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Computer Log-in, the wifi network passcode, etc. I'm able to connect my Sony a to the software fine, but I'm wondering if anyone can help explain to me how to get the computer to connect to a second wifi to enable sharing functions. Keir mentioned buying an additional internet stick. How would this work?

Or would it be the other way around? Hello, I have a sony a connected through wifi, after it takes the photos it takes way too long to process before the email photo part shows up. Is there a way to speed up this process? Why does it take so long? I'm using a Had everything set up and camera view is showing at PC screen. I was able to setup my sony a to my surface pro 6, and it did work, the only thing was the live view was laggy, I lower the camera resolution to small and quality to standard and now works more stable with live view, but it takes a little bit to trigger for some reason, It feels it would fail in any moment.

Search results Show more. Run the Smart Remote Control app on your camera.

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Click on Connect with Password if available. Amfion April 01, This is great!!! Going to try it out right away! Tomek August 21, Johnny Pham September 30, How reliable is the wifi. Have anyone have any experience with the wifi dropping? Kier October 13, Tomek October 13, Daniel Florea November 04, Any help? Mike November 18, Daniel, Sony cameras only support capture over wifi with dslrBooth.

Tomek February 20, Mike February 21, Yes, live view is supported for Sony cameras. Even if through wifi? Or does it need to be tethered? Kier April 04, I have a sony a connected through wifi but i cannot use the video function. Mike May 17, Amfion July 28, Achibpl October 04, Antonia Venturi December 23, I just bought a Sony A99 II will this camera work with the software?

Bruce Walrod February 15, Any help here please? Only goes to 30s which is a pity. Is there anyway round this? When I press connect a camera, I am told repeatedly to install the Play Memories software, which is installed already. I tried re-installing the software over and over to no avail. The one camera on the list is my A7ii, the new A7Rii never seems to be recognized, nor does my pre-existing play memories software. Hmmm…are you using the same Sony USB cord on all 3 cameras? Using the cable that came with the A7Rii. In fact, I just used the cable to update the firmware on my A7ii, which went fine though took quite a while.

After the firmware update went onto play memories to update the Time-Lapse App and same problem. As of Sept , Sony seems to be still evaluating compatibility of Playmemories camera apps with Windows I hear it works fine if you use Internet Explorer instead of Edge. Thanks for posting this solution for downloading Playmemories apps. I had to reboot the computer to get it to take on Safari, however. Sony Support said a program default required a 36 hour waiting period following the purchases. Pretty frustrating as the error message indicates the credit card cards in this instance information is wrong.

The folks at PlayStation support were kind but were unaware that the Playmemories website is linked to the PlayStation website for account information and support. Finally, I tried moving money from my PayPal account to the Sony Wallet and that failed, giving a incorrect credit card details message — though my PayPal account is linked to my bank not too a credit card. Follow them closely and you will find success.

Skip one of my warnings and proceed at your own risk. Sorry Brian if it seemed I was trolling you! I have finally got a work around this morning! I purchased Sony PlayStation prepaid cards from Amazon, got the codes and Playmemories easily applied the codes to my Wallet and I was able to purchase the Sony Playmemories apps I wanted.

How do I transfer photos from my sony NEX-5R to my Ipad using wifi

Hope this helps — and again, apologies for the previous posts. I have given up trying to use PlayMemories at all and am returning my Sony for a Canon now, but appreciate your trying to help others with their Sony issues. I am using windows vista and internet explorer. Any help will be appreciated :. Have you never had this problem before? Hey Iris, we just had another reader post that he ran into the same issue because he failed to disable security software — but once he did everything worked perfectly.

Try that. Hi, Brian and others, just want to leave my testimony here, about this topic. It works on Windows 10 and Internet Explorer. After I disable it, I was able to connect my camera with my laptop, purchase and install the app on my camera through my laptop. Thanks for the instruction! I have noticed that several of the screen captures used to promote Smart Camera Remote depict functionality, f-stop, shutter speed, and ISO, that do not appear in any version of the mobile version I have downloaded. Are there features that work only with specific cameras?

I controlling an A7r and A7r II with two android devices. A Nexus 7 tablet and a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. These devices only features are shutter control, EV compensation and timer delay. Are the other features displayed on the screen captures available on iPads or iPhones and not Androids? As far as I know they will work with all a7 series cameras in both iOS and Android but ONLY when everything is updated to the current version — which is why I wrote this post on how to do it.

I am just confused as to why Sony would show images of features which are not available on the Android versions. All functions work exactly as shown on iPhone and iPad provided both camera firmware and apps are up to date. As I mentioned in my post about remote control app, Touch Focus will not work if camera is set for back button focus or with a manual focus lens for rather obvious reasons.

