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Just type in a question and hit enter. Crystal ball will give a sometimes brutally honest answer. Have fun but don't take it too seriously.

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Brochure PDF. Price now. When your data sets get too large for perl to efficiently manage, just install MySQL on your mac. I usually bring my summary data back to excel for final presentation and charting.

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However, if Excel's charting options are too limited, there is always gnuplot. What sort of simulation are you building?

Crystal Ball Introductory Demo

Nothing in particular, I mostly just want to play with it. I'm taking an introductory spreadsheet modeling course as part of a month-long intensive business program Tuck Business Bridge at Dartmouth. I'm pretty handy with excel for charts and graphs, but the professor has shown us some cool tools for more sophisticated data analysis.

He showed us crystal ball and gave us explicit instructions for doing an incredibly simple simulation, then told us that it would be impossible to teach us much more, they literally teach a semester long course devoted to crystal ball alone.

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I was also kind of hoping to find a similar tool i could play with on my mac, maybe read a book, and if i get reasonably proficient with it be able to put it on my resume as a skill.