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Users can chose SVG-logos in the Branding settings module. Bug fixes: "Antivirus" button in file scanning results. The "Antivirus" button was displayed in control panels where ClamAv was not set up. Specification version was not defined when generating a new CSR. When you activate an auto sub-domain for the WWW domain, access permissions to the main domain's directory did not change. Bug fixes: Added limits on WWW-log size. IP address deletion. After you deleted server's IP address, other IP addresses of the server that were added after that IP, could not be used Email confirmation.

Notification about successful email confirmation was shown regardless confirmation results Fixed installation and configuration of CentOS 7. Setup error icon with the corresponding hint is now shown to users Checking uniqueness of IP address. Bug fixes: ARPA records. A large number of ARPA records were processed for too long. The "usrparam" function now contains information about connected social network accounts. Bug fixes: Cron tasks deletion. Fixed the bug that caused tasks with unabled output redirection not to be found by the panel Deletion of all NS-records.

Added a check which disables deletion of the last NS-record from a domain Additional check of domain records. The "Email" field remained empty unless email is verified. Authorization notifications were sent regardless e-mail address confirmation. Now users will see a message asking them to confirm email address in case there was no response to the email. A number of fixes in the File manager module. Fixed bugs, which caused repeated start of background task. The panel now supports CSR requests for X.

Bug fixes: Backup. Fixed bugs related to backups on Amazon S3 Duplicated parameters in Nginx configuration file. Some parameters got duplicated after switching to a new Template engine for configuration files. Before you start panel update and click the "Update product" button, licenses of all installed software products will be updated in order to get information about the maximum available version. Bug fixes: Location adding. Now it's possible to add a location with a non-standard SSH port.

System information is now available to administrator. Invalid field. Information about incorrect format was added automatically into the "Description" field when registering an error. You can specify "basehref" manually in case of local calls. Bug fixes: Add panel address. Changes were applied only after web-server reboot Mail server properties.

Notifications could not be sent if port was used. Bug fixes: Error reading XML during panel restart. The control panel could close some incoming connections during restart Notification are not removed when deleting users. A newly created user with a username of the old user could see his notifications Search contents by mask in File manager. If your server is assigned IP addresses that belong to reseller, users will be able to purchase plug-ins both via ISPsystem and reseller's billing systems Shell-client in panel interface.

Now the shell-client opens through ihttpd and uses the same certificate as the control panel. A user will be authorized automatically Recipes for users. Users can now create and user recipes. Read more mgrctl returned the zero code when handling the error. URL field check failed due to error in field's description. A hint with information about discounts is now shown in the Cart. In the Global settings module you can select an option to hide discounts during order Synchronization of OS templates.

In order to decrease load on the master-node, we launched a new method of distributed synchronization of distrsync templates. Bug fixes: Fixed a bug with sending external forms eg. Icons next to the form fields in Shop-window are now displayed correctly. Fixed a bug with updating a prefix of the form field by setvalues. Total disk size was calculated incorrectly, if several partitions were mounted on the same device Open Live chat.

The session will no longer terminate when a Live- chat opens. With the fullheight attribute you can make a frame fit the full form's height. The form is supposed to contain only a frame. Bug fixes: Templates installation. Templates, which names contained spaces, could not be installed Domain's resource records. Errors that occur when creating multiple server connections are now processed in the SSH module. The mobile theme now contains buttons for login with social networks Text highlighting in code editor.

Dashboard -- Server resources. Fixed incorrect graphs Show field with prefix on the external form. The prefix was overcovered values in the field. Fixed a bug that occurred when creating a user with a certain PHP version Fixed a bug with getting an object's directory by a compound path. If a product version exceeds the one, which allows to update the key, the license won't be activated Spread panel updates over time. Update time is selected randomly between 3 and 4 a. New features: Disable automatic renewals. Repository version will get frozen after automatic renewals are disabled.

Improvements: Logs preservation. You can enter the number of days to keep log archives Change log. Released beta-versions are now shown in the "Status" column as "released beta ". Bug fixes: Invalid pid file. Previous rules were not deleted after changing the settings PowerDNS support. Now they will be displayed with the information "Local template".


Additional check will prevent users from creating such records Icons for resources. You can activate resource icons for tariff add-ons. Product logo is now displayed for pinned tabs. Users can specify a port for an FTP-storage. Bug fixes: Error executing recipe. In the "Additional information" field in the recipe error notification you can see a text that a recipe sends to stdout.