I have spent about 5 hours tonight trying to purchase Timelapse for my new A7sii from playmemories. The free app downloads but the purchase of timelapse never completes. I do have ie Since Sony has gone the route of purchased apps for functionality that your expect to have out of the box and the app cant be downloaded it means I have bought something unusable. Human support is nonexistent on the site so I will be returning the A7sii tomorrow.

The biggest issue is that the site is flash based and the only browsers still supporting Flash are Safari and Internet Explorer. Their server may be down at the moment. Hello, I am an amateur astronomer and doing with the A Astro shots. I use Play Memory S-Mobile. But it could be even better. Just add the possibility to automate the Bulb function, eg 50 recordings a 2 minutes.

This would facilitate our hobby very. Is there already thinking about it? Thanks and Regards Giovanni Caronti. I am using osx safari on a rxm4 but no luck with camera apps page connection. I have tried your suggested settings but they wont help as well. I already have a fund in my wallet but no registered credit cards. On camera installation will not allow without c. So I am stuck :. I added a credit card to start. I Live in Thailand. Thailand PMapp store only sells a few apps, not the whole catalogue. Bought some apps and installed them. Made a new account for Thailand.

No problem. Need to re-register the camera to the new account, so I lose all the apps I purchased, and all of my Camera Settings as well. This is the worst customer experience I have ever had. More than an hour of screwing about online, and back where I started. Play Memories is not available in certain countries but I do not know the reasons why. I changed that setting and then everything worked fine. Please disregard my last post. That only worked for installing camera software 2.

They suggested that the only option at this time is to download via WiFi. MTP is the only thing that worked for me. Boy this whole process is super buggy. I had to try over and over again to navigate it. And it could not process credit card payments at all. Thanks Sony for the wasted hour of my life! Hi and thanks for the useful tips! I run on safari and follow exactly the instructions but I receive the following message Cannot switch the camera to download mode. There is no other usb around and the camera is connected directly to my mac!.

Any chance you upgraded to I called today Sony they told me that still is not compatible el capitan with the camera and they proposed me to install it with a pc.. I have a friend he is still on yosemite i will try there! I guess misery loves company. Sony… you are pathetic!

You could not post a warning at the top of the app page warning of incompatibilities?! Brian, your continuos efforts to help us all are much appreciated. Add in the countless collective hours wasted by god only knows how many frustrated users and the toll is even worse. Profoundly annoying and disappointing. Just a follow up as I hate walking away from a problem. But alas I am still defeated. Tried on a Yosemite Mac, with the latest security upgrade, I shut down the firewall.

This attempt gets a little farther. Click on it and… and… nothing. Get to exactly the same spot and… frozen. I must be insane as I keep repeating the process and expect something different to happen. My almost last attempt… a laptop I seldom use. Win 7 Pro. Ditto the above. Freezes at the confirm purchase screen. A buddy of mine walks in and he has his work laptop with him. Five minutes later, ditto again.

I am retreating from this for awhile. Its making me crazy. I am on a Mac running El Capitan I see that El Capitan is not supported. However, I would have thought that after a few months this bug would have been fixed. What is the recommended workaround from Sony for Apple users? Do they eventually plan on fixing this issue? FYI, El Capitan ver. I just updated thanks for the instructions!

Thanks for for being so helpful! Any suggestions? Good grief! I figured it out. I had to move money from my credit card into my wallet before I could make the purchase. I hope this helps some else who might not realize this little extra step. I mean come on…. Right — figured out a way that should work for those of us in the UK. And hopefully elsewhere. I went back into my Playstation Network Account that this process created for me and deleted my credit card and paypal details.

That gives you an instant code which can be cut and pasted the into the redeem card bit on your Playstation Network account. Many thanks for that post and the idea about the amazon gift card, once I have got over the anger and frustration with my latest attempt at getting the Sony app site to work I will try that!! It does also help somewhat perversely to hear that everyone else is having the same issues. How on earth does a massive corporation like Sony let themselves be associated with such an unmitigatingly awful piece of work like this website?

What an embarrasment for them. Just went to Amazon and it turns out that the only PSN gift card currently available is for 35GBP … all others listed as currently unavailable … the fates definitely do not want us using Sony do they? I have found your website useful in getting into the quirks of the Sony menu system came from Nikon. There is no way to just pay for the app. Why on earth is there just no pay now button for paypal such as on ebay.

If the camera were not so good I would just have got rid of it and moved on because of this terrible attempt by Sony to get their tentacles in to our credit cards etc. My advise is to forget about using a Paypal wallet and simply link a credit card. I have to link a credit card to purchase apps from the Apple App Store.

Many thanks for such a prompt response. The use of a credit card for the Apple app store is different on two major counts … firstly the Apple app store has apps that one might want to buy! Most of the Sony Camera apps are no more than gimmicks. Secondly there is none of the messing about with first transferring funds into a wallet. I have tried with different cards, Paypal, different browsers, everything!

