can bundle it with our application so that it is contained in the application bundle. This could also be done by statically linking wxWidgets, but with dynamic linking we can share the wxWidgets library between all applications using wxWidgets not just Code::Blocks.

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This way it will first look in the framework path -F , and then in for the shared library path -L as usual. You need to use the newer version of automake see above , for the "bootstrap". OS X Unless you have a "proper" pkg-config installation the Code::Blocks configure will fail, so move this symbolic link aside.

Compiling Tensorflow from Source on MacOS –

Note: the easiest way to build a Universal Binary for Code::Blocks is to build once for PowerPC -arch ppc and once for Intel -arch i , and then merge them with lipo afterwards. Note: You need to patch the location of the pre-compiled headers, or it will generate them in the same place for both arch. After building codeblocks in the regular Unix way, you need to bundle it with the icons and various other info that it needs to make a regular stand-alone Macintosh application. The old resources are handy while developing, while bundles are more suitable for release. Note: You need to use either of these methods, or your application will launch in the background behind all other windows and will be unable to receive any events!

Note: on the Intel Macintoshes, the icon comes up as "broken" apparently it assumes that all apps with resforks are Classic. These temporary directories are listed in italic below, they're not really used in bundles The CodeBlocks application can now be moved with the Finder, and started up like a regular Mac application. I don't even know what the program will look like. Or is it a genuine GUI app? It all depends on how portable the developers made their program.

Expect developers to be lazy — some might even try to compile their code on Windows and Ubuntu only. Other applications might need a configuration step before. Just follow the instructions there. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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    This package is intended for linux use though, and I'm on a mac. I didn't know macs were used to universally run all programs. Rob, what I meant was: if I can run it on a mac, I'd prefer to do so. This because I'm already familiar with everything that's on it and I've already configured everything to my liking. If my mac won't run, I'll be forced to do otherwise of course. Wait a bit.

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    The software will compile now. Run the binary with. How to install other applications Other applications might need a configuration step before.

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