Notification text filter function is now available. IPv4 addresses displayed as IPv6, were considered restricted. Added short description for sender configuration. Automatic resolution of issues is now running on multiple threads Installation of paid modules. Filters labels are now supported for tariff plans that are displayed in blocks. Bug fixes: Labels with long names Orion interface theme. Labels with long names are now displayed correctly. Fixed a bug in the recipe edit form: clicking the "Save" button did not save a newly created recipe. Fixed OS installation bug that occurred if there there were several templates with the same id for different control panels.

Added new descriptions for errors, including error messages about invalid temporary password now include information about possible errors. Users won't be able to see other client's QR code with 2-step authentication enabled. You can now use recipes to configure virtual machines. Recipes are scripts executed by a control panel on virtual machine after installing operating system from template. In ISPsystem's repository you can find a number of pre-defined recipes, or connect your own repository, or create a recipe in the control panel.

Renaming a user will not disable his login via social networks. If admin log ins to control panel as user, he won't be required to enter a password in order to disable two-factor authentication Error deleting non-existing cron job. Fixed a bug that occurred when deleting a non-existing cron job Notification for group operations.

Bug fixes: Graphs are now displayed correctly. Error renaming user. With two-factor authentication enabled, renaming a user caused errors, and the user couldn't work in his panel. Group operations in lists did not work. Two-factor authentication might cause errors when performing group operations Progress bar hangs during file download. Progress bar hangs during file download if the groupdownload button is used Project gets lost if two-factor authentication is active.

If a client enables two-factor authentication, when you drill down to his panel or change project as that user, the "project" parameter may get lost "Output error" on the login form after logout. The error occurred if you first drill down to User level and then log out from the control panel ihttpd terminates connections. In this case ihttpd reset connection it has just received. Disk space was displayed incorrectly. If one and the same partition was mounted several times, its size was calculated several times as well Deletion of IP address on CentOS crashes network configuration file.

An error in SQL expression occurred when applied a filter in the Notifications module licctl hangs. In some cases the panel was trying to update the license causing dead lock. Fixed group edit of forms with required fields. If different values are entered into fields, the "Different values" hint is shown rather than the value of the first element Logging settings. A new interface for logging set up is now available Filter. Spaces are deleted at the beginning and end of filter value.

Improvements: Group edit. Group edit can be forbidden for certain functions. Selection of element in the list from child form. Bug fixes: Group editing, operation availability check. The system will check whether an element can be edited. When a user gets disabled, all his one-time passwords received through session. When you recursively change file permissions, directory permissions won't change.

New features: Waiting for panel to update. Panel gets blocked during update causing incoming requests to fail. In particular, this feature is used in ISPmanager backup module. Bug fixes: GeoIP bases upload bug. If it is not passed, national symbols in file names will be changed into unicode. Progress bar no longer hangs Parameters in nestedlist linked lists. When changing the "Refer to" value into an existing file or directory, directory access permissions were set to Operation log, period.

Panel failed when trying to set a period to keep log files. This error was caused by invalid log file format. When admin drills down to user panel, the log will show both the username who sent the request and the username who got authorized in the panel. Read more Support of robots. You can create a robots. If you use key authentication session. The following parameters should be passed into the "auth" function along with the key: backurl a full URL to go back , backname a string that will be used in the menu , backlevel a user level where the corresponding icon will be displayed Two-factor authentication.

The following operations can be confirmed with a one-time password: panel login, form edit the whole form and selected fields , group operations. The list of virtual machines and its edit form now shows primary IPv4 and IPv6, rather than a single primary IP address Notifications module bug. The notifications module opened for too long if it contained too many notifications.

Bug fixes: File names. Some COREmanager functions cut spaces before and after a file name causing different errors Help links. State of help links is now saved correctly Duplication of pinned tabs Orion interface theme. Pinned tabs got duplicated when opening a form on the Dashboard Panel failed after login.

Control panel failed after login with GeoIP enabled. Authentication via social networks and information about login attempt an attempt to log in from another region are now processed correctly Log is not rotated. If you enable low level-logging, the log contained only log level information. A file was not rotated and could be more than MB in size. Added img and sprite attributes for displaying interface theme items List on the form.

Bug fixes: COREmanager could not see cron jobs. COREmanager could not see cron jobs if the "Do not email report" check box was cleared Preview buttons. Fixed preview-type buttons on a list toolbar which occurred if this type of buttons was used by default jsonparse error on Dashboard. Dashboard was displayed incorrectly if localized messages contained unsupported symbols Built-in web-server. Fixed a high CPU utilization bug caused by a large number of connections. Check box is now displayed correctly.

The "color" attribute is now supported for list elements and buttons on the form Global search form. Hiding useful links will hide them in all modules of the control panel. Clicking the "Help" icon will display them. Link configuration is kept is cookies.