I have searched for hours on internet for a solution, I have think about all day at work yesterday, I even dreamed about it this night. I have spend around 10 hours now and give up. What a shame! Maybe take a look on Google App store or Apple app store and just learn something about how an app store should work. Wake up SONY bosses! You make very good cameras and another gadgets, but this the app store is horrible!

Sorry, but aside from detailing the steps that have been successful for me, I cannot supply any further PlayMemories Camera App Support. I just want to add that the free apps I can download without problem. I suggest that SONY gives away the timelapse app for free, until they have managed to build a working pay solution! Leif in Sweden. If that is not available in your home country — Paid apps cannot be purchased.

Installing paid appson my rx1r2 is impossible in the cam and via mac. El Capitan is still not supported??? I was able to purchase the time lapse app for my a and its now on my camera but when I choose it in the applications a little blue square shows up saying time lapse but then the screen goes blank. The first thing to check is to make sure your a firmware is the latest version. Each camera app has a settings tab in the menu to control set-up. That was a quick response! I had to download the latest version before I was able to buy the app. Do you know how to get around this?

All was ok until I reset my camera to enable Back Button focusing, which I love. The problem is that, now, most of the Sony Camera Apps no longer work. Apps are all tied to focus with shutter button — not a custom button. You must enable focus with shutter if you want apps to focus.

NEX-6/NEX-5R Transferring Images to the Smartphone

Thanks for the prompt reply. So, when I want to use one of the Sony Apps, I must turn focus with shutter back on. Are there any other settings involed with back-button focusing that must also be changed? With a Canon 5DsR rental body that I have for the week with built in time lapse capability!

They have great technology, but they are showing me more and more that they are an large electronics company first, not a camera company.

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Pressed the menu button ok, but set up is under which icon, which page? I have a Sony a7r2. I also have a Sony account and no trouble signing in. Everything seems to work as required during the download until I hit the final Confirm and Download button. I have heard from some readers that El Capitan is now supported — but I use an old laptop that runs on Is there any way to do said update in camera using a wifi connection?

Any help or advice will be immensely appreciated. God no. If you lost WiFi connection your camera would brick. Free app works fine.

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Free app downloading no problem. I tried to add credits over sony using paypal and credit cards. No luck. Im in Irelad, using windows 7 and win10 on laptop. Camera A7s II, just got new software updated. Nothing helps. Apologies for disturbing you … but yours seems to be the only way to potentially have a communication with Sony!!

The Play Memories Camera Apps store is woeful! The apps that I want to buy should in my view have come with the camera timelapse and multiple exposure so Sony sold me an incomplete camera and resolutely prevents me from putting it right. When I try to find customer support it forces me to their Swedish site which is only in Swedish … I dont read Swedish! All in all a frustrating, ridiculous experience which I think will send me back to a Nikon System. I know that none of this is your doing , of course, but this seems to be the only possible way to get any sort of message to Sony — as if they will even care!

Sony uses the Play Station Network for their paid apps so it operates under under the restrictions and governmental regulations of that system. I wish Sony would remove the Paypal option and only allow credit card purchases. Paypal wallet never seems to work. Canon and Nikon were wise not to offer camera apps. Sony needs a lesson from Apple and their store. Tried to buy the timelapse app today. Both through camera and the website. It just says connection failed all the time. Way to convince your users of your support when this aint fixed a year later, Sony!

Sorry for adding my frustration here, but this seems to be the place to do it since Sony dont want to hear it. So much wasted time. Hi Brian, I just wanted to share something here and see if anyone else or perhaps you have came across it. I finally managed to get some credit added to my Play memories account, so I went to the site in order to install some apps on my camera finally.

The camera is connected with the USB cable that came in the box when I bought it. I checked the USB settings as you outlined;. And even though I had them set it didnt work. Finally I ended up giving in and going to a Windows notebook I had, where it worked fine.

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  4. Alright, I think I scrolled through the majority of these questions and now I have my own issue. OK great, thank you Sony. Anyway, I tried simply connecting the camera directly via wifi and all seems good. I confirm purchase via credit card on file in playstation account and BOOM, internal error. WTF is internal error?

    Any ideas? I feel for you, but why is pulling the app down via your laptop assumed to not work maybe by not reading all the posts above I missed something related to this? Though not on a laptop, I used my iMac with El Capitan successfully after much frustration to download apps. Sony needs to clean this up, and better yet, for the price of these cameras, include at least the multiple exposure and timelapse apps with the cameras by default or whatever their most popular apps are to ease the obvious frustration that users of their cameras are experiencing. I was so frustrated last night I wanted to throw my camera.

    Why make us pay and on top of that use this horrendous interface to download? October 26, […] are PlayMemories related. Thanks for creating this post. Many Thanks! The whole Play Memories ecosystem is unbearably slow, inefficient, buggy, ugly… I have set up both credit cards and paypal account but both the site and the in-camera app refuse my money. Really embarrassing for Sony. Unable to download the time-lapse app for my Sony a Really disappointed. I see now that macOS Sierra is not supported.

