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Have a Windows application you need to use once in a while? No problem.

How to Know What Edition of MS Office Is on a Mac |

Setup is simple and safe for your Mac files. The Finder not only lets you browse files on your Mac, it also makes it easy to find files on other computers — both Mac and PC — on your home network. Office supports the new Office Open XML format, and defaults to saving all files in this format. On February 21, Geoff Price revealed that the format conversion update for Office would be delayed until June in order to provide the first update to Office Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications is not supported in this version.

Office for Mac lacks feature parity with the Windows version. Microsoft's response is that adding VBA support in Xcode would have resulted in an additional two years added to the development cycle of Office Some features are missing on Excel for Mac, including: data filters Data Bars, Top 10, Color-based, Icon-based , structured references, Excel tables, Table styles, a sort feature allowing more than three columns at once and more than one filter on a sort. Benchmarks suggest that the original release of Office runs slower on Macs with PowerPC processors, and does not provide a significant speed bump for Macs with Intel processors.

A data-compatibility problem has also been noted with CambridgeSoft 's chemical structure drawing program, ChemDraw. Word does not retain the structural information when a chemical structure is copied from ChemDraw and pasted into a document. If a structure is recopied from a Word document, and is pasted back into ChemDraw, it appears as a non-editable image rather than a recognized chemical structure.

There is no such problem in Word or X.

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  3. Microsoft Office 365 apps are now available in the Mac App Store.

However, there have been many reports of the updater failing to install, resulting in a message saying that an updatable version of Office was not found. A small modification to the installer has been found an effective work-around see reference. Another widespread problem reported after SP1 is that Office files will no longer open in Office applications when opened double-clicked from the Mac OS X Finder or launched from other applications such as an email attachment. The trigger for this problem is that Microsoft in SP1 unilaterally and without warning deprecated certain older Mac OS 'Type' codes such as "WDBN" that some files may have, either because they are simply very old, or because some applications assign the older Type code when saving them to the disk.

Users have seen the problem affect even relatively new Type codes, however, such as 'W6BN'.

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  • Microsoft is apparently looking into the problem, but it is unclear if they will reinstate the older Type codes, citing security concerns. Another problem with cross-platform compatibility is that images inserted into any Office application by using either cut and paste or drag and drop result in a file that does not display the inserted graphic when viewed on a Windows machine.

    A user presented one solution as far back as December A further example of the lack of feature parity is the track changes function. Whereas users of Word or for Windows are able to choose freely between showing their changes in-line or as balloons in the right-hand margin, [21] [22] choosing the former option in Word or Word for Mac OS also turns off all comment balloons; comments in this case are visible only in the Reviewing Pane or as popup boxes i.

    The toolbox found in Office also has problems when the OS X feature Spaces is used: switching from one Space to another will cause elements of the Toolbox to get trapped on one Space until the Toolbox is closed and reopened. The only remedy for this problem is to currently disable Spaces, or at least refrain from using it whilst working in Office I'm new to mac world, i havnt install any office software yet. I was looking at the office but i said there will be a version,.

    Posted on Feb 2, AM. Page content loaded. Microsoft has a Mac Business Unit that develops the Mac version separate from but likely in conjunction with the PC version.

    How to Know What Edition of MS Office Is on a Mac

    So, I wouldn't expect a Mac version for another year, which seems to coincide with their current 3-year development cycle. Feb 2, AM. Try not using Microsoft at all. We switched to using only iWork since installing ML. No problems and we have never looked back.

    Microsoft Office 2011 for MAC - Installation & Overview

    Much cheaper too! While only Microsoft knows its plans for Office for Mac, it's clear that Microsoft is pushing users to a subscription base rather than, as you put it, "software which i can use whenever i want until i want to uninstall i," which happens to be what I prefer, too.

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    Yesterday, I installed the free Office upgrade after having recently purchased the 3 user pack and installed Office on a Windows Virtual Machine. First, you get one license whether you bought the 1 or 3 user Office install, whereas the Office upgrade choice you could pick either with the Office purchase gets you five installations, at least for one year. Second, I believe you can move those installations around, while with the computer based install, you can't deactivate it on one machine and reuse the license on another, at least not without dealing directly with Microsoft.

    Third, the subscription system is supposed to get you any full upgrades e.

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    So you can see the push is towards subscriptions by making them a much better deal, at least price-wise. On the other hand, I was surprised to find that the installation didn't delete the installation. And in comparing the two, the interface is more pleasant to work with, and if you don't need or trust the Cloud, the big new feature in is the ability to open and edit pdf files.

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    There is only an Office for the Mac. Or if you are in school, you should be able to get a discounted one thru your bookstore. Most people say don't buy the Office anyway since there's no significant feature advantage over earlier versions. I seem to recall Office for the Mac touted as more advanced than Windows Office I agree with Csound1.

    Past practice predicts that the next version for the Mac will be called Office Pardon the quote modification but until the Cloud and ubiquitous really fast internet connections, a Cloud based alternative wasn't possible.