Arbitrary IP address as master IP. It will be passed to slave server as the master IP. Bug fixes: json parse error on forms with frame. The interface hung when trying to open a list with empty toolbar PowerDNS restart. When changing server parameters the "pdns" process could not be restarted due to invalid command on CentOS Change log. The "Product version" column won't be displayed for products without versions e. IPmanager Quick search.

The strings containing symbols in certain order e. Fixed a link More info to the Knowledge base that was displayed in case of error Error editing a list item. The error occurred after clicking buttons with the sametab attribute, e. Allow port. Login notifications including notifications about login from a different location if GeoIP is activated were sent only in Russian "include" in messages of the default language "en". Original problem: usagestat process stops for a randon number of seconds to provide an even server load disctibution.

If this process was initiated more than once per 24 hours, a line of such processes was created. Now, this task is added to the planner with a randon launch time. Delay in usagestat is now random but within one minute CDN. CDN will be used only when installing the panel through install. The common repository will be used for updates maxlength for text fields. The limit is now set in symbols rather than in bytes. Improvements: Updating Dashboard blocks. Bug fixes: Invalid old value for slider and textarea. When trying to get the old value for input fields such as "slider" or "textarea", the new value was returned System configuration.

Server check was not performed, and mail server settings were not applied when setting port for the SMTP server DNS synchronization bug. In case of errors during DNS server synchronization e. Clicking "Cancel" executed an insecure request. The server time will be adjusted, if it differs from the the licensing server time for more than an hour. If this operation fails, the license won't be activated.

Improvements: Password generation button. A password generation button can be displayed for the "passord" field type without confirmation. Now the indicator's value can be displayed in the easy-to-read format Restart panel after license upgrade. Bug fixes: Group editing error. The slider was not displayed after group editing. If the elements had different values, all the values were modified regardless the position of the slider Global search. Fixed a bug that occurred when generating a global search table and caused the process to fail Backups. Fixed a backup bug that occurred with files which names contained word-wraps.

Due to double encoding of a username it was impossible to drill down to the user panel if his name contains other characters besides the Latin alphabet letters and digits "Total" for xprop fields. The number of xprop was calculated incorrectly, if value was specified for them, and other xprop with that name, which did not require calculation of statistics, already existed.

The files will be sorted out in alphabetical order.

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Deprecated expert and common modes. All fields on forms will be displayed to all users. New features: Assign session to IP address. Starting from version 5. Improvements: Link to mobile version. When you access the panel from a mobile device, on the login form you will see a link to mobile version. If a control panel uses a database which differs from SQLite, information about notification will be stored in the same database.

Bug fixes: Highlighting active menu modules. In some situations active modules were not highlighted Limit on backup copies which size exceeds Tib. Error occurred when trying to set the above value. Do not add quotation marks to TXT-records with spf1 values. New features: Mobile theme. A new web-interface is specially designed for mobile devices. The mobile theme will open on mobile devices by default. In the browser window heading you can now see the number of unread tickets.

The number is calculated based on filter settings in the "Support tickets" module. In the "Support tickets" -- "Settings" you can select the "Sound on new ticket" -check box to play a sound when a new ticket is posted. Improvements: Control panel addresses. Enhanced SSL certificate creation procedure Link to list. Lists now contains a button with link to a list.

If the list contains a filter, its parameters will be specified in the link. Bug fixes: Integration with IPmanager. If IPmanager failed to receive a list of available networks, the corresponding error message will be shown. Control panels now offer the ability to lock some of your most-used menu tabs. Improvements: ACE library update used in File manager. If Documentation is not available in the selected language, an English page will open Social login.

Social login can be allowed only from specific IP addresses. Improvements: Hide useful links. You can now hide useful links if they prevent you from working with a form File manager. File search can be now made by its content and name mask. Bug fixes: Changes to Amazon S3 buckets. When making a backup to Amazon storage, the system will search for existing buckets for a selected user, or ask to enter a new name Multiple file download. This bug occurred if data preparation took from 15 to 30 minutes.

Fixed error with incorrect disk usage data in Server resources on Dashboard. Improvements: Dashboard auto-updates. You can set automatic updates in seconds for blocks on the Dashboard using the autoupdate attribute. Bug fixes: Scheduler. Fixed a bug: a time range can be specified for a Cron job The latest version of program available for download.