    Suppose that might explain it. Install Precautions regarding installation.

    Wi-fi on NEX using a Mac

    If a warning, such as the following, appears in the browser, follow its instruction and continue the process. A diagram, such as the following, may be displayed during installation. Not really sure what to do. After I installed that, I restarted the computer, logged in again to PlayMemories and switched the camera back on.

    Nothing… I have a Sony A I have the same problem as the person above. Any suggestions to overcome this problem? Mac My best advice is to find a friend running Windows or Mac Hi Brian. This was a great post from you. However, Sony have made it incredibly difficult.

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    I have spent 2 days about 16 hour trying to download the apps. I can download the free apps but i cant pay for the ones i really want like the time lapse. This big company Sony has done an absolute terrible job on this web site. Is there any solution to any of this. I have tried everything listed in the many many comments above. Can use paypal, cant use credit cards, cant add to wallet with credit card or wallet. Do you have any final suggestions. Im using safari. Please add your comments there too:. Hi Brian- do you know if Thanks for all your knowledge in this area.

    Greatly appreciated. Probably a bit late to this play-memories apps problems; but, I finally solved my issue I gave up before Xmas and tried again today. Sony RX10 M3. Free app download worked fine. Not able to purchase via USB connect or camera Wifi. Valid credit card set up. Added the gift card code to wallet on playmemories online.

    Resubmitted purchase via USB using wallet and presto — smooth as silk. Wifi purchase works as well. I used the same ccard to purchase the gift card. OR — how difficult would it be for Sony to specify a Playstation Gift Card as the next best option for payment, if unable to purchase with ccard. Not sure how many of us had the exact same problem; but, you saved me some time by highlighting the requirement for the Sony Playstation Network.

    I just want to quickly buy my apps. Hi Brian, Thanks for this amazing website which is really helpful for new Sony user like me. I have followed the exact same steps but I have some problems. But I purchased it from Singapore last month. Thanks in advance. Is there a way to manually install that app via usb without the downloader? Thank you. Followed everything up to step 4 connect a camera. Below that it says if installation fails Clicked that, gave it permission to instal, imac re booted, went back to try to connect camera, round and round and round If I click the downloaded file it tells me there is no application set to open.

    Thnx for the quick response, I have turned off all anti virus, turned off the firewall, disconnected all the usb leads from the back. It is downloading the. Hi Brian, is there any way to delete a camera app of my Sony a? Any tips please? Hello, I have questions. Are these apps really necessary? I mean I know I can do most of the things using the camera features itself, and computer editing. But if you think there are some playmemories apps, that are really amazing, which would they be for a?

    My favorite app is the upgrade to Smart Remote Control. Much more functionality than the Embedded version that ships with the cameras. Lots of folks like Time Lapse, but only if you plan to shoot them. The Apps interface on my Sony A is a confusing mess. Is it possible to use the Smart Remote Control app in full screen on my iPad?

    Up till now it uses a large part of the screen for the menu, most of the screen is black. Depends on screen resolution. It will appear larger on a low resolution tablet. Samsung S5 phone. Guess I should update, but that even sounds scary. Prefer Idiot-proof editing software, assuming it exists, Tks. Adobe Premiere is the best mid-range video editing app. Apple Final Cut X is the easiest entry level video editing app. I get stuck at Step 5. My RX10M2 does not seem to do anything different when plugged into a laptop.

    Ok, it turns out that the USB the camera was supplied charges the camera, but did not transfer any data. My Kindle USB cable is working great with the camera. Problem solved. You got me stumped on that one. Glad you could make it work! Can you help? Hi Beth. I suggest using a more robust program like Lightroom for file management.

    Do I need a new laptop? I searched online and others have this same issue…. Thank you! I was having trouble connecting my iphone to my Sony a — the problem was outdated software. Your instructions really helped. Thanks again. I know the advice is use a computer instead, but I was then suffering the repeated request to install the installer!! I would not have thought of that as my region actually is USA.

    Thanks for the heads up for any other U. Bureaucracy at its finest. Bureaucracy is Correct! Meaning your government has not granted Sony approval to sell apps in your country. New A, just want to be able to access and get apps. I am running Mac Connect the camera with no problems; have registered and signed in. I am using Safari. Have tried multiple things. Actually, no. I just used another miniUSB…. Made no difference.

    Wi-fi on NEX using a Mac: Sony Alpha / NEX E-mount (APS-C) Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

    Shut down Safari. Connected directly to the Mac, not through a hub. Does the PlayMemories Home app have anything at all to do with this? Everytime I plug the phone in that app opens. It also opens a NoName drive on the desktop. Sorry about that.