Modifier date de modification fichier mac

Le fichier de config se nommera dirtree.

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Mais voyons ici comment faire la manip uniquement avec ExifTool A vous de juger si vous prenez le risque Fig 13 Raccourcis Picasa. XMP:Perso par exemple. Il faudrait faire autant de raccourcis que de marques, de couleurs, etc On va donc ouvrir notre fichier de config "perso. Un autre avantage, c'est de pouvoir laisser ce fichier ouvert dans le bloc notes, et d'ajuster par tests successifs son contenu.

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Allez-y sans tarder As you can see from the example, the file which isn't originally found, gets created by the touch command and gets its timestamps set to the current system time and date. If you have a specific time and date you would like to be used for all the timestamps of a file or directory, touch command will gladly accempt a timestamp template with -t command line option.

As you can see from the output, both access time and modification time got updated. The reason change time ctime is set to a different date is because this field reflects the last update to the inode behind a file, and always reflects the current time.

In other words, it's set to Nov 18th because of the date of writing this example. If you fancy adding a year to the timestamp specification, you can specify something from both past and future. Similar to the commands above, you can use -a option to make touch only update the access time field of a file:.

Finally, the really useful option for synchronizing access and modification time fields between multiple files is to use reference file. A reference file is the file which already has the timestamps you'd like to copy:.

File Date Changer

This can sometimes be confused with creation time but these are very different. Creation time is normally held by the operating system and states when a file was created.

This means if you download a file from the internet, the creation time will change and be the time it was downloaded. Thus the creation time isn't very helpful.