The latest available version was not displayed in the "About program" module. User could not accept the License agreement on languages other than Russian. Fixed a bug that occurred when clicking the URL-type buttons on the toolbar. Access-Control-Allow-Origin can be specified so that resources can be used by different sources. Bug fixes: The masterfile-format text option. The masterfile-format text option will be specified for named on CentOS 7 License agreement.

Users couldn't accept the License agreement on English. The feature is already available. If you don't want fail2ban to be installed automatically, you can use the key --disable-fail2ban Assign session to IP address. This parameter can be set even if a client allows access only from specific IP addresses. Improvements: New backup system. Otherwise, you need to delete existing backup plans and restart the panel. Backup copies made in the old backup system are not compatible with the new one.

If it depends on the library, which version has been already uploaded, the panel won't start Default heading. If a localized message is not specified for the page heading, the hostname will be appear in the heading. Bug fixes: "Start automatically" check box was not saved when configuring backups. Auto-start was enabled, but the corresponding check box was not displayed in the backup edit form Referer check.

Referer checks will ignore standard values of port for https and port 80 for http Cannot save user settings. The control panel didn't save user settings, if email for notifications was not entered.

If a report doesn't contain any data, but a graph should be generated, a parked page with graph will be shown. If the report doesn't contain graphs, "no such data" will be displayed. Added functionality enabling to save backups at Yandex. Improvements: Columns "Gateway" and "Network mask". Skipping the form problem during the group problem solving License Activation.

A license us updated when you click the "Activate license" button Information on system and server resources on Dashboard. You can view the current version of the control panel in in the "License" module. Bug fixes: Cron. Fixed Cron job check function. You can now create ranges along with enumerations in the expert mode Hostname on CentOS 7. Hostname was reset upon server reboot.

If the file is not present. SSL certificate authentication is no longer used. An exception will be generated after receiving empty response. If the limit parameter is set to 0, a HEAD-request will be sent to get a file size. The file won't be uploaded if its size exceeds the limit.

Improvements: The possibility to select a confirmation message for group operations.

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Bug fixes: Import tables into CSV. Indicators values could not be imported Database dump upload. The file in user home directory was overwritten and deleted if its name matches the name of uploaded file ihttpd restart. Fixed a bug leading to incorrect restart in systemd. The "timeout" parameter of the built-in web-server specifies how long in seconds an available connection can remain idle before it is closed.

The default value is 10 minutes. New features: Domain contact verification. RU domain contact verification is now supported. Improvements: PowerDNS operation speed. If you need to make purge multiple times, the control panel may execute the command only once. Bug fixes: Server preliminary setup. The xset. The backupctl process failed when trying to back up a large number of users. Fixed security bugs. Improvements: The fixed attribute for form fields.

Field location can be fixed regardless of any scrolling that is taking place. Fixed bug that occurred when duplicating records into crontab. Improvements: Multi-selection in tree the tree element on the form. If a form heading was not displayed in full, a full text will be shown when moving the mouse cursor over the heading Msg columns in reports. Msg columns can now be used in reports Pressing Esc to close a form. You can now close a form, child list or report by pressing Esc Creating database structure.

Before getting table information from a database, the panel will check whether table description was changed in the panel. If it wasn't changed, the table won't be chnaged and created in the database.

Change log

Delete the corresponding file and restart the panel to manually check database structure Panel start. Panel start may take a long time. Bug fixes: Report error in print version. Fixed graphs and calculation of total amount in reports with data conversion Column sorting in the Notifications module. Data in the Attempts, Number, and Period min columns were sorted in alphabetical order, rather then by value License activation.

A control panel's Favicon was not displayed on the license activation form. Introduced support for dropbox in backup storages. Improvements: Fail2ban. Fail2ban will be installed during COREmanager installation enabling to block password by ssh. Bug fixes: Main menu. Fixed bug with links containing IPv6 address in the main menu Long queries bug. Fixed bug with uploading large files. Fixed ihttpd bugs on Dedian Bugs on Centos7.

Spaces at the beginning and at the end of a file name will be cut when uploading the file to server.

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If specified, a new list will be open in a new tab Hints for inactive toolbar buttons icons. You can now create buttons for inactive buttons to explain why a certain operation cannot be performed. Reports are shown in human-readable format in columns with the "convert" attribute. Bug fixes: Sorting bug in reports the convert attribute. Fixed sorting bug in columns with the convert attribute Error displaying "shadow" hints.

If the key field contained sequence of ", ", such an element could not be deleted Backup bug. Failed to make a backup with user settings.

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You can now specify a mask in the text field. Bug fixes: IDN domain in background notifications. Internationalized domain names are now displayed properly in the "Background task notifications" module Cannot delete domain names from slave servers. When editing and deleting a domain name, it could not be deleted from slave servers. The maximum editable file size is enlarged up to 1 MiB. Improvements: System configuration. When selecting a time zone, you can see your server time Reports and convert.

