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You can find cheaper older models — including Macs, iPads, and iPhones — some of which the company doesn't sell anymore in its main retail outlets. From my knowledge of computer parts, I knew the processor in the model would easily serve my needs for several years, and I was looking to buy the model instead of the one for a lower price tag.

But Apple doesn't sell it online or in its physical locations. As I mentioned, the 's sixth-generation processor is more than enough for my needs. As the word "refurbished" suggests, the devices sold in the Certified Refurbished store are used devices that Apple itself has reconditioned. If you're like me and usually balk at the words "used" and "refurbished" because you want an FOF fresh out of the factory device, you may be pleasantly surprised by Apple's refurbished devices.

For one, the devices are refurbished by Apple itself, which instills more confidence than if you were to buy a refurbished device from a site like eBay. If the refurbished inch MacBook Pro I bought is anything to go by, Apple's process is excellent; my MacBook Pro in perfect working order, and there's no visible sign of use or wear.

Buying from Apple's Refurbished store also affords a degree of separation from you and the previous owner. In my eyes, my refurbished MacBook Pro came from Apple, not the original owner, which makes me feel like I bought it brand-new. This, too, adds to my confidence in the condition of my refurbished MacBook Pro: If I had bought it from someone on eBay, the feeling that it's a used device that hadn't gone through a rigorous refurbishment process like Apple's would be far more prominent. In some cases, you can even get mint-condition devices on eBay for a little less money than from Apple's Refurbished Mac store.

Yet after a quick search on eBay for the same MacBook Pro model, I found that the prices didn't stray too far from the ones from Apple's Refurbished Mac store, and some were even more expensive. At the same time, Apple's Refurbished Mac store isn't the best place for some older devices. For example, you won't find the iPhone 6S, released in For some devices, eBay or another third-party site is your only option.

But for others, especially older Mac computers, I'd recommend checking out Apple's Refurbished Mac store before buying a used unit from a third party or a brand-new model from Apple's main site. There are also limited quantities of Apple's refurbished devices, so it's not a guarantee that you'll get the model you want.

Which Mac to buy? 10 tips to help you decide

World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Apple now replaces the keyboards for free and has added extra dust guards in the newer models. Apple has detailed instructions on how to clean the keyboard if yours gets flaky, which is a decent first line of defense against busted keys.

Apple also recently extended its keyboard repair program to cover repairs on all Macs that have been purchased within the past four years, regardless of warranty status. Parched for Ports: Then there's the port situation.

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It's a newer port that might not work with the devices you own. You'll want to invest in a few adapters like this Aukey adapter if you plan on hooking your computer up to a projector, or want to use things like USB keys or SD cards. Plan to buy some dongles. Unfortunately, the MacBook Air didn't change much until It sports a dowdy-looking non-Retina screen and weak Intel chips that are years old.

It might not require the dongles that a newer MacBook might necessitate, but the newer laptops will undoubtedly feel faster for longer. Don't let its price tag tempt you—there are way better laptops you can nab for that kind of cash. How to spot it: The older Air has a thick silver border bezel around its screen, instead of black glass like the new models. It's still rocking an impossibly old, era Intel chip inside, and despite its appealing array of USB and Thunderbolt 2 ports, this inch model is a poor value for money. How to spot it: It has standard USB ports and it's much thicker.

The new models only have a few USB-C ports. Apple is unlikely to bump any of these again until later this year—possibly well into None of Apple's MacBooks are cheap, and replacement parts are nightmarishly expensive. Since the entire computer is fully integrated into Apple's tightly-designed aluminum chassis, you're one coffee spill away from a shockingly large repair bill. Want more news and reviews you can use?

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It's never been harder to buy the right Apple laptop.

1. Refurbished Macs vs. Used Macs

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What is the best used MacBook Pro for 2019?

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