Mac mini white screen of death

How we can do is giving your data back from SD card. The deleted photos are not really gone from your Mac, they still lie in your Mac even if you cannot see them in Trash Bin. Formatting a hard drive without having a backup can result in the loss of precious data collected over the course of years. Keep holding down the shift key until the boot progress indicator shows up. This progress bar indicates that Safe Mode is running a directory and disk check on your Mac; this is like running First Aid from the Disk Utility. Safe Mode is a way to troubleshoot some system problems that can keep your Mac from booting normally.

Essentially, Safe Mode disables some macOS features, clears some caches, and prevents some third party kernel extensions from loading, all of which reduce the amount of work the Mac has to perform to get to the login screen. If you can boot a Mac successfully in Safe Mode, you either try to boot the Mac again to see if the next try is successful — perhaps just clearing some caches was what the doctor ordered. How can you make sure that your Mac booted into Safe Mode? System Information shows that this Mac has booted into Safe Mode.

Drive permission issues are likely causing the problem

If you know what apps were recently updated, try removing them from the list of login items and then reboot normally to see if the problem is fixed. To remove an item, just highlight it by clicking on the item name, then click the minus sign — button below the list. After removing a login item from the list and verifying that the system boots normally afterwards, you may wish to contact the developer with a bug report, or try removing and re-installing that app. NVRAM stores information in between boots of your Mac, things like the startup disk, video and display information, volume for the system startup chime and speaker, time zone information, default system fonts, and more.

When resetting NVRAM, this data is all wiped from the Mac so you may need to readjust things like your screen resolution, mouse or trackpad tracking speeds, etc…. The Mac chimes once to signify that it has begun booting, then a second time to signify that the NVRAM has been reset. After this point, let up on the keys and let the Mac boot as usual. Resetting the SMC is another tool in your toolbox of white screen solutions.

The reset process is different for different Mac models, so be sure to read the section below that pertains to your Mac. The charging light on devices with MagSafe adapters may change colors, indicating that SMC has been reset. Reboot and Repair the Boot Disk The next item on your troubleshooting list should be rebooting and then trying to repair the boot disk by entering into Recovery Mode:. This can be the perfect time to upgrade that smaller, slower drive with a new one from MacSales. Boot the Mac into Verbose Mode Booting a Mac into Verbose Mode is like booting a Linux machine without the fancy graphical user interface — you just see a lot of text scrolling by quickly, listing all of the various things that are happening during boot.

OS X booting in Verbose Mode.

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If this happens, reboot the Mac while holding down the Option key on the keyboard. Backing up may be possible even if your Mac does not boot.

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  • If you have already backups, then you may skip this step. Here is how to back up your mac that will not start up :. Please check to see by rebooting your Mac if your issue if resolved after performing each step. After disconnecting everything, try restarting your computer.

    If you Mac starts without any issue, this means that one of your accessories is causing this. Try safe mode or safe boot if you Mac does not start up. Safe mode is diagnostic mode designed to fix OS problems. Thus safe mode can be a useful troubleshooting method. Here is how you can start your computer in safe mode. Please follow these steps:. I have a Mac. Thanks for sharing! I have got an iMac at work with this Apple logo issue.

    I did try something which nearly worked but not quite fixed it. The thing is the White iMac is technically still in classic.

    Fix MacBook Pro White Screen of Death [4 Solutions]

    Someone replied to my apple community about it. I think safe mode might do it or reinstall from boot disc. This is very much a relevant issue. It is probably worth backing up for me because of the software. I will keep trying. I have tried safe mode and holding down command r. The one I tried before was holding option key down. We still have the problem. I am starting to wonder if reinstalling Mac OS will even work. The minute I enter my password, the screen goes grey.

    That was a while ago. The white screen comes on, the logo show up, it takes about minutes for the black bar to complete its loading and then…it just gets stuck. I have the same issue and I am wondering how to fix this.

    Mac Problems: Stuck at the Blue or Black Screen

    Please if anyone has any suggestions, I am all open ears. I found that this worked: 1. Disconnect the batteri and make a cup of coffee while the power is totally off 2. Connect the battery again 3. Turn on the computer with opt pressed 6. Choose recovery 7. Start terminal from the recovery menu 8.

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    Check what time it is at your watch or phone in the terminal write Date for the third of feb at in the morning 9. Start the computer again. HI, I have tried all this but the blank screen of death continues. The safe mode works fine so it seems not to be a problem with my screen but every time I start it up…. I am very frustrated. You guys ever work this out? Having the exact same problem here. Please please help thanks. Hi mac jus suddently went off and when i tried putting it on a whit screen came on and the apple sign while loading it went off again what do i do to fix this…..

    Plz tell me. Just solved it. Had to start verbose mode.

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    None of steps above helped, as I was getting WSoD before safe mode boot was complete. Second time success. Selected startup disk, rebooted and it worked like magic. At least for now. Do you recover over internet first and then verbose mode? Ive been able to go to recover over internet mode, but after it went white again. Turned it off and tried verbose and after it finished it went white again.

    Any suggestions? I tried 4 times in a row to do the verbose boot with no luck. I dont know what else to try. I have the same problem. This is happened the day after I installed Sierra. This is exactly what im dealing with. First i was getting vertical pink lines, then i tried to delete my Lion partition and now i cant boot into anything except cmmd- S.

    No system recovery. Its insane and i cant find th r answer anywhere. Pls help.. Searched the world over and found my huckleberry. Thanks for your post. What will happen to all data like movies music and personal files?