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Some Macs still use removable RAM modules and you can remove them and reseat them. After doing so, you can try to restart the computer again. This error will have to be addressed as soon as possible because a Mac cannot turn on without memory. If you hear 3 successive tones followed by a 5 second pause repeatedly, this is another sign there is a problem with your Mac.

This can happen when the RAM module is not seated properly or a problem with the connection between the RAM and the logic board is present. Ensure that the RAM module is pressed into the slot all the way and that the retaining clips are holding the module tightly in place. The Mac will display a loading screen and take care of itself; you just need to have patience. Have you ever had a strange startup sound when turning your Mac on?

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My Mac started beeping at me the other day and I am hoping that somebody can tell me why as it was definitely abnormal beeping. I have a macbook pro 15 inch aluminum unibody that was the latest model when I bought it back in January this year. I have not added any ram or changed the hard drive or added any third party hardware to the computer. I am running Mac OS The computer had been going with with nothing unusual and I was browsing the internet in Safari when suddenly I heard this disturbing beeping coming from my mac.

The sound was quite short and quite loud. It reminded me of the beeps made by macs when you reset the pram. The beeps were quite random. The beeps seemed to become less frequent when I disconnected from airport and more frequent when I reconnected. Eventually I changed user and then left my computer for a time and then changed back to the affected user and the beeps had stopped. The beeps were definitely not my system alert sound as it sounded quite different. Also they didn't respond to changing the system volume, whereas my alert sound did.

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I ran disk first aid and it came up with nothing. The only unusual thing is that later that day I was watching a movie on my computer while unconnected to the power supply and my computer ran out of battery life. Instead of going to sleep it shutdown. I restarted it after connecting it to the power supply and there was no problem.

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Does anybody have any clues as to what might be going on? Disco all connected peripherals and see what happens.

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It sounds like hardware otherwise. It sounds like its still covered under warranty so if it needs to go in, just make sure you do a time machine backup first as any shop you take it to will more than likely send it to Apple depot for repair. There were no Peripherals attached when it happened. It happened again today but only after I started up Safari and it stopped when I quit it.

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I did a web search for safari beeping, and found some other users who have reported a similar problem but these were all at least a year old and there were no adequate explanations. One person mentioned turning off voice over in universal access, but it is already turned off on this computer. SGilbert Registered. Do you happen to have a cell phone near by? I just had the same thing then. I'm on