If data conversion for column is used in reports, the diagram will be based on source data Hints to columns in reports. Hints can be added to columns in reports. Hints can be added to filed's buttons. You can now check the size of a file for upload. Add the "maxsize" attribute to the field providing the maximum size in bites. Bug fixes: Optimizing web-interface on touch-screens.

Ntpd server won't start on a virtual machine running OpenVZ Permitted values for floating point numbers. The floating point number validator showed incorrect value for the maximum negative number. Fixed a number of minor bugs for correct operation of other control panels. Now only administrators user level 29 can view information about the address from which a request was sent Backup copies. A storage can be selected in drop-down lists. When adding a new backup plan, the storage will be selected automatically, if there are no other storages in the system Slave server management.

The retransfer command is now used for refreshing zone in BIBD. It ignores the "serial" value the zone will be re-read even if "serial" was not changed. New features: ntp setup and configuration. Use it to apply update 70 or newer. No 5 Fixed - Introduced 7. Open Terminal window 2. Type in sudo -E ccp4um 3. In the Update Manager window: "Next"; uncheck the check box next to 7.

Type in ccp4um 3. Apply new updates No 2. Wait for all jobs to finish 2. Start Update Manager 3. In the Update Manager window: "Next"; uncheck the check box next to the last applied update; "Apply"; "Finish" 4. See also No 2. Quit CCP4i2 2. Start Update Manager again and apply new updates See also No 2. Reset SdFac after first round scaling yes yes yes yes yes pisa Generation of complete remarks and yes yes yes yes yes ccp4i2 Make modern style the default yes yes yes yes yes Fix for FreeR flag generation when one already exists yes yes yes yes yes Fix import merged performing aimless analysis on intensities when user has selected Fs yes yes yes yes yes ccp4i locate clustalw2 for alignment task yes yes yes yes yes Update ID: 7.

X yes yes yes yes yes lorestr EM features yes yes yes yes yes clipper Electron scattering form factors yes yes yes yes yes edstats Ability to read mmcif files yes yes yes yes yes coot bug fixes yes yes yes - - acedrg Bug fixes yes yes yes yes yes sfcheck Ability to read mmcif files yes yes yes yes yes Update ID: 7. Interface shows message Checking for new updates and does not activate the Manage Updates button. Apply new updates. Error dialog: Update encountered the following error: Cannot open file Restart Update Manager and continue applying new updates.

Fixes failure to run on some SUSE linux and forces "C" locale to avoid internationalization problems. Reset SdFac after first round scaling. Fixed annoying halting of the program in endless loop when asking for dendrogram-type graphics graphics mode. These are for EM maps as well as crystallographic maps. New application: a multi-dataset electron density analysis approach to changed-state e.

Do not use alternative reindex operators which will fail cell tolerance test later. New features: Allow users to request 1 number of initial conformers for acedrg to try. Fixes the svg method of phmmerReport. Postinstall and postupgrade contains exactly the same code, as well as preinstall and preupgrade.

Preinstall is invoked after the user agreed on the License Agreement. It checks for a crontab file — plugins. This file is a marker, it indicates whether this trojan has been previously installed or not. If plugins. It will execute cron. This script is inside Archive. The installation ends by executing cron. Like preinstall script, QuickTime. This perl base bot acts as a backdoor client component and communicates to a remote server through socket. This bot sends a request to the remote server, attempting to establish a connection through TCP port Furthermore, later versions of this trojan scripts are obfuscated making it little difficult for security analyst and researchers to read the code.

These are simple scripts that are widely available online, built into mac installer and deployed to several existing fake codec domains. The lesson here is that malwares or threats in Mac does not have to be complicated. With the vast information available online, it is possible that an ordinary person without programming background — also called script kiddie, can cause interruption and damage to our daily lives.

In summary, phising and scam spams are cross-platform web base attack. It aims to steal your identity and your money! Skip to content RAT for Mac? The search and discussions about this topic goes on and on; at one point an online poll favored to continue the development: A useful description of RATs that works in OSX can be found here.

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Please be careful when shopping online. Engaging into fraudulent online deals could cause your identity and your money. Stay safe! Updated as of There are malware serving sites that is bit aggressive, where it does not ask user to download the DMG files instead it automatically downloads and mounts — as it is turned on by default, you can disable automount by following this instruction: 1. Open Safari 2. Latest update of threat Krowi was found in Adobe Photoshop cracker installer.