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These represent several different planets that the war between the Arm and Core is being waged on, and contain various unique characteristics. The Core's home world, Core Prime, consists of inorganic metal structures and inky black seas. Since everything is made of metal, the player has unlimited access to this resource and can afford to build armies and bases more rapidly than on most other worlds.

Other maps include the Arm's home planet, a grassy green area of forests, hills, and blue water, a barren desert world with rocks and mesas, a Martian landscape, a sandy planet with beaches and blue oceans, a volcanic world with lava instead of water, an ice planet, and more. Many maps contain lakes or oceans; these are impassable by most land units and will require ships or aircraft to reach different landmasses.

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Certain land units can travel underwater, but in doing so may be attacked by enemy ships and not be able to fight back. Other maps contain lava or acid which is completely impassable except by aircraft. What began as a conflict over the transfer of consciousness from flesh to machines escalated into a war which has decimated a million worlds. The Core and the Arm have all but exhausted the resources of a galaxy in their struggle for domination. Both sides now crippled beyond repair, the remnants of their armies continue to battle on ravaged planets, their hatred fueled by over four thousand years of total war.

This is a fight to the death. For each side, the only acceptable outcome is the complete elimination of the other. In the far future the galaxy is ruled by a benevolent central body of humans and artificial intelligences called the Core a contraction of "Consciousness Repository". The Core's technological and economic triumphs have allowed humanity to colonize most of the Milky Way and enjoy peace and prosperity. However, the balance is broken by a technological breakthrough which allows the consciousness of a human being to be reliably transferred into a machine, thereby granting theoretically indefinite life in a process called "patterning".

Following a mandate imposed on humanity by the Core requiring everyone to undergo patterning as a public health measure, a rebel band is formed out of colonies from the edges of the galaxy hence named the Arm , whose members refused to leave their natural bodies to join the Core's machines. A war lasting four thousand years followed, with the Arm mass-producing clones as pilots for its vehicles and the Core duplicating consciousness-embedded microchips to pilot its own machines.

An alternative explanation for the two warring sides stems from an inside joke conceived by the developers. The game's two campaigns focus on their respective sides' military leaders, the Commanders. The story of either the Core or the Arm starts with an effort to defend the protagonist's homeworld and initiate a turning point in the overall war. The player then fights a series of battles on a number of planets and moons, as transported to through Galactic Gates, a fictional form of faster-than-light travel.

As the player progresses, more units become available for construction, either through the course of background story or upon completion of a mission centered on the unit in question. Mission objectives include protecting a vital structure or area, eliminating all enemy units, or capturing a pivotal enemy unit. The worlds upon which the player wages warfare force the player to adapt to different strategies; for example, deployment on a world whose surface is entirely composed of archipelagos necessitates the construction of an effective navy.

Some have occasional weather conditions, such as meteor storms. Starting in Cavedog began offering additional free downloadable content for Total Annihilation , adding new units, maps, and scenarios over time. It features 25 new missions as well as 75 new units. It continues the story after the ending of the Arm campaign. The expansion also comes with the Total Annihilation editor, which allows users to create maps and missions. A month after The Core Contigency , Battle Tactics was released, which includes four new units, additional missions as well an experimental approach to Total Annihilation gameplay, with less emphasis on base construction.

The engine is multi-platform and features lua scripting to make almost every aspect of the engine customizable. It features online, lan and offline playing. Fully 3D combat with a physics engine. Total Annihilation 3D is a fan-made 3D real-time strategy RTS game engine created with the purpose of directly moving Total Annihilation over to a three dimensional plane.

While the engines focus is to recreate the engine and gameplay of Total Annihilation , the engine supports a range of mods. The game has an original orchestral soundtrack composed by Jeremy Soule and performed by the piece Northwest Sinfonia orchestra. During post-war damage repair or idle construction, a more ambient and mysterious track is played.

The soundtrack is in CD-audio format and can be listened to with ordinary CD players. An ordinary music CD can be inserted once the game is under way and can replace the original game music with its own tracks. It is even possible to program such custom CD tracks to the various battlefield situations conflict, construction, defeat, etc.

Total Annihilation received a global marketing effort at launch, and was concurrently released in 14 countries with English, French and German localizations. Geoff Keighley later wrote, "Cavedog will not release specific sales figures for the game [ The game was highly praised by critics, and won numerous awards, including GameSpot 's Game of the Year Award for Overall, Total Annihilation received aggregated scores of 86 out of from Metacritic and Next Generation reviewed the PC version of the game, rating it four stars out of five, and stated that " Total Annihilation will certainly reign as king of the realtime strategies, at least for now.

It's expendable, and if the marketing hype proves true, new abilities for the unites should get added in by both expansion packs and downloadable patches. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the real-time strategy video game. For the compilation album by Annihilator, see Total Annihilation album. Gamer Network. Retrieved 4 September Ton of Clay. Retrieved Retrieved June 21, May 15, August 7, Retrieved March 19, Retrieved February 18, Archived from the original on January 3, Retrieved February 2, August Retrieved 8 January Retrieved 4 August PC Gamer US.

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