Uninstall mac office 2011 outlook

Due to our situation, we're going to be removing after has been installed. I've been doing some testing with this when both and are installed. What controls that??

Option 2: Manually Remove Microsoft Office Apps & Leftovers

I assume whatever it is is also get getting deleted You can try the following script. BTW, I did test this. I have both Office and Office installed on my Mac and I had 2 apps running Outlook and Word and opened the version of PowerPoint and it correctly saw that PowerPoint was open and needed to be quit.

It left the apps alone. Will definitely give that a shot! Has anyone seen by uninstalling Office with Office installed that users are being prompted to Activate Office for Mac? After running the script s above, each targeted Mac, the user is being prompted to activate.

Way 2 – Uninstall OneDrive Using App Cleaner

Only after reinstalling Office for Mac, does the user not get prompted. The license file would be removed if you ran that. This explains the user experience for having to activate. Of course, I'll test and confirm but that makes sense. Will anything be affected?

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I know Office app is self contained, just wondering if and share any plist files that may affect the user experience if we run your script. I've been trying to use Microsoft's official script for removing Office , but although I managed to adapt it enough to get it working with Casper, Casper Remote still picks up an error condition from the script even though the script succeeds and has an exit code of 0.

Office 365: What it means to Mac users

The official Microsoft script seems to do several things that are not covered by the scripts in this thread which is why I wanted to use it as a starting point. This has worked well for me. See the attached image for how I have it setup. I hate to resurrect this thread but it's the best I've found yet on removing Microsoft Office with Casper. Within our environment, we might have user created content that we can't chance being deleted by these scripts.

Folder structure could be something like:. Would it be line 25 that I should also comment out to retain licensing information as mentioned by kbach? Jamf Nation, hosted by Jamf, is a knowledgeable community of Apple-focused admins and Jamf users. Learn more about JNUC. Mac Office - Uninstall Script Posted: by lee. Hey Everyone! Does anyone have a script that will silently uninstall Office?

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Step 1: Remove Office 2016 for Mac applications

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Delete and Add Account to a Mac in Outlook

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uninstall outlook 2011 for mac

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